Gentle Knife-Wen Ruian _ txt Novel Paradise

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  • Gentle Knife-Wen Ruian _ txt Novel Paradise

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    Gentle Knife-Wen Ruian _ txt Novel Paradise

    It is not easy to be a guest, and it is even more difficult to accommodate dissidents and tolerate people who disagree with you or are even better than you. "Tian Ren Geng". Who doesn't want someone to trust? Who doesn't want to believe? Believe not doubt, doubt not believe. But a man of faith often has no proof, There is no benchmark, absolute trust in a person, is likely to make their own no one to trust, trust the wrong person. Employing people is more difficult. Useful people should be used, but useful people often do not listen. If useless people are used, useless people are often not used. Like Six-and-half Hall uses some people who can't be used, which makes Six-and-half Hall offend more and more people in Jianghu and make more and more sins; Like the Seven Saints, perhaps the problem lies in the people they use, so that they have been unable to keep pace with the Six-Minute Hall and the Golden Wind and Drizzle Tower. Come together and stand up to each other. Where is the golden wind and drizzle? How can this important figure, who is obsessed with the Seven Saints, put good things on himself and evil things on the "Seven Saints"? Wang Xiaoshi thought of these, so he gave birth to a vigilance. Even he did not know that this inadvertent vigilance would have a great impact on him in the future. Many important things in life are changed in an instant, or are decided by unintentional moments and unexpected events. Here you go. There is a lot of taste in life, but also in the unintentional and inadvertent, epiphany. ※ ※ ※ Tang Baoniu did not have these feelings. In fact, a person can feel less,Carrara Marble Slab, less feeling, is also a good thing, at least can be less emotional distress. So Don Baoniu asked in reply, "Why do you, the Seven Sages of Heaven, pretend to be gods and cover your faces with pots and lids? But you don't have them." Can't you face people? This sentence is enough to make trouble. The two saints were not angry. You still have a choice. He said. Tang Baoniu brightened his eyes. "That's the best, because I want to keep my head and feet,white marble slabs, but I don't want to go." "You don't have to go," said Ersheng. "We'll take Miss Lei away, and you don't interfere." He added, "We will not pursue the matter of your wounding of the three saints." Tang Baoniu intoned, "This.." When the Second Saint saw that he was moved, he quickly asked, "How is it going?" Tang Baoniu thought hard, "I.." "You don't care what other people decide," the two saints advised. "If you don't intervene, just stand aside." Tang Baoniu hesitated and said, "I want to say.." "Tell me," said Er Shengqi. Tang Baoniu shyly said, One. Can you really say? "Don't say anything," said the two saints. "I.. I love you: "This sentence said, Silver Travertine Slabs ,Calacatta Nano Glass, not only the two saints scared one." Big jump, can not help but retreat a big step, even Wang Xiaoshi also bluffed, even Deng Cangsheng, who was beaten angrily into the sky, was stunned. And Lei Chun, gentle, four sword maidservants are silly together. Then Tang Baoniu laughed so hard. After closing, standing is not, squatting is not, belly laugh, morale out of breath tunnel: "I:" Ha Laugh to death.. I I, I.. Every time Poe is.. It's impossible.. Occasion. It's impossible. Gas. :。 In the atmosphere, it's impossible. In the case of.. Say Ha-ha This sentence.. It scares people. Ha : That's funny.. Really. Laugh me to death. Wang Xiaoshi could not help laughing. He felt that Tang Baoniu and Zhang Tan were both very funny characters, and they were extremely cute. Unfortunately, he could not see the expression of the two saints now. But he can imagine. Er Sheng's nose must be crooked. wWw:xiaoshuotxt? com Thirty-six, in the dream the flower falls Zhu Xiaoyao T, xt, small, say, day, don Wang Xiaoshi did not know whether Ersheng's nose was crooked or not. But his voice changed. "Well, if you don't drink, you will pay the price for that." The tone of his voice suddenly became very sharp. Thin as a blade on a string. Then his voice turned low, coughed, and said, "Since you don't want to live.." I will help you. Ladies and gentlemen, "he particularly emphasized the word" old man. ". But he bumped into Tang Baoniu.

    Tang Baoniu's $%, a joke, can never be received, so he pushed the boat along with the current and added: "Please do it, old lady." As soon as this sentence was spoken, Tang Baoniu died twelve times. If Wang Xiaoshi is not with him. ※ ※ ※ Er Sheng's body suddenly bounced up. He grabbed Tang Baoniu's eyes with both fingers. But instead of digging out Tang Baoniu's eyeballs, he wanted to pierce Tang Baoniu's eyeballs with two fingers and pierce them from the back of his head. Looking at the sharp light of the fingernails and listening to the sharp wind of the fingers, we can see the poison of the anger of the two sages against Tang Baonian. ※ ※ ※ Why is he so resentful? Why is he so poisonous? Why is he so angry? What made him hate so much? Wang Xiaoshi also felt that Tang Baoniu's joke was a bit excessive, but it was not worth such resentment. He had no time to think. His long body stopped in front of Tang Baoniu. Ersheng took Tang Baoniu's eyeballs three times, and Wang Xiaoshi stopped him three times. By the fourth time, even Wang Xiaoshi could not stop it. The attack of the two saints is really too fierce. Ling Li unexpectedly only to kill the enemy, regardless of their own. Tang Niu's eyes began to show a little fear, but he kept his big eyes open and looked at him curiously. This made the two sages wish they had dug out a pair of his tricks alive before they could be reconciled and angry. Wang Xiaoshi blocked his body again, and with a sound of "Chi", the clothes on his shoulder were cut. The two saints threw themselves at the earth for the fifth time and shouted in a low voice, "Go away. It's none of your business." Wang Xiaoshi sighed. With a sigh and out of the knife. The light of the knife is like a moving poem. A knife is like a dream. ※ ※ ※ Dreams. Flowers fall in dreams,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, how many flowers fall in dreams? "Flowers fall in dreams" is the name of this knife. ※ ※ ※ The big straw hat split and split in half from the brim. In the hat, there is a ghostly face, a beautiful face like a flower.

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