If you're looking for 100% uptime

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  • If you're looking for 100% uptime

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    If you're looking for 100% uptime

    Then, you know, go on a you're on a rampage, make sure to blood searches for the instant slam slam slam procs it's part of your rotation. you want this talent maxed out? And yeah, you definitely need it low, you need an extra point. Back into whirlwind we're going to use this to increase bloodthirst damage from slam whirlwind by 10%. For five points of perfect, straight and square.

    For rating purposes, generally speaking, this is what I'd suggest your talent tree should look like. for the fury. We haven't put the arm items in yet, but it's pretty easy to understand. As you can see WoW Classic SoD Gold, when we rent. We have a time in our cycle where we get a free global cooldown.

    With tactical proficiency it is now possible to change to increase rent, and then increase it in a manner that requires some timing, but it's possible, and there will result in an increase in damage in this scenario. Also, anger management, impale deep wounds, all those items, like two-handed weapons specialize, you know, your time is increasing?

    Why would we not? We got one extra point. I'm calling it heroic fury. It reduces the cooldown or basically refreshes your intercept and removes imprisoning effects. Also, you basically have two intercepts with this thing.

    It's beautiful, I mean, it's just nice. Then, let's go to the glyphs, the glyphs There are two glyphs that remain in our minds for the entire time. We're never going to drop the glyphs that's Glyph of Heroic Strike and glyph whirlwind. In general, you want a Heroic Strike on every single main hand swing.

    If you're looking for 100% uptime. Now do you think you can achieve it? It's unlikely because of different variables like do cheap WoW Classic SoD Gold there's enough passion. This can help you realize that you should press Heroic Strike on every single major hand swing.

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