Huai Xiu Ying Xiang

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  • Huai Xiu Ying Xiang

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    Huai Xiu Ying Xiang

    Shang Yinwei and Xing Keyong, who played the roles of white face and black face respectively, were competent for the position of general manager who was below one person and above ten thousand people in Jiutangyuan. The martial arts of these two general managers were naturally not much worse. However, no matter how strong their kungfu was, they could not stand a solid kick. The two masters were kicked back a big step. Coldly watching the two usually capable partners were kicked back a step, Que Ao Yang a cold face, like a God in the world to stand in place, nothing to do, will not be angry and powerful momentum to play to the highest point. There is such a person in this world, who does not need to do or say anything in particular, just a look, a movement, can make people understand his authority and power, not to mention the mouth opened in a bad mood. Rebellion? You Not particularly with a straight face, but facing two people, even the most important partner, Que Aoyang's face is still not much better. Ao Zhu, there's no need to be so cruel, is there? Rubbing his chest, Shang Yinwei smiled bitterly. What's the matter? Will you recognize me? Without bothering to look at them again, Que Aoyang went straight to the Jiying Building for the party. He knew in his heart that they would suddenly attack him,outdoor digital signage displays, but it was this that made him more unhappy. When he decided to bring her back, he knew that he would have to face such a scene, but he did not expect it to be so serious. From the porter who opened the door to the servants he met along the way, everyone had a wonderful expression on their faces. If they had not been brave enough to question his identity, I am afraid he would have to face these two resourceful and wise hands. Only those who pass through the mutual pass and behead the general can enter this other industry. The only thing to be thankful for in the whole thing is that this is only the other business of Jiutangyuan, not the headquarters where the system and rules are hundreds of times more rigorous. Otherwise, not to mention that the image will be destroyed in a moment,facial recognization camera, I'm afraid he will encounter even greater problems, and I'm afraid he won't even be able to get into the door of the headquarters. Can you deny it? Following his steps, Shang Yinwei laughed twice. It's not something that ordinary people can do to avoid being attacked by me and Blackface at the same time and kick us. I'll do it. Xing Keyong didn't say much, but he offered to take over the job of holding people. He's always been like this, quiet but practical. Que Aoyang did not say anything, but he intuitively avoided the outstretched hand of Xing Crow, and after seriously denying that it was to keep the comfortable expression of complete trust on her face for a while longer, even he himself could not explain the motive for this move. Isn't he very angry with her? She had been upset for a long time before she decided to bring her back. He thought that if there was any other choice, he would not be willing to take this step. "Ao Zhu?" Sword eyebrows raised, Xing Keyong slightly surprised to look at Que Aoyang. Gathering back the temporarily lost mind, not ready to answer the questions arising from this abnormal behavior, Que Aoyang put the little woman in his arms on the soft couch in the room, moving so gently that I'm afraid he didn't even notice it. Shang Yinwei and Bi Keyong looked at each other. They saw it, and then they seriously doubted what kind of woman could make a man like Que Aoyang who had no heart go wrong? The two equally curious people followed to the soft couch without any trace, and then they saw an incredibly delicate and sweet girl, touch screen digital signage ,thermal imaging camera, with curved willow eyebrows, a delicate nose, and thick long eyelashes, which made it easy to imagine how flexible and vivid her eyes would be, and the essence of the whole facial features was in the diamond sandalwood mouth, which was slightly raised and smiling when not smiling. The whole person is glittering and translucent, like a jade doll carved and chiseled with good white jade, which makes people involuntarily throw themselves into the heart of love when they first see her. Ignoring the two men who were following him, while they were commenting in their hearts, Que Aoyang's thick eyebrows were fiercely entangled, because the calm little face began to show a painful expression soon after he put her down. I've tried many times before bringing her back here. As soon as she let go of her, she was like this, especially if she left it alone, it didn't take long for tears to fall down, and it worked every time, as if to remind him of what had happened on the edge of the cliff.

    He was very angry, because he had never seen such a thing before, and he had a feeling of being pinned down, because he could not resist the development of things at all. Logically, it shouldn't have been like this, because when the killer in black launched the final blow, he was absolutely capable of dealing with the situation at that time, but the person beside her, the stunning woman in white, pushed them away first, even if he didn't need it, and even if it was by the way, it was true that he wanted to save him. Now things have become like this, as if he really owed them some kind of favor, so that he can not take it seriously to leave her behind. He didn't like it, the feeling of being out of control. I wonder if there is any other way to pacify the unconscious person? Holding back his anger, he picked her up again, holding her on the couch with an expression of reluctance, and sitting on the soft couch with her in his arms, waiting for the questioning of the two managers. The person in charge is the one who is in charge of everything. Naturally, there is no reason to let go of Que Aoyang's whereabouts during this period of time. What's more, he came back with a little girl. It would be strange if he didn't ask clearly. See all the actions in the eyes, see Que Aoyang personally holding the woman sitting on the soft couch, for this unprecedented behavior, Shang Yinwei and Xing Keyong surprised in the heart, two people look at each other again, at the same time have a consensus. Should it be such an excellent jade man who can get a man like Que Aoyang who has a rock-like heart-and the hardest kind of rock-to invest his attention that never stays on a woman? Only "Lord, who is she?" Clear the feeling throat, like the general tone of gossip, was pushed as a representative of the Shang Yin Wei asked. I do not know Holding her in his arms, Que Aoyang,face recognition identification kiosk, sitting on the couch, gave the briefest answer directly. I do not know Shang Yinwei raised his voice slightly, as if to show his disbelief.

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