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    Forming Mould suppliers

    Forming Mould suppliers 
    What is car bumper and the function of automotive bumper?
    The car bumper has the functions of safety protection, decorating vehicles and improving the aerodynamic characteristics of vehicles.
    From the perspective of safety, cars can play a buffering role when they have low-speed collision accidents and protect the front and rear bodies.
    They can play a certain role in protecting pedestrians when accidents occur with pedestrians. From the perspective of appearance, it is decorative and becomes an important part of car appearance decoration; At the same time, car bumper also has certain aerodynamic effect.
    At the same time, in order to reduce the car's injury to passengers in the event of side impact accidents, the car door bumper is normally installed on the car to enhance the anti-collision impact force of the car door.
    This method is practical and simple, and has little change to the body structure, which has been widely popularized and used.
    Installing the door bumper is to horizontally or obliquely place several high-strength steel beams in the door panel of each door, which plays a role of rear bumper in front of the car, so that the whole car has bumper "driving" in front, back, left and right of the car ", the formation of a" copper wall iron wall "makes the passenger car have a maximum safety area.
    Of course, the installation of this kind of door bumper will undoubtedly increase some costs for automobile manufacturers, but for the passengers of cars, the safety and security will increase a lot.
    Quick Details:
    Product Name: Car bumper mold
    Model Number: YD-B1627
    Place of origin: Shandong, China
    Product material: Metal/ plastic
    Lead time: 40-45 days
    Condition: 100% new
    MOQ: 1set
    Size: Customized
    Shaping mode: Stamping mould
    Payment: T/T
    Packaging: Stretching films, wooden packaging
    Quality: High quality
    Packaging & Delivery:
    Packaging details:
    鈥uter packaging: In plywood case
    鈥nner packaging: Stretching films
    鈥r at customer鈥檚 requirement
    Lead Time:
    鈥bout 40 Days upon prepaid payment.
    Q: Are you manufacturer or trade company?
    A: We are manufacturer specializing in stamping mold and sheet metal fabrication for more than 17 years.
    Q: Can you produce conveyor as our requirements?
    A: OEM/ODM is available. We have professional team to do designing free of charge and make products of what you want from us.
    Q: Is there the products tested before shipping?
    A: All of our products is tested by QC before shipping. We test and have trialed on our machines before shipment.
    Q: How your quality guarantee?
    A: We have 100% quality guarantee to customers. We will take the responsible for any quality problem.
    Q: Can we visit your factory before place the order?
    A: It is very welcomed. It must be nice to set up good relationship for starting our business on the eyes for more cooperation in the near future.
    Q: Would you have a discount if l have a large order?
    A: We could offer different discount according to your order quantity.
    Q: Which field are your products applied to?
    Our products are widely used into the vehicle industry, household applications, construction lines, and so on.
    Q: Do you accept custom design on size?
    A: Yes, most of our mold and products is customized.Forming Mould suppliers

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