Genius physiognomist _ punching _ txt novel paradise

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  • Genius physiognomist _ punching _ txt novel paradise

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    Genius physiognomist _ punching _ txt novel paradise

    After Meng's father was shot, one of the boxes full of secret books of magic in the house was burned, and the other was preserved under Chu chuáng, including the sheepskin drum and purple golden bell that Meng never left his body. Mountain people are still relatively simple, and did not discriminate against Meng because his father was shot, so he went to school for two years when he was a child, and by chance, he opened the box. The knowledge in the box opened a big m mén for the blind man. Although the inheritance was incomplete, the blind man still learned the art of inviting God, but this art also had great defects. That is, there is a limit to the duration of the divine power, generally speaking, it can only last for half an hour at most, and after inviting God, the body will become extremely weak. At this time, it was almost time for the divine power to disappear, so the blind man would be soft on Hu Hongde, and his eyes were looking around at the same time, but he was ready to slip away. Want to run? Leave it for me! Hu Hongde was such a man that he saw through the blind man's mind at a glance. Without further words, Rróu stepped up and attacked the blind man's vital point with a pair of talons as hard as iron. When Ye Tian saw that Meng's feet were already floating, he immediately shouted, "Old Hu, come on,Amber Dropper Bottles, he's dying!" "Don't worry, he can't run away!" Hu Hongde and Meng Jijiāo punched each other, and immediately felt that the strength of the other side was greatly reduced. He let out a cry like an eagle in his mouth, and grabbed Meng Jiāo's throat with one claw. According to Hu Hongde's idea, Meng blind man must be able to avoid this claw, and then he took advantage of the situation to break his shoulders, but to Hu Hongde's surprise, Meng blind man's body was suddenly stiff,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, he was caught red-handed. As a child, Hu Hung-te practiced the skill of grasping a wooden ball in the water. A slightly bigger wooden ball turned into an iron ball, and the strength of a claw was just as strong as a horse. Even a tree trunk as thick as the mouth of a bowl could be grasped and broken, not to mention a person's neck. Because of the injury on his back just now, Hu Hongde went all out at this time. He did not expect that the blind man would not hide. This force penetrated his fingertips, but he could not get it back. With a crisp sound of "click", the blind man's neck suddenly softened under this grasp, and the head drooped down softly, leaving an incredible God in his eyes. Meng blind also did not expect, unexpectedly in this pass, the body's divine power instantly faded down, with his original skill, how can be Hu Hongde's opponent? The neck seemed to be sent up against the talons of the eagle. Lao Hu, you.. Why did you catch him dead? Ye Tian also did not expect to win or lose so quickly, but also as Hu Hongde said, the two are not dead. Meng blind man's life and death, Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale ,Blue Bottle Serum, Ye Tian is not very concerned, but for the inheritance of Meng blind man, he is looking for a reference to see what this shaman method is all about? But as soon as Meng blind man died, the inheritance must have disappeared with him, which made Ye Tian feel a little lost in his heart, and perhaps there would be one less in the strange mmén rivers and lakes. I I didn't think why he didn't hide! With a wry smile on his face, Hu Hongde slowly loosened his grip on Meng's neck, and the body, which had lost its breath of life, fell to the ground with a splash. Hu Hongde had already restrained his strength at that time, but his kungfu had not yet entered the realm of transformation, but he could not recover the dark strength of his fingertips. He did not catch the five blood holes, which was already the whole body of Meng Blind. All right, let's see what's left of him. Ye Tian sighed and said, "Old Hu, make a fire in this open space. I'll bring those who are not dead here, or they will freeze to death later!" The temperature of minus twenty or thirty degrees, I'm afraid half an hour can freeze people's blood, since Hu Hongde said that those people are not guilty of death, Ye Tian also wanted to leave them a way out. Apart from the dead Guo Zichen and the man he hit, there were only two people left to follow Meng into the mountain, one in each hand, and Ye Tian threw them to the bonfire lit by Hu Hongde.

    Holding a sheepskin in his hand, Hu Hongde waved to Ye Tian and said, "Ye Tian, come and have a look at this thing. It was found from the blind man Meng." In addition to the sheepskin, Hu Hongde also held a piece of wild ginseng the size of his thumb, but the previous sheepskin drum was missing. Lao Hu, is this a map? Ye Tian took the sheepskin, looked at it carefully, looked up and said, "This sheepskin doesn't seem to have many years, does it?" "Yes, the sheepskin is not more than twenty years old, but the map is interesting." Hu Hongde nodded and looked at the route on the map and said, "This main line leads to the Black Dragon Pool, where we are standing, and this point is there!" The direction of Hu Hongde's finger was a rock wall more than ten meters away from them, and when Ye Tianchu saw Meng Blind, he seemed to be standing in front of the rock wall. It's weird! Ye Tian and Hu Hongde looked at each other and at the same time got up and walked there. Well, isn't this the drum that blind man Meng beat? Ye Tian kicked something, picked it up, and his eyes straightened. First watch, thanks to Shuiermei, thanks to Brother Ba Shen and the support of the Alliance of the Gods. Thank you, friends. There are nearly two hundred votes missing. Can you get it back today? If you have a monthly ticket, please support it. Even if you catch up with it and get blown up again, it will be sent in the fifth watch today! !@# Chapter 423 don't have a hole in the sky. Chapter 423 don't have d dòng days. Ye Tian heard the sound of the sheepskin drum before, but he didn't see anything. Now he took the drum in his hand and looked at it, and the whole person was stunned. Txt e-book download "Magic weapon, this is a magic weapon?!" The drum contains the aura of Bbō movement,30ml Dropper Bottle, which makes Ye Tian conclude that the sheepskin drum is undoubtedly a magic instrument, but the aura of Bbō movement is somewhat strange, which is completely different from what Ye Tian knows.

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