I just want to inherit your legacy [entry] (Situlanya)

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  • I just want to inherit your legacy [entry] (Situlanya)

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    I just want to inherit your legacy [entry] (Situlanya)

    Xu Jiaci does not want, An Tian also does not want, Xu Jiaci wants, An Tian gives him first, the small person lives like a feudal landlord family big young master behind the small tail. She told an Tian to get along well with Jiaci brother and not to make Jiaci brother angry, so that he would not be sent back to his hometown, but now this situation seems to be a bit too much. If you just pick up toys for Xu Jiaci at home, if you don't take part in the parent-child sports meeting, then I won't take part in it either. In fact, it's nothing. But if you beat your classmates with Xu Jiaci at school, and then you don't listen to the teacher and study hard in class with him, then you will be in big trouble. Zhao Xiumei specially came to a "long talk" with An Tian for this, saying that it was a long talk, in fact, that is,euro plastic pallet, when she went to bed at night, she told her over and over again. An Tian, you have a good relationship with brother Jiaci. Aunt is very happy, but you can't learn everything from brother Jiaci, do you know? An Tian lowered his head and did not speak. Zhao Xiumei looked at the girl's little face, which was gradually full and ruddy after she arrived in Haicheng. Her eyes showed love. How could she explain this cruel reality to such a small child: the huge and difficult gap between people from all walks of life. Zhao Xiumei has no culture,plastic pallet supplier, so she can only use the simplest and most straightforward method: "Even if brother Jiaci does nothing every day, his father will leave him a lot of money when he grows up. But you are different from him. Your father has no money to give you. When you grow up, you can only rely on yourself." An Tian thought at this time that you had not said before that she could inherit Xu Jiaci. As long as she works hard to live longer than Xu Jiaci, Xu Jiaci will be hers sooner or later. Zhao Xiumei thought she had made it clear to An Tian. She grabbed her thin little shoulder and said earnestly, "So, I'm going to primary school soon. Tian Tian is not allowed to fight with his classmates any more. He must study hard and listen carefully in class. He will be a person who contributes to the motherland and society in the future." An Tian nodded. In fact, after sitting with Xu Jiaci, she also had a good class, but sometimes the teacher said too simple, she can, so it seems not serious. So from this night on, plastic trash bins ,wholesale plastic pallet, An Tian put his hands together in bed and set two life goals for himself. She will be a person who contributes to the motherland and society in the future. Then she must work hard and live longer than Xu Jia. In a twinkling of an eye, it is the annual parent-child sports meeting in the kindergarten. In addition to the preschool class, Chunfeng Kindergarten also has several classes, small classes, middle classes, and large classes. The day was very lively. Early in the morning, children's songs were played in the loudspeakers. The competition venue was ready. Even the iron gate was tied with colorful balloons. Zhao Xiumei came to the sports meeting as the parents of An Tian and Xu Jiaci. I thought that with An Tian this year, she could also take her children to participate in two projects. As a result, An Tian also followed Xu Jiaci and did not report the project. So the situation changed from she took Xu Jiaci to sit in the audience alone before, to now she took Xu Jiachi and An Tian to sit in the audience. Parents sat down with their children on small benches, and the head of the kindergarten delivered an opening speech on the stage. Zhao Xiumei sat on a small stool in the kindergarten and wanted to hold Xu Jiaci in her left leg and right leg, but Xu Jiaci refused to sit on Zhao Xiumei's thigh and moved a stool to sit alone. An Tian wanted to sit on his own stool like him, but Xu Jiaci sat down and looked at her. An Tian understood what it meant in an instant and climbed to sit on Zhao Xiumei's lap. She sat on Zhao Xiumei's lap, her line of sight much higher than usual, and looked around hopefully. The parents of the students in the class all came. Yu yuanyuan's mother had dimples when she smiled like her. Han Xiaohong's father was as tall as her, with bulging muscles on his body. The most conspicuous one was Ma Qi. His father and mother came. Both of them were as chubby as Ma Qi, with a small slit in their eyes. Sitting there like two hills made people feel suffocated. After the opening speech of the Parent-Child Games, the competition officially began. Everyone retreats to the back of the track and the competition venue. Parents and children are invited to prepare for the upcoming Kangaroo Relay and Happy Table Tennis. The crowd dispersed around the track. Zhao Xiumei was in high spirits and pulled Xu Jiaci and An Tian: "Let's go and watch the game." As soon as the dean announced that the following sports meeting had officially begun, Yu yuanyuan ran from her mother's arms to find An Tian.

    "An Tian." Yu yuanyuan pulled An Tian's clothes from behind. Zhao Xiumei smiled and motioned to An Tian to play with her friends. An Tian and Yu yuanyuan found a less crowded place to talk, they have been separated since they were transferred, today's sports meeting is very intimate, holding hands with each other. Yu yuanyuan looked at Zhao Xiumei: "Is she your mother?" An Tian: "She is my aunt." "Oh." Yu yuanyuan nodded and grabbed An Tian's little hand and asked happily, "What project did you and your aunt take part in today?" An Tian shakes shake one's head: "We do not attend a project, you?" Yu yuanyuan: "My mother and I will take part in the water gun fight later. Wait a minute." She ran to fetch two small water guns, which were already filled with water. The water gun is issued uniformly by the kindergarten, and it is very small, about the size of a palm of an ordinary adult. Here you are Yu yuanyuan gave one of them to An Tian. "You can play with us later." An Tian is holding small water gun, try to pull "trigger", a cool and refreshing water column from gun. Come out 。“ Thank you She thought it was interesting and asked Yu yuanyuan, "but can I give it to Jiaci's brother to play with?" Yu yuanyuan thought for a moment: "All right." An Tian found Xu Jiaci: "Brother Jiaci." Xu Jiaci saw An Tian presenting a toy water gun to him with both hands like a treasure. An Tian looked at him with a smile. Xu Jiaci snorted, this kind of small water gun he didn't like at all, just to look forward to the eyes of An Tian, or picked up, and then in the eyes of An Tian turned the muzzle of the gun to her, a press of the "trigger", a small drop of water shot on the corner of An Tian's clothes. An Tian looked down at the small corner of water on his clothes and opened his mouth. Xu Jiaci returned the water gun to An Tian: "I have played,plastic pallet supplier, you go to play yourself." So An Tian took the water gun, with a small piece of wet clothes, and went back to look for Yu yuanyuan. cnplasticpallet.com

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