I just want to inherit your legacy [entry] (Situlanya)

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  • I just want to inherit your legacy [entry] (Situlanya)

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    I just want to inherit your legacy [entry] (Situlanya)

    Zhao Xiumei did not want to dress up the little girl as a beautiful little princess, in her eyes, wearing good quality and resistance to dirt is the most important, no matter how much better than before an Tian. Zhao Xiumei changed her clothes for An Tian, straightened her front, and exhorted, "Tian Tian, do you remember that I told you before that there is a Jiaci brother here?" An Tian nods: "Remember." Zhao Xiumei: "You will go to school with him in the future. You must be good. He has a bad temper. You should take care of him more. Aunt believes you. You must not make Jiaci brother angry. If Jiaci brother is angry, he will not want you to come. If he does not want you to come, you can only go back to your hometown. Do you know?" When An Tian remembered his hometown, his eyes darkened: "I know." Zhao Xiumei was afraid of arousing the child's sadness, and changed the subject with a smile: "It doesn't matter. Tian Tian must be able to perform well. If you perform well, there will be a lot of rewards for you. Tian Tian looks at this dress on her body. Do you like it?" An Tian nods: "like." The clothes are very comfortable to wear. Zhao Xiumei: "Brother Jiaci has a lot of clothes, toys and snacks. You stay here and don't make him angry. If he doesn't want them, he can give them to you." An Tian still remembered the toys in the living room when he came in just now. If he didn't want them, he could give them to her. Then when will he not? An Tian suddenly remembered that at home before,coltan ore processing, her father's new woman was wearing her mother's necklace. So you can give it to me when he's dead? An Tian stood for a moment and asked. Zhao Xiumei was in a hurry to pack things and go out at this time. She found that after taking a bath and changing clothes for An Tian, it was almost time for the kindergarten to pick up Xu Jiaci. The child had a strange temper. If no one came to pick him up after school, he would lose his temper again. Zhao Xiumei did not answer her question. An Tian stood for a while and then asked, "Is it possible to give me his things when he dies?" Only then did Zhao Xiumei hear An Tian talking to her. She heard An Tian asking if she would give her something. "Well," she answered, "Of course I can give it to you." An Tian nodded thoughtfully. She knows what death is,gold heap leaching, and she knows that death is not a good thing. She doesn't want those things. She hopes that the owner of these things will live a long life. Come on, come on. Zhao Xiumei packed up her things and led An Tian to the kindergarten. Fortunately, they arrived in time. Zhao Xiumei led An Tian to wait at the kindergarten gate. By the way, she pointed to the kindergarten: "You will come here to school next week." An Tian looked curiously at the childlike buildings in the garden. Kindergarten gate gradually gathered more and more parents, officially after school, the teacher led a row of children out of it. Xu Jiaci saw Zhao Xiumei waiting at the door from a distance. He was led by the kindergarten teacher and handed to Zhao Xiumei: "See you tomorrow." Zhao Xiumei took Xu Jiaci in one hand and pulled out An Tian, who had been hiding behind her legs, in the other. When the two children met for the first time, Zhao Xiumei urged them with a smile, "An Tian, this is brother Xu Jiaci. Call him brother quickly." An Tian calmly looked at the opposite boy a little taller than her, magnetic separator machine ,tin beneficiation plant, Rao is young, can also see from his face "good-looking" two words. An Tian listened to Zhao Xiumei's urging, remembered her previous exhortation, and shouted: "Brother." Xu Jiaci suddenly found a girl beside Aunt Zhao after school today. Before she could figure it out, the girl opened her mouth and called him brother in a milky voice. Xu Jiaci did not respond to her, his eyes fell on the clothes of An Tian, and he frowned. Why are you wearing my clothes? "Take it off." Unexpectedly, as soon as they met, they choked. Zhao Xiumei blamed herself for neglecting that Xu Jiaci was a child with a strong possessive desire for his own possessions. She smiled and tried to smooth things over: "Jiaci, you can't wear the clothes on Tian Tian's body. Can you give them to your sister?" Xu Jiaci: "No, let her take it off." Zhao Xiumei was embarrassed by the child, but no way, the child is not her own, she is just a nanny: "Then go home and let my sister take off?" Xu Jiaci: "No, take it off now." Quietly listening to the conversation between the two. She blushed, looked at the clothes on her body, and then looked at the boy who told her to take off her clothes now.

    Suddenly I don't want him to live so long. The author has something to say: Kaiwen, Kaiwen! An is carrying An Tian and Xu Jiaci to everyone! New article new atmosphere, irascible little sweet article, this article should not be too long, hope to chase more support in the following days ~ Chapter 2 Zhao Xiumei at the gate of the kindergarten, and even moved out of the affection from childhood to adulthood, only to persuade the possessive Xu Jiaci to break out, to avoid a tragedy of running home naked. Zhao Xiumei left hand An Tian right hand Xu Jiaci, led the two children home. An Tian has been carefully observing Xu Jiaci, children's minds are sometimes more sensitive than adults, Xu Jiaci does not like her appearance, she can feel it. As soon as Zhao Xiumei came back, she changed the clothes of Xu Jiaci on the body of An Tian and put on the thin coat she had brought before. She was afraid that she would be cold, so she specially put on two pieces and wanted to go out tomorrow to buy new clothes for An Tian. As soon as Xu Jiaci came home, he threw his schoolbag and played with building blocks on the tea table. An Tian changed his clothes and crept over: "I'm sorry, brother." Xu Jiaci continued to build blocks by himself, ignoring her. An Tian looked at Xu Jiaci's building blocks and looked back at Zhao Xiumei. Aunt Zhao encouraged her with her eyes in the back. An Tian's finger climbed on the edge of the tea table: "Brother, aunt asked me to come and play with you." Xu Jiaci took the train, the train carriage was longer and longer, and finally took it in front of An Tian. This carriage is still missing a rectangular building block to complete,chrome washing machine, An Tian saw Xu Jiaci looking in the building block pile, and she saw a rectangular building block at a glance, so she picked it up and handed it to him: "Brother this." Xu Jiaci saw the building blocks handed over by An Tian and reached out to take them. An Tian licked his lips and was about to smile when Xu Jiaci suddenly threw out the building block in his hand. He threw it so far that the blocks flew from the living room to the floor of the dining room. He pointed to the block lying in the distance. "Go and get it for me." 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com

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