I hope that they will make improvements

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  • I hope that they will make improvements

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    I hope that they will make improvements

    UI and the Paragon Board
    I hope that they will make improvements to the UI, which in its current state is atrocious. There's no map overlay POE currency trade , and if you actually open the map you can't see your character. There's a delay in seeing what items do when you mouse over them, so inventory management takes forever (and that's before we get into the scrolling you have to do to see the whole item sometimes). Quest tracking is a mess, and why the hell are my combat stats buried inside the same button I use to see how many berries I've picked?

    I hope that the Paragon Board gives us a bunch of diverse and interesting builds, and that itemization further complicates the matter. One reason why Diablo 3 feels like such a shallow game is that every season everyone just rushes out, grabs their tier set, and is 95% of where the top players are with 5% of the effort. I was able to try some interesting builds in the beta, but without the paragon board and even some of the classes' specialization quests, it's all still very simple.

    (Image credit: Blizzard)
    I'm at my absolute happiest playing an ARPG when I've got my headphones blasting, I'm crushing Hell Mephisto runs in 45 seconds, I'm offscreening a million mobs with explode BV and clearing t16 maps in a minute, or I'm facetanking Uber Elder with a Molten Orb jugg just because I can. These games let me indulge my inner loot goblin, grow my character to ridiculous heights, and blast stuff. Trudging slowly through a sparsely populated overworld picking herbs or backtracking the same dungeon I've run a thousand times to place the same orb on the same pedestal is probably not going to do it for me.

    Diablo 4 is still a gorgeous game with a lot to like. The atmosphere is back to the grim, hopeless feeling that was established all those years ago when we first visited Tristram. The combat is snappy and responsive POE divine orbs , and on the builds I made that actually have better movement skills (Twisting Blades/Dash Rogue was a treat), extremely satisfying. If Blizzard can incorporate MMO elements smoothly without losing the sense of speed and pacing of Diablo 2 or Path of Exile, there's potential for greatness here. In the meantime, if you need an ARPG fix, go check out Last Epoch. It's excellent!

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