Jasper duckweed-Zhuge

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  • Jasper duckweed-Zhuge

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    Jasper duckweed-Zhuge

    Some of these bones are in the shape of a man, some are in the shape of an animal, some are in the form of a bird, and some are even in a pile. They are obviously the remains of a python! Above the left cliff of the valley, there is a dark cave, which looks quite deep! Although Dugu Ce's Jianghu experience is not enough, he is extremely intelligent. You can see this "Tianmo Valley" at a glance. Inside the countless bones, is someone specially brought, exercise what vicious power? There are only two kinds of martial arts practiced by people, animals, birds, snakes and bones. One is the "white bone grasping soul hand". The other is a hidden weapon named "Four Evil Spirits"! Dugu Ce gazed carefully and saw that there were four white bones in the middle of the valley, which seemed to be different from other white bones? These four white bones are: a giant animal bone, which looks bigger than a lion or a tiger! The bones of a monstrous bird. About five times larger than ordinary eagles, eagles and the like! A strange small snake bone, coiled in a pile, only inches high! A sitting human bone. When the two palms are together, it seems that the old monk is in meditation! Dugu Ce knew that the four white bones of man, beast, bird and snake must be the main objects for the people in the valley to exercise their unique martial arts! Then walked slowly, want to see, the valley people are in the intake of white bone corpse poison, exercise'four evil spirits ghost sand '? Or is it to exercise the rare "white bone hand" in the martial arts world? Before he reached the four main bones in the valley, he had gained a good understanding of these two questions! It turned out that there were six caves above the top of the head of each skeleton along the way! The "heavenly spirit bone" was taken away, and around the heavenly spirit, there were five penetrating fingerprints! Dugu Ce's heart is bright, knowing that the people in the valley are using a kind of strange poison hidden weapon and a kind of strange poison skill to exercise at the same time! The act of removing the "Heavenly Spirit Bone" is to grind it into "Four Evil Spirits Sand"! The act of grasping five penetrating fingerprints is to exercise the "white bone grasping the soul hand"! Dugu Ce was walking slowly in a shocking way when he suddenly heard a leaf behind him,Magnesium Sulphate producer, which was blown down to the ground by the mountain wind! In such a horrible environment, he naturally had a deep sense of caution. Congeal immediately for self-defense. Look back! Where are the leaves falling behind you? But seven or eight feet away, there stood a white-haired mother-in-law with a string of paper money hanging on each of her temples, looking like an old zombie! When Dugu Ce saw the other side's appearance, he immediately remembered that Wen Bing, the "Jade Beauty", could not be found anywhere. He managed to lure him with the head of the five factions and Gong Yangshou, the "Hen Tian Weng". However, he was frightened away by his own mistake and killed his mother's "white-haired ghost mother"! Xiao Ying, the "white-haired ghost mother",Magnesium Oxide MgO, caught a glimpse of Dugu Ce when she was plotting against Wen Bing, the "Jade Beauty", on the Yangfeng Peak of Lushan Mountain. In addition, it was late at night, and her face was difficult to distinguish, so naturally she could not recognize him.

    Sui Yin turned sideways and said with a sneer, "What's the young man's name?"? Can you read? Dugu Ce knew that the enemy was present. Calm and calm, he folded his fists and smiled. He said, "I, Dugu Ce, read poetry and books when I was young, and hunted a little for classics and history. How could I not be literate?"? Why does the old man ask this? Xiao Ying, the "white-haired ghost mother", was not only very skillful in martial arts, but also very cunning. Seeing that Dugu Ce's expression was surprisingly calm, he had just quietly lifted his breath and was discovered by him, so he knew that this young scholar named Dugu Ce must be very skillful! As soon as he rolled his eyes, he slightly changed his usual ferocious habit of killing people. He only gave out a dense sneer and said, dap diammonium phosphate ,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, "Since you can read, didn't you see the wooden sign tied under the skull when you entered the valley?" Dugu Ce said, "a small wooden sign with four big characters, 'Those who enter without permission will die.' It can only frighten the ordinary woodcutters and mountain people, but it adds to my interest in entering the valley." "White-haired ghost mother" Xiao Ying "oh", eyes alone, asked: "Do you think you are not vulgar? Dugu Ce was wary, but on the surface he deliberately teased the other side. He simply intoned in an arrogant and peerless voice: "Full of poetry and books, three feet of swords, the mind is quite different from that of the common people!" "White-haired ghost mother," Xiao Ying, heard the fierce light in her eyes, but immediately restrained, coldly asked: "So, you are not afraid of death?" Dugu Ce said with a smile, "Who hasn't died since ancient times?"? Even if you can't, in order to recover the mountains and rivers, drive out the Tartars, wrap their corpses in horse leather, and make ten decisions, as Wen Tianxiang said, 'leave a loyal heart shining in the history', you should also be proud of the rivers and lakes, and devote yourself to saving the people and supporting righteousness! What's so terrible about dying like this? I just don't want to become the bones in the valley without any value! Xiao Ying, the "white-haired ghost mother", the more she listened, the more she felt that the courage and insight of this solitary strategy was really different from the customs, which was the only one she had ever seen in her life. With a strange thought in his mind, he restrained his ferocious expression and asked with a smile, "Dugu Ce, do you know what is the use of this valley full of white bones?" Dugu Ce Xuanmei replied: "These bones are in the shape of human, beast, bird and snake. It seems that the old man is exercising the 'Four Evil Spirits' which is rare in the martial arts world, and the'!" Of 'White Bones'. " Xiao Ying, the "white-haired ghost mother," saw that Dugu Ce was able to master the two kinds of martial arts that she had painstakingly practiced. She couldn't help frowning slightly and asked, "Dugu Ce, since you can recognize my martial arts, can you recognize my origin?" Dugu Ce stared at him deliberately, shook his head and said with a smile, "I've just come out of Jianghu, and I don't have much experience, so I can't tell the origin of the old man. But the appearance of the old man doesn't seem to be those famous school leaders in Wulin.." Xiao Ying, the "white-haired ghost mother," snorted coldly and said, "What kind of people are those git masters?" At this point, the voice slightly paused, pointing to the four main bones in the middle of the valley, smiling at Dugu Ce and saying, "Since you recognize what I have practiced, I will simply introduce the four bones to you!" Dugu Ce had long seen that the four bones were unusual. Curiously, he pointed to the bone, which was bigger than a lion or a tiger, and asked, "What kind of bone is this?" "White-haired ghost mother," Xiao Ying smirked and said, "This is a specialty of the Western Regions. It's twice as big as an ordinary lion, and it's extremely poisonous. It's not easy for me to get it into the Magic Valley of Goulou Mountain, is it? Dugu Ce continued to ask,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, "This bird bone is not small either. Is it a ROC from the Tianshan Mountains?" Xiao Ying shook her head and said with a smile, "The remains of the ROC are not poisonous and are not suitable for my use.". This is the most venomous giant bird in ancient times, the '! "Of the blood-crowned tiger-faced owl. 。 stargrace-magnesite.com

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