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    Legend of Goddess.txt _ Replace

    "Yes!"! I didn't think it was possible, so I didn't go on. But when you ask, I have to say it. Let's go Instead of enjoying the quiet beauty of the mountain in the early morning, they used their flying skills, like two agile eagles, to fly up from the peak, through the forest and streams, and go straight to the hillside where the man in black ambushed the pink Nezha. Yesterday they had followed the red-faced man a day's journey along this steep and rugged mountain path. But now it only took them more than an hour to come to the small market in the deep mountains where the bandits and bandits came and stayed from time to time. At this time is Chen Shi or so, the morning sun will be a small market according to a scarlet, the only one stone street has been people coming and going. The shops on both sides of the street are also open for business. The only iron shop in the market, sounded the sound of tinkling iron, many strongmen, in this iron shop to make swords or all kinds of hidden weapons. Some shops, I'm afraid, are selling stolen goods that bandits and bandits have robbed from everywhere. This small market in the deep mountains is also a place for thieves to sell stolen goods, so some businessmen who have dealings with bandits are particularly profitable. Instead of robbing the merchants, the bandits protected them, otherwise they would not be able to get rid of the stolen goods. Of course, these businessmen do not have a unique skill or a certain backing, they dare not hang out in this small market,x56 line pipe, let alone deal with strongmen. The little goddess thought for a moment and said, "Brother San, let's go to the market for dinner." "Aren't we afraid of being noticed?" Indeed, a pair of Miao children ran to the place where the strongman appeared, which was very noticeable. If there were adults with them, it would not be so noticeable. The little goddess said, "What are you afraid of? This is a place where thieves from all over the world gather and come and go. Maybe we can get some information. Maybe the white impermanence will also come to this market to inquire about the situation of the Big Head Mountain Demon!"! Wouldn't it be better if we could hear what he asked? "Why don't we get his attention?" "He won't think that we belong to Master Hou and Miss Hou. We'll have to meet him sooner or later anyway. As long as we're smart enough to deal with it, we won't be afraid." All right! Then let's go in! Before long,x52 line pipe, they appeared in the entrance of the small market, and their appearance, as expected, aroused people's surprise, and they thought to themselves: Where are the children of these people? How did they come here to play? Obviously, their parents are probably not people to be trifled with, otherwise, they would not have brought them here. The little goddess was even more innocent, as if she did not know fear and fear, a pair of jewel-like big eyes rolling, lively and curious to look around. The third son's expression was much more dignified, as if he were a little adult, bringing the little goddess into the market. As soon as the little goddess saw a restaurant, she said, 316l stainless steel pipe ,uns s31803 sheet, "Brother!"! I'm hungry! Shall we go in and have something to eat? All right! Let's go in. The bartender was very surprised and surprised to see a pair of Miao children entering the shop. This is obviously not the children of the people in the market, but from other places. He did not dare to ask the third son which family the little goddess was. He was afraid of getting into trouble with a fierce character, so he asked with a smiling face, "Are the young master and young lady drinking or eating?" The little goddess said, "Why are we drinking?" "We are here to eat." "Yes!"! Yes! Please sit over here. The bartender courteously beckoned them to a table in the west. Inside the restaurant, there were seven or eight guests, scattered on three tables. Some of them were dressed up, wearing swords and other weapons, and some of them were in merchant costumes. Originally, they were drinking and talking or whispering to each other in twos and threes. When they saw the little three sons and the little goddess coming in, they stopped talking at the same time and looked at them curiously and in panic. Most people dare not come to this small market, let alone a pair of children? Even some businessmen who often haunt here will not bring their children here to take risks, and the strongmen and leaders everywhere will not bring their children here. In the small market, of course, safe and sound, but leave the small market ten miles away, dare not guarantee, I do not know where the enemy will suddenly appear. At that time, even their own lives can not be taken care of, but also the safety of their children? The appearance of children from other places in small markets can be said to be unique.

    So the hotel people have wondered, this pair of Miao children, is naive and ignorant, or do not know the danger? Otherwise, their parents are a terrible person, people dare not go to provoke, they are so as if no one else broke in. However, even the young leader of Lingyun Stronghold in Maoer Mountain and the little devil in the area of Xiongshi were ambushed by a group of unidentified black-clad men at the foot of a hillside more than forty miles away from the small market? What's more, the little devil is protected by twelve brave and skillful hussars. Had it not been for the appearance of a terrible and strange mountain demon with a big head and a small devil, I'm afraid it would have been difficult to escape the bad luck. Such a pair of sons and daughters of the Miao family, bare-handed, did not even follow one. Could it be that their parents were more terrible than the strongmen on Maoer Mountain? No one dares to mess with it? But in this area, there is no such a terrible person, let alone a Miao people. It seems that this pair of Miao children, most of whom are naive and ignorant, have rushed to this small market to play. The little goddess then asked the bartender innocently, "Do you have any delicious food here?" "Yes!"! Have! There are all kinds of stewed and smoked meat, as well as braised beef and red grave mountain pork. I wonder what the young lady likes to eat? "I want to eat red goat meat!" This is the tone of a little girl. The third son said, "Second brother, give me a bowl of Egg and Vegetable Soup, a dish of stewed pork and two catties of steamed buns." "Brother!"! Don't we eat meat buns? "Well, then another catty of meat buns." The guests present heard that the two children were not the children of ordinary Miao people, but the children of a wealthy family, who could order so many dishes. Soon, the steaming hot meal was served to the third son and the little goddess. The little goddess looked more like an innocent little girl, and she was so happy that she ate a lot. The seven or eight guests watched for a while, and all changed the subject,uns c70600, except two or three who were still talking about them in private. Apparently, when the red-faced men stayed overnight in the small market, they spread the story of the mountain demon in the small market. People are still talking about it doubtfully. lksteelpipe.com

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