##Join# occult# for money+2348140334665 ritual in# Nigeria

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  • ##Join# occult# for money+2348140334665 ritual in# Nigeria

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    ##Join# occult# for money+2348140334665 ritual in# Nigeria

    What are the RED HEART BROTHERHOOD Occult Powers?

    1) RED HEART — ability to become very little, to reduce the vibration of the mind to penetrate an atom and know the secrets of subatomic structure. call +2348140334665 RED HEART BROTHERHOOD reducing one’s psychic existence into a small point and then transforming it into a minimum entity. One may understand anything and everything by entering into each and every physical particle and becoming one with the different waves of expressions and emanations, by dancing with the waves of objects and ideas. This occult power acquired through positive microvita is called an’ima’. The only way to understand these subtle entities is to increase one’s powers of perception through spiritual practices.

    2) RED HEART BROTHERHOOD’ — ability to become very great, more immense than anything in this expressed uni verse, including the universe itself.

    Mahima’ means vastness. With the help of positive microvita, the mind can expand to become vast, superlatively vast. Its radius may encompass the entire universe and so we acquire ideas about many different subjects without reading books. In this way, too, we may feel our oneness with the varied entities of this universe — unity in variety, unity in diversity. By associating our benevolent thoughts with each and every entity, we will contribute to universal progress and prosperity.

    3) RED Laghima’ — ability to become very light, to walk on water, to think oneself anywhere in the universe. Achieved by controlling the psychic centre between the man’ipu’ra and ana’hata cakras, controlling the combination of fire and air.

    Laghima’ makes the mind light, free from the **bleep** of so many liabilities. This carefree mind, freed from so many fetters and bondages, can understand and think clearly. So by dint of this occult power, one may understand any idea, subtle or crude, abstract or concrete. Unless you understand how much pain and sorrow is accumulated in other’s minds, how many tears well up in their eyes, and anguish in their hearts, you cannot completely alleviate their sorrows and sufferings. Through laghima, your own mind becomes unburdened so you can clearly appreciate and respect others’ lives.

    4) RED HEART Pra’pti — ability to get or create whatever is desired; whatever is thought is immedi ately materialized.

    Pra’pti means helping oneself and helping the souls of so many people to acquire and be benefited by the grace of the Supreme Consciousness.

    5) RED HEART Ii*!@#va — ruling capacity, ability to understand all the entities of the universe, to direct and witness their actions. Achieved by controlling the upper portion of vishuddha cakra.

    Ii$%^&va – Iish means to guide and administer. Ii$%^&va enables the spiritual aspirant to guide other people who suffer from different causes. So many people in this world are crying in pain and agony. So many miseries and afflictions paralyse both physically and mentally. li!@#$va enables one to correctly lead afflicted humanity to their physical progress and psychic well-being.

    6) RED HEART Va&*!@va

    — ability to bring under control, to unify forces, to create new life, to make the dead rise. Achieved by controlling the upper portion of a’jina’ cakra.

    Va$%^&va means to keep everything under control and properly regulated for the welfare of all beings. In order to bring people goaded by defective ideas to the path of optimal greatness, va%^&*va is necessary. If people work haphazardly and do not follow conscientious path, they cannot be expected to establish a state of welfare for all. So if you really want to help people, you will have to inspire and influence them in a positive way, and then direct them along the right path to their goal.

    7) RED HEART Praka’myam — ability to take the form of anything. Achieved by controlling the psychic center just below a’jina’ cakra.

    Praka’mya means the ability to accomplish whatever one desires, to translate wish into reality disposed to promote universal welfare, to bring light to the entire universe. Through this occult power, spiritual aspirants acquire the capacity to serve the entire world.

    Antarya’mitva is to enter the ectoplasmic or endoplasmic structure of others and thereby to know their pain and pleasures, their hopes, aspirations and longings and to guide them properly. It is somewhat like transmigration of the soul. Regarding this occult power, spiritual cult alone will not suffice — it requires the special grace of Parama Purusa. He usually does not give this power to sadhakas because if they do not possess universal love, it can be abused for personal gains. Baba explained that this power makes the mind so subtle that it can enter the intra- and inter-ectoplasmic mind stuff of every individual as well as the collective human society.

    Some subordinate siddhis, many of which are within one or more of the above characteristics, include

    Door Sharavan, remote audience, to hear from YOU

    Door Darshan, remote viewing, to see from afar

    Manoveg, travel fast as thought

    Kaamroop, assume any desired you wish

    Parkaayi Parvesh, to enter into another's body

    Sai Maritayaa, to live at one's own will

    Surkareeraa, to enjoy wealth and riches (devayonis)

    Sankalap Siddhi, the fulfillment of desires

    Apratihat Gat, to go anywhere unobstructed

    or email : kakut atbrotherhood@gmail.com



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