Great Qin Empire 4

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  • Great Qin Empire 4

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    Great Qin Empire 4

    "It's just that since Handan has no Ganlao Xue, the drunkards will scold me." The two men burst out laughing. "I'll do it right after the wine shop," said Lu Buwei. "You can come out of the mountains all over." Xue Gong nodded his cane and said, "I'm not in a hurry. I'll take care of the aftermath.". Just send me something, sir. "All right," Lu Buwei exclaimed, "I'll invite you to Yunlu in three days." But the Duke of Hsueh said thoughtfully, "I have a man of great wisdom. If you can see me, sir, great things can be accomplished." "" If Buwei is intolerant, "said Lu Buwei in awe," I'd like you to teach me. Xue Gong shook his head and said with a smile, "Sir, I made a mistake.". Xue Mou said this, but because this person is really different from ordinary people. Even if the letter Ling Jun's virtue, the first time I saw this person is also a big frown. "That's why I'm afraid you won't be able to see him." "I'd like to hear more about it," said Lu Buwei with a smile. Xue Gong said that people call him "Mao Gong". This Mao Gong was born in a family of scribes. He was fond of reading from an early age. He did not seek to understand it thoroughly, but he read it very quickly. He became a minor official through his father's palace library. At the age of sixteen, he read all the books he could see, and he could say that each book was very important. A group of weak scholars made friends and talked about learning, and Mao Gong talked about being invincible,gold CIP machine, which made him famous for a while. The scholars who traveled to Daliang in various countries heard the news and made an appointment to fight one after another. Mao Gong was so proud that he won three big victories. From then on, he was so secretive that he did not go out. Xue Gong befriended him or asked him how to read all the books in the world? Mao Gong, however, smiled and said, "Just pick out those who can understand and read a few places." How about the new words? Mao Gong smiled again: "Stupid!"! Just go around it. If he doesn't recognize me, how can I recognize him? Xue Gong suddenly said, "Such learning is like duckweed.". I want to travel and study all over the world to increase the foundation. Brother, if you go to practice with me,coltan ore processing, you can expect great talent! But Mao Gong burst out laughing: "I'll wait for you to come back. If you defeat me, it's not too late for me to travel again!" On the day when Xue Gong was about to leave, the disaster of framing suddenly came. Mao Gong stepped forward and went to the officialdom to appeal for him. Also don't know what a way to go, Mao Gong unexpectedly rushed to the prime minister Wei Qi's political affairs hall, when the hall accused the beam officialdom of all sorts of abuses, enumerating the misdeeds of a group of civil servants in the prime minister's mansion, quoting the classics, laughing and scolding, fiercely urged to release Xue Gong immediately! Wei Qi was so shocked that he couldn't make a decision for a moment. At this time, the old official whispered in Wei Qi's ear for a while. Wei Qi immediately clapped his hands on the table and said, "a young scholar has the courage and insight to learn this. It's a great fortune for Wei!"! "Stay here and follow me to the palace tomorrow. I'll tell the King of Wei as I said before. It must be as you wish." The next day, the Duke of Mao spent half an hour in the hall where the king and ministers of the State of Wei gathered. When his voice fell, there was a great uproar in the hall. The ministers scrambled to denounce Mao Gong, listing more than 30 fallacies in quoting the classics, and a long list of charges: blasphemy of sages and sages, portable gold wash plant ,Portable gold trommel, defilement of classics, fabrication of poetry and books, fabrication of historical sites, confusion of hearing and hearing, adverse and dangerous mind, eccentric and firm behavior, and so on. Finally, it is the conclusion of Taishiling, who governs the ancient books and records: "This son is sinister, after all, the weak crown.". The crime of not teaching lies in his father: he took his son into and out of the important place of ancient books and records, and wantonly intercepted them, so he became a reckless person. I, please destroy the clan, in order to warn later! On the day the Ju clan was slaughtered, Mao Gong went mad. Half a year later, Xue Gong, who was released from prison, found the crazy Mao Gong with the help of Lord Xinling. He went north to Handan in the starry night and began a long life of anonymity in the market. Heaven grinds a talented person, so much so that here! Lu Buwei sighed, "This male spirit is strange, and madness must be a false one." "Sir, it's clear!" Xue Gong is also a sigh, "although not really crazy, but this male temperament behavior is a big change.". He disdained to make a living like me, and he didn't want to be helped by me, so he made a living among the gamblers. Also is this male spirit wisdom matchless, unexpectedly meets the gambling to be able to win, in three two years then fell "the hair God to gamble" the name, the money is straight clatters under the foot to flow also. "Strange Mao Gong!" "His pie is even more strange." Xue Gong laughed and said, "This man only wants to win the bet, not the money.". After gambling every day, he laughed and returned the money on the case to the loser. He only took ten yuan and drank and ate for a day. At first, the losers did not want it, so he scattered the money to the street market in front of the door for people to pick up. In this way, a group of gambling fanatics are not afraid of losing, and the stakes are getting bigger and bigger, and they win a lot of money in one day.

    Gold is like a mountain, money is like water, but people are just a commoner, a broken house, and as long as they drink a gourd ladle every day, they are happy like immortals. As time passed, all the gamblers in the market regarded it as miraculous, and they followed each other to seek skills. The people who followed them would never give up the three thousand disciples of Confucius. "The various schools of thought can add to the study of gambling." "But he did not set up a door and did not accept disciples. He only said stiffly, 'It's a real skill to see the meeting, but the church is a bird!'" Year after year,Carbon in Pulp, this Gong Luotuo is still the same, gambling, drunk and sleeping alone every day. It was this style that caused Lord Xinling and Lord Pingyuan to almost fall out. "噫 !  But why? 。

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