Implications, advantages and disadvantages of PDC compacts _ BITs

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  • Implications, advantages and disadvantages of PDC compacts _ BITs

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    Implications, advantages and disadvantages of PDC compacts _ BITs

    Original title: Meaning, advantages and disadvantages of PDC compact PDC, also known as Polycrystalline Diamond Compact, is widely used in the field of geological drilling and oil drilling because of its excellent abrasion resistance and impact resistance. Today, Sidi Xiaobian shares with you the knowledge of dry goods related to PDC composites. Let's go with Xiaobian to see the advantages and disadvantages of PDC composites and make better use of them. PDC compact is a new type of functional material, which is a composite superhard material sintered by diamond powder and hard alloy substrate under the condition of ultra-high pressure and high temperature. It not only has the high hardness, wear resistance and thermal conductivity of diamond, but also has the strength and impact toughness of hard alloy. It is an excellent cutting tool and wear-resistant tool material. It has been widely used in many fields such as metal and non-metal cutting tools, wood processing tools, oil and gas drilling bits and so on. In geological drilling, coalfield drilling and oil and gas drilling, PDC compact bit has become one of the most commonly used rock breaking tools because of its excellent rock cutting speed and long service life. Let's take a look at the advantages of PDC bits: 1. The force balance design makes the drill bit have good guidance, which is suitable for directional drilling with downhole motor and has small radial vibration; 2. The reasonable arrangement of the patented PDC compacts with different structures at different positions of the drill bit makes the drill bit have strong aggressiveness and abrasion resistance; 3. Strong aggressive design can make the bit obtain higher penetration rate; 4, the drilling capacity in the rock stratum is 10-30 times of that of a common alloy drill bit, and the operation efficiency is improved; 5. Because the material of PDC bit is mainly cast tungsten carbide and diamond compact, it has long service life and high value. At the same time, down the hole bit , the PDC bit also has its indispensable shortcomings, and the conventional PDC bit has several shortcomings: 1. Due to the large difference of linear expansion coefficients between polycrystalline diamond and cemented carbide, the thermodynamic characteristics of the interface between polycrystalline diamond and cemented carbide are not well matched, and there is a large residual thermal stress, which easily leads to the delamination of diamond and tungsten carbide; 2. The surface of PDC is mostly flat. In order to reduce the chip adhesion phenomenon and the number of quality inspections, it is generally polished into a mirror surface to improve the surface finish, but the cost is high and the anti-sticking effect is not obvious; 3. With the continuous wear of the working edge of the PDC bit, its surface forms a plane or arc surface, and the contact area with the rock increases sharply, resulting in a sharp drop in rock pressure, a decrease in rock breaking speed, and an increase in wear, especially for deep and ultra-deep drilling, frequent replacement of the bit will increase the drilling cycle and drilling costs. The PDC compact developed and produced by Sidi has stronger compression resistance, excellent rock breaking ability, excellent grinding resistance and impact resistance. It adopts the latest synthetic technology to make its service life longer, more aggressive and more resistant to high temperature. It can effectively maintain its original characteristics in high temperature environment and greatly improve the efficiency of drilling for customers. PDC compact is a product developed to meet the drilling needs of complex formations, which is mainly suitable for oil and gas drilling under harsh geological conditions. SIDI PDC uses high-quality diamond, cemented carbide and other raw materials, and adopts advanced synthesis technology. Its product combines the advantages of diamond and cemented carbide,rock drilling tools, which not only has extremely high wear resistance, but also has good impact resistance and thermal stability, which greatly improves the drilling speed in hard rock drilling. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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