Male and female queens of time travel

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  • Male and female queens of time travel

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    Male and female queens of time travel

    Ao Ao shook his head and gagged. Tell Dad that he doesn't want to see Ao Ao shake his head. "No, I like it." Qian Qing smiled and touched his head. "If you don't like someone, Dad will help you bully him." "Taifu." "Sikong?" Ao Ao nodded. "Be good, tell Daddy. Daddy likes to listen to Ao Ao." Ao Ao's small eyes are bright, and if you are more naughty, you will be like someone. It's true. "Yes." Qian Qing pushed his forehead and put him on his shoulder. Fu Hai was frightened to sway from side to side, fearing that the little ancestor would not play high-altitude games honestly. Too -- Fu -- very fierce -- always let Ao Ao -- endorse -- "Ao Ao reads more books so that he can be a virtuous emperor when he grows up!" Fu Hai was scared to look back and forth. His master spoke more and more regardless of the occasion, and he was afraid that others would not know how much he loved the little prince. No Ao Ao was even more unhappy: "I want to learn to sleep with my mother." Fu Hai was so frightened that he almost fainted: "Little Ancestor!"! Not everything can be said! "Little Lazy and arrogant," said Qianqing with an indifferent smile. He wants to encircle Ao Ao and Qian Qian under his eyelids, and whoever dares to move will punish his nine clans! Now he absolutely has the right to be a tyrant and the backing of the law. Ao Ao waved his little hand and said anxiously, "Qianqian is the laziest." She often did not go to school, but also dared to fight with the elder sister who bullied her in front of Taifu. Did she make Taifu angry again? The ghost was worried that others would not know that she was an overlord. Taifu-carried her to the gatekeeper-punished her to stand. Ao-not at all. Ao-very good. Qian Qing smiled helplessly: "Well, let's go to pick up the bad sister." ……“ Not good -- not good -- don't pick her up. "Why?" Infighting. Ao Ao turned down from Qian Qing's shoulder and looked at his father with an air. Fu Hai hurriedly accompanied him. "Qianqian said she was going to serve the empress to eat sweet cakes." Is it? Qianqing is thoughtful and habitually wants to hold his own baby. Ao Ao waved away his hand, raised the little boy's fist and said, "No, Ao Ao Da." Qian Qing rubbed his head and laughed at his little adult. Ao Ao holds Qianqing's hand,347 stainless steel, bathed in the sunshine, pink and tender, beautiful and lovely. (Fortunately, he doesn't look like his father-Qian Qingsi) "Daddy still wants to hug you." Don't feel empty. Hug-Qianqian-Ao Ao is a man's sweat. Qian Qing looked at the little man on the ground with a bitter face. The little man was cruel not to look at him. Give me a hug. Your sister is even more difficult to deal with, and she has not been allowed to hold her for a long time. I'm six years old. You can't hug him, or they'll laugh at him again. Sixteen years old,uns c68700, Dad wants to hug too. Ao Ao frowned and looked at him unhappily. Qianqing quickly surrendered and said, "No hug, no hug." Take the head office. "Daddy--let go of me." Dad is good at everything, but this problem is not good. Nope Ao Ao mouth glanced. Qianqing immediately let go: "Don't cry, don't cry, don't hug, don't embrace." Ao Ao glanced at his mouth and nodded. Qianqing sadly looked at the growing up more and more "hateful" guy, very unconvinced how can it grow so fast. …… Sikong stood on the desk, and none of the kids below dared to speak out. Of course, there were exceptions, that is, x60 line pipe ,x52 line pipe, the cross-eyed eyes of a child were shooting at the little face of an equivalent creature. Ao Ao sits at the end. He doesn't like to be close to his brothers and sisters because they laugh at his ridiculous speech. Without looking at the tadpoles below, Sikong stepped onto the platform, opened the book and spoke to himself: "We are talking about poetry today. Generally speaking, poetry can be divided into two categories: prose and verse.". The so-called "prose" refers to the style of sentences that do not rhyme, generally including historical biographies, notes, travel notes, argumentative essays and other types. The so-called "rhyme" refers to the style of rhyming sentences, generally including Fu, poetry, Ci and other types. For example, Cao Zhi's "Luoshen Fu" and Zuo Si's "Sandu Fu" are the representative works of "Fu". Poetry and Ci are the types to be explained in this section. First of all, talk about the classification of "poetry". The so-called "poem" refers to the verse with the same number of words or roughly the same number of words between each sentence.. " "Taifu." Qian Nanhui raised his hand. Sikong nodded.

    "Taifu," he said, "who are Cao Zhi and Zuo Si? What is Luo Shen Fu? His schoolwork is very good, other masters all praise him, only Sikong Taifu does not praise him, today he asks a question, Taifu will certainly praise him, be praised by Taifu, mother and concubine will be happy. Sikong took a glance at him, as if he had completed a great task, and continued: "Poetry can be divided into two categories.." There is no smile on Qiannanhui's face (poor little one is most afraid of being hit) But the one on the stage was obviously not very honest, and he still spoke to himself: "." One is called "ancient style poetry" and the other is called "modern style poetry". "Ancient style poetry", also known as "ancient style", this kind of poetry has no strict limit on the number of sentences, of course, generally even sentences, no strict rhythm requirements, rhymes can be flat or oblique, belonging to a relatively free type in form.. " Qian Nanhui could not describe the grievance in his heart. Was this a provocation to his position as a prince. Taifu ignored him and did not give a response. "Idiot," Qianqian whispered. This Taifu has a problem with his brain, and he still expects him to answer you. You might as well jump into the river. Who are you talking about? The boy who has no place to use his breath, immediately grab a punching bag to reduce the fire. I'm talking about you! What can you do with Princess Ben? Qianqian speaks very smoothly, probably because of quarreling. The other princes all put down their schoolwork and looked at them with great interest. They were afraid of people in Taifu's class. It was better to watch the quarrel. Why do you abuse this prince? A wild girl without boundaries dares to teach him a lesson! "It's not the princess who wants to, it's you who wants to scold!" "I didn't mess with you,x60 line pipe, little stammer!" You--! You stutter! She stopped stuttering long ago. Ao Ao looked at his sister worriedly and dared not go up to fight because he stammered and he was afraid that they would laugh because of him. …… Modern style poetry, also known as "metrical poetry", is a category that appeared after the Tang Dynasty.

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