flow through storage racks suppliers

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  • flow through storage racks suppliers

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    flow through storage racks suppliers

    flow through storage racks suppliers  Our History
    JISE was established in October 2018, and began to build a factory in 2019, and established its own brand "JISE". It took 500 days to prepare and officially opened in June 2020. Since the company's operation, its performance has maintained a steady increase. In 2020 It has successfully become a regular cooperative supplier of JD.com, Vipshop, and Geek+. During the operation in 2020, it has obtained various qualification certificates and patents, and acquired many high-end equipment. After two years of hard work, the company has more than 100 employees. People, performance gradually develops steadily.
    Our Factory
    Jiangsu JISE Intelligent Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the planning, design, manufacturing, installation, debugging, maintenance, and consulting services of various storage equipment and storage systems. JISE has been focusing on the warehousing industry for many years, and has a group of high-quality design and R&D teams. With professional manufacturing experience, leading production equipment, excellent product quality, and honest business philosophy, we will provide every customer with high-quality products. With a full range of services, it enjoys a high reputation among partners and is the preferred storage equipment manufacturer for many companies.
    JISE factory is located in Dongtai City, Jiangsu Province. It covers an area of 35,000 square meters. It has various advanced automatic production lines for storage equipment, domestic first-class automatic electrostatic powder coating lines, and an average annual production capacity of 40,000 tons.
    JISE products are widely used in e-commerce, machinery, electronics, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, electric power, clothing, military industry and other industries, with product sales covering the world.
    In line with the enterprise spirit of "pragmatism, professionalism, unity, efficiency and innovation" and the vision of "becoming a global warehousing equipment supplier and service provider trusted by our partners", JISE will continue to forge ahead and move forward steadily!
    "Using high-quality products and services, continue to create value for customers" is the mission of JISE鈥檚 people!
    Product Application
    JISE鈥檚 products are widely used in e-commerce, machinery, electronics, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, electric power, clothing, military industry and other industries, with product sales covering the world
    Production Market
    Our products have been spread all over the country, and we have undertaken more than 100 storage rack projects. Since its establishment, we have signed 20 million sales of JD.com, 26 million sales of Vipshop, and 16 million sales of Geek+.
    Our service
    Pre-sales: When receiving the customer's demand information, reply or quote to the customer within 8 hours; if you need to make a design plan, strive to provide the plan diagram to the customer for confirmation within 2 working days, and make the quotation after the modification is completed to the customer's satisfaction;
    On sale: After receiving the customer's order, we will give the customer a time plan and timely feedback the production process to the customer, so that the customer can understand each process of their project in real time;
    A. Service content:
    1. According to the customer's total construction schedule, propose a time schedule for the entire cycle from design, manufacturing, factory inspection, transportation, on-site installation and acceptance, to delivery.
    2. According to the owner's civil engineering and fire protection design situation, complete the interface design of the equipment, civil engineering and other equipment, and submit a complete overall design plan drawing;
    3. Establish the corresponding organizational structure according to the project situation, allocate fixed personnel, and formulate the project plan, so that the project can be implemented smoothly.
    4. As the chief technical officer of the goods, JISE is responsible for the installation and commissioning of the racks, ensuring that the supplied rack systems meet the requirements of the technical documents and pass the final acceptance confirmed by both parties
    5. According to the provisions of the contract, submit the actual situation and report on the execution of the contract to the client at each stage of the execution of the contract.
    B. The shelf quality guarantee period is 2 years, and the following services are provided during the quality guarantee period.
    1. The overall shelf warranty period is 2 years. During the warranty period, if the product has quality, JISE will bear it, including the parts that need to be replaced in normal use (charged at cost).
    2. In the event of collision damage or other man-made damages or new accessories, we are responsible for supplying them at the contract price.
    3. For the maintenance requirements proposed by the customer, we promise to complete the maintenance work within the agreed maintenance date.
    4. All losses incurred by customers during the use of the products (services) provided by us due to quality problems shall be borne by us.
    5. During the warranty period, the seller will regularly provide technical information and materials on the use and maintenance of the goods.
    6. Response time of after-sales technical services
    (1) The response time for free repair or replacement of goods or parts with quality problems is 24 hours;
    (2) Free repair or replacement of goods or parts with quality problems will be shipped within 20 days.
    C. Terms of after-sales service outside the warranty period:
    1. After the warranty period expires, the seller will still provide high-quality after-sales service; the time limit of after-sales technical service is still according to the time within the warranty period;
    2. After the warranty period expires, the service fee will only charge the cost of materials and labor;
    3. The transportation expenses of maintenance personnel shall be charged according to actual conditions.                          flow through storage racks suppliers

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