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    He was sure there was none. No matter what his wind had become, he believed that he would recognize her. But what if it's not her? If, really is not her, then the wind, where did she go? Qifeng sat on the street, and the crowds of people coming and going soon drowned him. He held his head and could not hear or see anything. My wind, where are you? The water marks on the ground are getting bigger and bigger, which is something that Situ Qifeng has never existed no matter how miserable the days are. Now, in the noisy crowd, under the scorching sun, it brazenly shows the vulnerability of the master. His men, who were still standing behind him, turned their heads and could not bear to look again. The second son of the Situ family, who never showed his emotions, had such a fragile time. In fact, the strange wind is not wrong, he did go to the shop like the wind. But at this time, Rufeng was not at work. She took chrysanthemums and went to her mother's cemetery with her father. Today is the anniversary of my mother's death. Szeto Yingfeng did not think that it was because it was not his mother; Qifeng did not think that it was because the sudden news about Rufeng disturbed his mood and forgot to make an appointment with his father to go to his mother's cemetery. However, there is a person, thought of, that is Ningyuan. Every year on this day, he would accompany Rufeng to her mother's grave, insert a bunch of flowers and talk for a while. Then, she would take his arm and say to her mother in a very proud tone, "Mom, brother Ningyuan came to see you with me. He is very kind to Feng. Mom, you must like him very much, too, right?" He wants to be like the wind, he wants to see how she is, or just look at her smile, that's enough. He thought that if he met her, he could say that even if he couldn't be a lover,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, he could still be a friend. He used to come to see his aunt every year, and now he should come to see her. With this in mind, he also went to the cemetery. He's been waiting since the wee hours of the morning. He knew she would come, she would come. Sure enough, when the sun was in the sky, someone came. It was almost a frightened turn, but the brilliant stars slowly dimmed in the handsome eyes. The people who came were Situ Jin and a girl. A girl he met once, but it wasn't her. Ning yuan? Szeto was one step ahead of the others and called out his voice in front of the exclamation of the wind. Ning yuan came over. "Uncle, are you here?"? I also came to see my aunt. I used to come every year. I didn't want to disappoint my aunt. Rufeng took a deep look at him, and then turned his eyes back to his mother's tombstone, whose gentle eyes seemed to soothe all her sadness and sadness. Mom, I'm sorry to disappoint you. It was the wind that didn't make him love me. She opened her mouth softly, but it was enough for the other two to hear clearly. "Seeing that you are so affectionate and righteous, she has a soul in heaven, and it's time to smile in the grave." Ning yuan lowered his head. "Auntie won't forgive me." I'm not talking about mom, I'm talking about Szeto Rufeng who was abandoned by you! Brother Ningyuan, thank you for coming to see my mother, Ozone generator ceramic plate ,ceramic bobbin heater, which is enough to prove that I am not completely without traces in your heart. In this way, it is not in vain that I have been infatuated with one. Thank you, but you don't have to come to see her anymore. I don't want my mother to be sad with me, so brother Ningyuan, let's stop here. Who are you After a brief silence, Ning yuan asked. If the wind is silent, Szeto smiles, "she is the fiancee of the strange wind." If the wind is stunned, Ning yuan smiled, some self-mockery, "I know." The person in front of him is the companion of the second brother of Qifeng, but he is no longer the person around Rufeng, so what qualifications do he have to come to see her mother again. The back of his lonely departure, with the desolation flowing slowly, clenched people's hearts tightly and bitterly. Such as the tears of the wind, a string of a string of drops. After standing for a long time, Rufeng wiped his eyes and asked, "Dad, why did you say that?" Szeto smiled easily today. "What are you afraid of? Anyway, your second brother never cares about these things. No matter how others pass them on, he won't spend more time.".

    We can just meet in this name, otherwise how can you come to see dad openly in the future? Besides, you'll have to meet your brothers in the future. It's not easy to do without an identity. "But what about the second brother's girlfriend?" "Qi Feng doesn't have a girlfriend." Maybe there will never be, unless. Rufeng stared at him, "Dad, not now does not mean that there will be no good in the future, no matter, you can solve it by yourself in the future, and see how the second brother will settle accounts with his father in the future." Heart but regret, the original sister is really not the second brother's girlfriend ah! Szeto smiled but did not answer. How could he get even with him? Return the pearl to you On the tombstone, mother's smile is familiar and warm. Rufeng crouched down and gently stroked, "Mom, I'm back." She smiled softly, with deep yearning and admiration in her eyes. "Mom, is it because of your blessing?"? I promised you that I would let my second brother learn to feel the happiness and joy of life. I haven't finished yet, so you will let me come back again. Szeto now stands with a smile, gentle eyes quietly cast. A Lian, is it really you who don't want to let me be lonely and sad, so you send our baby back? For the strange wind, I really can do nothing, perhaps really want the wind, to wake up all his emotions. For this child's dark childhood, we have no way to remedy and restore, fortunately, the wind came back, with another identity, I do not know this time, is not God's gift to him. I don't know if you will agree, but I want both children to be happy. If the wind can really accept, I am also happy to see its success, we all know that in this world, no one can love her more than the strange wind! He stepped forward, hugged his daughter and whispered to his lover, "As long as the child can be happy,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, I don't care about anything else." Rufeng raised his head and smiled at him, "Dad, I will be happy." 。

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