Lu Shao's Powerful Sweet Wife

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  • Lu Shao's Powerful Sweet Wife

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    Lu Shao's Powerful Sweet Wife

    In order to save Xiao Xilai, even if it is a ghost, she will not be afraid. Even if Xiao Donglai's family becomes a ghost, she will use up his last value. After Xiao Donglai was pulled back to the crowd from Li Qian by Xiao Qianyu, he never said a word. Now hear his mother say some inexplicable words, and want their family to pay one hundred thousand to break off the relationship, the heart is particularly uncomfortable. Apart from the 10,000 yuan left by Nai Bao last time, they didn't touch a penny, and they still had the living expenses of the three children for half a year. Even so, it added up to less than 20,000 yuan. It's far from one hundred thousand. What's more, even if they want to break off the relationship, their family will not waste money. Xiao Xilai cheated other people's daughter-in-law's money, was found to come to the door, is also deserved. Xiao Donglai looked at Zhang Lanying with an expressionless face: "You should know the situation of our family best. Where can we give you one hundred thousand yuan?" He was a little confused. How could his mother have a million yuan in savings? Where did the money come from? Zhang Lanying knew that Xiao Donglai would say so, and his eyes suddenly became sinister and cruel. I don't care, whether you borrow or rob, as long as you give a hundred thousand yuan, our two families will no longer have any relationship,touch screen whiteboard, otherwise, if Xilai is gone, you will wait to go down and keep him company. Old woman, not only will I kill you, but your whole family will die. "Hiss.." Everyone gasped as she uttered the dark and vicious words. Xiao Dong's angry face was red and blue, his fists clenched and loosened, loosened and clenched,smart board interactive whiteboard, Gu Zuozhi and Xiao Qianyu took his hand left and right, shook his head at him, and he clenched his teeth deeply and did not break out. Are you sure to break up with our family after asking for 100,000 yuan? If it's true, our family will borrow it immediately. Xiao Qianyu came out from behind village chief Li and came to Zhang Lanying, looking at her indifferently. At the thought of the past of this nominal grandmother, there was a burst of contempt in my heart. The eyes unconsciously become very interesting. It is really inhuman for a man to kill his husband and live with such a clear conscience. It doesn't make sense for such a person to reason with her. He was able to take her down. Of course, as long as your family takes out one hundred thousand yuan, I will immediately let the village head and the clan elders testify, so that our two families can completely break off relations. Zhang Lanying wanted such a result, which was said by Xiao Qianyu, and she did not refute it. What she urgently needs now is one hundred thousand, not to mention breaking off the relationship, even if Wang Ningning is killed, electronic board for classroom ,classroom interactive whiteboard, Du Xiaoyan is killed, as long as she is given one hundred thousand yuan, she can promise anything. Xiao Qianyu was about to nod, ready to send a message to let Rong Xuan's people send a hundred thousand yuan card, Xiao Donglai and Gu Zuozhi a worried face quietly pulled Xiao Qianyu's clothes. Milk treasure, even if we borrow, how can we borrow so much money for a while? Besides, even if we want to break off the relationship, we can't spend so much money in vain to make them cheaper. Dad won't agree to give them money. Xiao Donglai worried that he could not collect the money, not only could he not break the relationship, but he was finally taken out by Zhang Lanying to talk about things, which was even more endless. Dad, don't worry, I have a way to solve it. Leave the matter to me. Xiao Qianyu patted Xiao Donglai and Gu Zuozhi's hands and was about to send a text message. Why didn't you tell me something like this happened at home? If you need money, I have my brother. Chapter 257. 258 throw in the face. Kang Zixie was riding a tall purplish red horse, dressed in an army green riding suit, with a bright smile on his face as chiseled as a knife. He is like a knight coming from the dawn, or a character coming out of a cartoon. He is handsome, powerful, and free and easy, which makes people sink at a glance. Everyone's eyes were deeply attracted by him. No one could figure out that in their remote village, there would be such a person who was out of tune with here. Sister Xiaoyu, when did I come? Kang Zixie jumped down from the horse cleanly and neatly. Ignoring the sight of everyone falling on him, he went straight to Xiao Qianyu, putting his hands in his trousers pockets and looking at her with a smile.

    "Chiyu, is he your friend?" Duan Qing, who had been standing behind Xiao Qianyu, squeezed into Xiao Qianyu's side from behind, staring at Kang Zixie with a defensive face, as if to see through him. Duan Qing's question also expressed everyone's aspirations. Everyone can see that such a tall and charming boy is looking for Xiao Qianyu. Everyone only knows that Xiao Qianyu is in the third year of middle school in the city, and nothing else is clear. Suddenly ran out of a look or temperament are so outstanding boys to find Xiao Qianyu, many people will inevitably think more. Xiao Donglai and Gu Zuozhi looked at Kang Zixie silently and did not make a sound. Zhang Lanying is like looking at the goods, assessing what Kang Zixie is worth? Wang Ningning, who was struggling to get up on the ground, looked at Kang Zixie with a red heart in his eyes. However, when he saw that the man he was looking for was Xiao Qianyu, the light of jealousy in his eyes could not be concealed. You're investigating me? Xiao Qianyu narrowed his eyes slightly and said in a cold tone, "It's the second time. If there is a next time, don't blame me for being rude to you." I finally found her home. What exactly does he want to do? Sister Xiaoyu, are you angry with me? Kang Zixie changed his face faster than turning over a book, and became aggrieved in the blink of an eye. As if Xiao Qianyu had bullied him, he looked at her accusingly. You are a dead girl. Didn't you say you wanted to collect one hundred thousand yuan to break off the relationship? Don't think that if you find a gigolo as a backer, nothing will happen. Hurry up. It's too late. If anything happens to your uncle, I'll kill you. "Isn't it a hundred thousand?"? I'll pay for her. Kang Zixie saw that Xiao Qianyu did not give him a good look, and his heart was full of anger. Zhang Lanying suddenly bumped into the muzzle of his gun,touch screen board classroom, and the unhappiness in her heart found someone to vent. He took out a pen and a check from his body, brushed a few strokes, walked up to Zhang Lanying and threw it in her face. Here's the hundred thousand you want. Write a certificate of severance now! He would not be as patient with Zhang Lanying as he was with Xiao Qianyu.

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