Li Liang-Qishen Yang Xiaoxie

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  • Li Liang-Qishen Yang Xiaoxie

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    Li Liang-Qishen Yang Xiaoxie

    Xiao Xie jumped onto the boat and said with a smile, "Look, who am I?" He took out a bag of things and said, "I bought one for you." Order a side dish and we'll drink tonight. Small evil that bag is not a side dish, but a big dish | | dog meat, he wants to eat also said to buy side dishes for others, harm Ni Xiaoqingkong happy. One. Ni Xiaoqing smiled sweetly in her heart and said, "Mr. Yang, you are so kind, but I have prepared it for you. I will leave this bag of side dishes until tomorrow." "?" "No," said Xiao Xie with a smile. "This is a first-class dish. It's eaten by noble people. You can eat it to make sure that the more you eat, the more refreshing it will be. Be careful and you will love it, and then you will get up at night to exercise. How interesting Xiao Xie said that the sport was stealing other people's dogs in the middle of the night, which Ni Xiaoqing did not understand and could only smile. Xiaoxie went to the hall, opened the dog meat and put it on the banquet to chew the first-class food proudly. Ni Xiaoqing looked so drunk that she asked curiously, "What is this?"? Why haven't I smelled like this? It's a little. Like.. Small evil laughs: "Dog meat, superior dog meat, you eat a piece!" You eat a piece! A grasp of the hand has been sent to Ni Xiaoqing. Ni Xiaoqing suddenly seemed to be stuffed with a big greedy head and choked. She said with a wry smile, "No, I dare not eat. You are still yourself." Eat it! This Weird.. Looking at the dog meat, her appetite has been greatly reduced. Xiao Xie had expected that girls would seldom eat dog meat. He grabbed the meat slices and threw them into his mouth. He chewed them a few times and said, "I know you girls." People are like this, afraid of this and that,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, afraid of what? In the future, I want my wife to eat three catties of dog meat and two bottles of sorghum wine every day. Eight eggs, this side is qualified. Ni Xiaoqing said with a smile, "Aren't you going to support her to death?" Xiao Xie nodded and said, "Yes, I want to support her so that she is fat. In this way, I will benefit a lot." Ni Xiaoqing said with a charming smile, "What good does it do you for your wife to be so fat?" She was snickering. "I can't say enough about the benefits,Lactoferrin Manufacturer," said Xiao Xie. "I can't say enough about at least a hundred points. For example, people say that the heart is broad and the body is fat, and she is in a fat mood. Good, and after she got fat, she couldn't catch up with me, and she just ate every day, so she didn't have time to take care of me, and I fell lightly. Loose, if I exceed the standard, I will be able to cut her off like a pig and make some gambling capital. Ni Xiaoqing is smiling, she says: "So who dares to be your wife, be sold by you?"? How cruel! "It doesn't matter if no one dares," said Xiao Xie. "I have plenty of ways. I'm afraid I can't find a wife." "What way?" Xiao Xie laughed and said, "This method was left to us by the ancients. Do you know about Wang Baochuan and Xue Pinggui?" "I know," said Ni Xiaoqing with a smile. "It's very sad." "Then you should know what method I used," said Xiao Xie! How interesting He laughed because of the throwing embroidery. Ball, D BHB Factory ,Sex Enhancement Powder, he has a lot of experience. "You.." said Ni Xiaoqing. You mean throw the ball? She wants to laugh. "Yes," said Xiao Xie, "when no one wants to marry me, I'll make a dozen silk balls and throw them at the city gate. Who will be hit by me?" Yes, whoever will marry me. He was proud to think of this method. Ni Xiaoqing that did not encounter so strange and amused person, already cannot help giggling, she coquettishly laughs: "That somebody throws embroider." Is the ball used to hit? It's a catch, and no man has ever thrown the ball, hehe. She couldn't stop laughing. "Not there," said Xiao Xie. "I threw it in Chang'an, but.. How interesting He pressed the old woman to the ground, and The three girls were crushed, but he didn't say anything. He just laughed and cried out in his heart that he was unlucky. Ni Xiaoqing could not guess whether Xiao Xie had really thrown it or was joking. It was impossible. She said, "Then you." Last time, the result was like? Have you found your ideal partner? "Yes," said Xiao Xie with a smile, "but last time the Hydrangea was so big that it was crushed to three at a time, so I had to withdraw my troops hastily. Or die at their hands. Look for this clip to do a little smaller H and do a little more to find. "What do you say?" "Last time the ball was too big and crowded, and it worked very well as soon as it was thrown down. I made it a little smaller this time and hit it.".

    ” "What if you hit her and she runs away?" That's why I had to prepare more than a dozen balls. When I saw her, I hit her. When she ran away, I lost the second place. Wait until the end will be knocked unconscious by me, then she can not run, ha ha. My balls are numbered, from small to large, No one can escape, hehe. Ni Xiaoqing laughed a little and burst into tears. She was thinking that there was such a person as Xiao Xie in the world. She was really a stooge. She laughed and said, "I think so." The man you shot is going to be miserable for eight lifetimes. Small evil pursue: "This also cannot blame her, who calls her to want to be hit by me, this is providence, when waiting for her to wake up, I can tell her:" "My dear lady, does the ball taste good? Would you like to do it again?" I think she must not, which means she admits it. It's dead. Ni Xiaoqing said, "Did anyone catch the ball you threw last time?" "I got several," said Xiao Xie, "but I had no choice but to throw them to Xiao Ding. She had to take them." "Why?" Xiao Xie laughed and said, "It's for keeping things. If I throw it to her, won't she pick it up?" Ni Xiaoqing asked, "Is that little Ding Pumping Niang beautiful?"? Is it beautiful? She really wants to know. Xiao Xie still pretended to be good-looking, just like when he told the beggar on Shenxian Island. "Look at me," he said. How's it going "I want to laugh when I see you," said Ni Xiaoqing. Xiaoxietai wanted her to say that she was handsome or beautiful, handsome and so on, but she said she wanted to laugh. After thinking about it, Xiao Xie said, "That's all right." Xiaoding is just like me, and people will want to laugh when they see her. Ni Xiaoqing was a little disappointed and said, "Do you like her very much?" Xiao Xie nodded and said, "Yes, I like her best. It's a pity that she ran home. Otherwise.." Ha-ha He thought of Xiaoding. When he caught the ball,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, he couldn't help laughing. When Ni Xiaoqing heard this, she felt a sense of loss. "I envy her so much," she said faintly. She kept her head down. What are you thinking.

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