I applaud you for being on top of Darker

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  • I applaud you for being on top of Darker

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    I applaud you for being on top of Darker

    I'm running my wizard this morning. Just to see how bad modifications are. I believe the splash damage might be over tuned. But the wizard really doesn't feel too bad. I think these changes are fair. Not breaking any classes. Make sure to use your abilities slightly more effectively. The light nerf is a big time LuL, however. 8>6 yaokdude.

    I applaud you for being on top of both this and the the prior thread and continuing to post in constant response to other users. However, there are legitimate criticisms that must be raised and addressed. They are not worth wasting your attention from.

    Like, for instance, how elementary the combat can be. Combat is comprised of two aspects, moving (usually slowly) and shooting at targets that move slowly. For NPC combat, there is an additional aspect of fighting slow combats that are telegraphed. None of these are skilled and the third is merely tedious. It could be a good game to use some certain things.

    Like blocks that don't need a highly nuanced understanding of where your 3rd person model (that cannot be seen) is located. Your character instead acts as if they're protection from themselves and positions their weapon or shield appropriately.

    A slower and more telegraphed attack that gets around blocks by stunning the blocker instead of attacker to make them vulnerable to another follow-up.

    An easy step that allows you to get away from the slow attack. How can you exploit the opening by launching an attack?

    It's not terribly complicated mechanically but they'll all help to enhance the melee fighting and make melee fights less about gear's quality and more about skill.

    However, how are developers to be able to tell that we're in the market for these things even if we're not expressing our desires for them or explain why we're unhappy with our current system?
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