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    Non Woven flat bag making machine suppliers Non woven handle bag making machine is a device that can greatly improve the automation of the non-woven bag processing process. The machine is designed with mechatronics, and the operator can control and adjust it through the LCD touch screen. It uses photoelectric tracking and computer automatic positioning, and the computer can also automatically correct the deviation, which further ensures the accuracy of the printing seat. In addition, based on the function of automatic counting, the operator can set the counter alarm, and then the machine will send an alarm when the number reaches the limit. Non聽woven handle bag making machine is an efficient and trustworthy machine. Features 1. Editable PLC touch screen; 2. Automatically count and stop when the number is set freely; 3. High pressure static processor and automatic constant temperature heating controller; 4. Stepper motor, manual unwinding magnetic powder tension controller, photoelectric tracking, printing color mark track positioning, automatic counting alarm, automatic punching, automatic fitting handle and other designs to ensure product quality; 5. Ultrasonic welding and thermal bonding ensure the sealing is firm and beautiful. Specification ModelXY-600XY-700XY-800 Bag Width100-800mm100-800mm100-800mm Bag Length220-550mm220-650mm220-750mm Loop Handle Length370-560mm370-560mm370-560mm Speed40-120pcs/min40-120pcs/min40-120pcs/min Total Power13.5kw15kw16kw Air Pressure1.0m3/min,0.8Mpa1.0m3/min,0.8Mpa1.0m3/min,0.8Mpa Power380V 50Hz 3phases 4line380V 50Hz 3phases 4line380V 50Hz 3phases 4line Machine Size12*3.4*1.9m12*3.5*2.1m12*3.6*2.3m Machine Weight3500KG4000KG4500KGNon Woven flat bag making machine suppliers website:

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