Flaming God of War

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  • Flaming God of War

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    Flaming God of War

    See that tall figure into the hall, the original runaway figure stopped, looking back, looking at the direction of the flame away can not help but reveal a touch of complexity. Simple farewell, the next day just dawn, others are still sleeping, a slender tall figure has quietly walked out of the Rong home. The long hair of water pink is no longer loose, but tied high on the top of the head, under the bright and full forehead, the eyes of water pink shine with the wild light of excitement. Wearing a thin white cotton dress, she soaked in the landlord spring for a year and was moistened by the essence of the earth all the year round. Now, her body is not afraid of the cold. Her waist was tied up with a broad belt, showing her slender waist, but she had a dark machete on her back. This machete is only a low-grade weapon. Originally standing on the wall of the town of Longlais to see him off, Rong Lei could not help but stare in amazement. What kind of dress is this girl? She is a magician, how to dress like a thief in the group of thieves? Watching the shadow go farther and farther, Rong Lei jumped down the wall and left. After a long walk, the flame suddenly stopped and looked back at the wall that was already far away, and his lips could not help showing a smile. The outside world is different from the town of Longlais, which is cold all the year round, while outside, it is now hot summer, the sun covers it like a brazier, and even the surface of the springs around Black Point Island evaporates a trace of white gas. Yes, after two days of trekking, the flame has now reached the most famous natural moat on the land of stars, which is also the most dangerous place: Black Point Island. ※ The wonderful life of the flame is finally about to begin. An evil dragon is born The first chapter is cumbersome Pointe Noire straddles the entire Star Continent and is also a watershed in the Star Continent. There is no human habitation in the north of Black Point Island, but there are many powerful high-level Warcraft, mythical beasts, even super-mythical beasts, as well as many orcs, Beamons and other alien races, which are full of killing and barbarism, known as the land of northern barbarians. To the south of Pointe Noire are the three great empires. The three emperors distributed all kinds of forces, big and small,outdoor spa manufacturers, and the situation on the mainland was changing, fighting openly and secretly. Under the surface of civilization, how much better could it be than the northern barbarians? With endless forests, swamps, cliffs, lakes, seas, plains and so on, Black Point Island is a gathering place for many Warcraft and an excellent place for adventurers to experience. However, very few people dare to go to the depths of the center of Black Point Island, even if the strength reaches the strength of Zunzhan Division, they dare not go rashly. The flame is now wandering in the Black Cape Forest outside the Black Cape Island. After more than a month, the flame has harvested a package of colorful Warcraft crystal nuclei, including six fourth-order Warcraft crystal nuclei, 57 third-order Warcraft crystals, and most of them are second-order and first-order Warcraft. This more than a month of constant killing and tempering, virtually, the flame body is also inevitably contaminated with some if there is no killing gas, indoor endless pool ,outdoor endless pool, in the actual combat ability has been greatly improved at the same time, her strength has also been upgraded from an eight-star soldier to a nine-star soldier, as long as a breakthrough, can become a division. The so-called warrior profession, in the mouth of a strong man like Thor, can only be regarded as a real warrior if he becomes a war division. The fourth rank of Warcraft is equivalent to the strength of a star warrior in human beings. With the strength of the current nine-star warrior, the four-level Warcraft is equivalent to a leapfrog battle, and if the four-level Warcraft is killed by a leapfrog, it is a super-level play. Outside the Black Horn Forest, there are very few fourth-order Warcraft, but some third-order or below third-order Warcraft are afraid of being killed by the flames. When they see the flames, they hide in the depths of the jungle and no longer show up. After the little evil spirit leaves, they dare to shrink their heads and tails and go out to look for food. As a result, outside the Black Horn Forest, the Flame no longer has challenging Warcraft to battle with. Her target is inside the Pointe-Noire forest. The sun is burning hot at noon, while the interior of the Pointe Noire forest is relatively cool. Dense branches and leaves blocked the sun, so the flame sat under a big tree, squinting lazily to enjoy the cool, and noticed that some Warcraft were lying in ambush in the surrounding jungle, peeping at himself. Judging from the breath of the other side, the highest strength of these Warcraft is only the third-order high star.

    Flame does not want to pay attention to, third-order Warcraft, has been unable to arouse her interest in fighting, too weak! Seemed to find the flame is very harmless, a third-order seven-star Warcraft, meteor black clouded leopard from the nearby jungle scurried, roared, opened his big mouth, raised his sharp claws, and pounced on the flame. Roar! The roar was low and short, and the half-narrowed eyes of the flame suddenly burst into a sharp and sharp awn, and the hand holding the black knife tightened. At this time, several figures suddenly rushed over, and one of them took the lead in rushing to the meteor black clouded leopard. Bastard! With a loud shout, the man brandished a long knife and stabbed the meteor in the belly of the black clouded leopard. The leopard's claws on the flames suddenly changed direction and attacked the source of the broadsword. Watching the sudden appearance of the'hero 'and the meteor black clouded leopard launched a life-and-death struggle, the flame could not help but sit stunned in the same place. What's the matter? Are you scared silly? Suddenly there was a playful joke in her ear, and a woman in red armor was looking at her playfully, and a hand was grabbing her shoulder without letting go, and at the same time, a face was close to her. It's just a third-order seven-star Warcraft meteor black clouded leopard. What's there to be afraid of? Knight, that guy is a two-star warrior. It's easy to clean up this black leopard. Hey, sister, why are you alone? Where are your friends? Flame slightly narrowed his eyes, on one side of his body, broke away from the woman's hand on his shoulder, lifted the broadsword, and stood up from the same place, with no expression on his little face. Hey, wing, you are really disgusting, be honest, don't touch, what if you frighten the little girl? A young man with brown hair and blue eyes leaned against a big tree, looking at the red-armored woman and the flames, with a wretched smile on his face. Damn it, McCann,whirlpool hot tub, you shut up, or you can go help! Wing pointed to a man and a leopard who were fighting. McCann shrugged. "You know, Knight can handle the big cat himself!" 。 monalisa.com

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