Legend of Heroes Beyond the Great Wall-Liang Yusheng _ txt Novel Paradise

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  • Legend of Heroes Beyond the Great Wall-Liang Yusheng _ txt Novel Paradise

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    Legend of Heroes Beyond the Great Wall-Liang Yusheng _ txt Novel Paradise

    Suddenly, someone in the defeated Manchu army paged around and shouted, "Our reinforcements are coming. Don't retreat. Those who disobey the order will be killed!" But where to shout to live, is some soldiers, want to stop, also to retreat in front of the defeated army holding back, Yang Yuncong secretly called "bitter also" is running away, suddenly see general Nalan Shuaiqi fluttering in the side, Yang Yuncong side a look, see Nalan Xiuji across a horse, both sides of the Qinbing; shout loudly, shout in the defeated army. I don't know what they're drinking? Nalan Xiuji suddenly saw Yang Yuncong's face, startled, fat horse a mention, rushed over, rushed down a few soldiers, hand Yang place, a few bows and arrows, lightning shot, Yang Yuncong was caught in the crowd, can not dodge,heavy duty metal racking, a twist left shoulder and an arrow! Yang Yuncong is anxious for luck. Both hands grab two Qing soldiers, throw to Nalan Xiuji, Nalan Xiuji's horse crazy hiss a few times, rushed to the side, Nalan xiuji QinBing close to the commander in chief fled one side Yang Yuncong also gave the defeated army embrace straight back, suddenly, the handsome flag, and has left him twenty or thirty Zhangs! After a while,warehouse storage racks, Yang Yuncong suddenly felt a tingling sensation under his side. He thought to himself, "Could it be that before he was poisoned, in spite of his busy schedule, he took out the" green elixir "made of snow lotus from the Tianshan Mountains and swallowed it? But he still felt stuffy in his heart and his legs felt weak. At this time, as long as he relaxed a little, he would immediately be pushed to the ground by the defeated soldiers and trampled to death!"! Yang Yuncong cried in his heart, "I can't die. The Kazakh brothers haven't been found yet. I can't die!" A strange spiritual force supported him and ran for a while, and the defeated soldiers around him were divided into many small groups to flee for their lives, and the pressure of the "crowd" was reduced a lot. Yang Yuncong tended to come out and fled to places where there were few people. I don't know how long I ran, but I saw a ravine in front of me, where there seemed to be the sound of people and horses, and I dared to hide a defeated army. But Yang Yun-tsung couldn't care less at this time. He hurried into the ravine and was about to jump up the hillside. Suddenly, his legs were sore and his bones were about to fall apart. He had just jumped a few feet and fell down. Yang Yun-tsung was not confused. He knew that he had overused his mind and could not support himself. What's more, he was injured by a poisonous arrow, which paralyzed his muscles. He quickly climbed behind a mountain barrier surrounded by several rocks and sat cross-legged in meditation. And swallow a "green elixir", pallet rack shelving ,push back racking system, this "green elixir" good cure internal injury, and can detoxify, but now after, should sit quietly. Yang Yuncong had just run for his life, which was very dangerous. Fortunately, he relied on his deep internal strength to force the poison gas under his threat and would not spread, so he had to be all right. Now the spirit is exhausted, and I can't walk hard any more. Yang Yuncong sat down, gently cut a crack under his flank with a dagger, pressed his fingers around him, squeezed them twice, and the thick black blood gurgled out, about a large teacup, and the blood turned pale red. Yang Yuncong tore his underwear and bandaged up the wound, saying to himself, "It's so poisonous!" At this time, although the poisonous blood has gone, the spirit has not yet recovered. Yang Yuncong sat cross-legged and used Qigong therapy to treat himself. He prayed to himself: "Heaven is pitiful. Don't let people break in!" Yang Yuncong sat in silence with great concentration, with good luck and active blood; he almost turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to everything around him. I don't know how long I had been sitting there, but I realized that my lower abdomen was hot, and I knew that it was no longer a problem, so I stood up. When I opened my eyes, I saw that it was already midnight. The wind was blowing and the grass was moving. There was a sound in the distance. There was silence outside the ravine. No one was there. The two armies were chasing each other. I don't know where they were. Yang Yuncong tried to exercise his muscles and bones, and felt that except for a slight reduction in strength, he was already as usual. It suddenly occurred to me that when I jumped into the ravine, there seemed to be the sound of horses hissing and people talking. I didn't know if I was still in the ravine. I had to see clearly whether I was a friend or an enemy. So I pulled out my dagger and jumped up the hillside. I saw that the grass in the ravine was longer than people. There was a broken car in the grass. Yang Yuncong fell to the ground and listened quietly. Suddenly a very familiar voice shouted, "Don't come near me!" Yang Yuncong is surprised, this is not the voice of Nalan Minghui! Yang Yuncong jumped out hurriedly, only to see two big men beside the broken car, threatening the girl on the car.

    Yang Yuncong thought to himself, "Nalan Minghui's martial arts are not general. How can he be a threat to others? Is he seriously injured like me?"! Just as he was wondering, the big fellow in front of him shouted, "You little girl, you really don't know what's good for you. You're already our prisoner. You have to listen to us. If we don't kill you or beat you, why are you still shouting?" Nalan Minghui shouted, "If anyone comes here, I will be a sword. Don't look at me. I can't move. If you dare to come closer, I won't kill you." The two big men burst out laughing and said, "I can't tell. Your little girl's tone is so loud!" Yang Yuncong swept forward and shouted, "Wait a minute!" The two big men leaped forward a few steps to meet him and shouted, "Who are you?" As soon as Yang Yuncong saw that the two men were dressed in Uyghur costumes stained with blood, he hurriedly asked, "Which tribe are you from?"? Do you recognize the Flying Red Scarf? The big fellow in front seemed to be taken aback when he saw Yang Yuncong's costume. "Are you a subordinate of Fei Hongjin?" He asked. Yang Yuncong nodded his head. "We are from the Kadar tribe," said the leading man. "I know that Fei Hongjin was the leader of the southern Xinjiang tribes, but our tribe did not participate in the gathering of the grasslands the night before last." Yang Yuncong said, "Since you are all the warlords of the tribes in southern Xinjiang, we are one family. Let this girl go." Nalan Minghui saw who it was and kept shouting in Chinese, "Master Yang,automated warehouse systems, Master Yang!"! Kill those two men for me! The two big men couldn't understand what she was saying. "How's it going?" They asked Yang Yuncong? You know her? Are you friends with the general of the Qing army? Yang Yuncong shook his head and said, "I am a friend of Fei Hongjin, and I am also a friend of this girl.". You can't pester her! 。 kingmoreracking.com

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