Mercenary World _ Unspeakable Master _ txt Novel Paradise

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  • Mercenary World _ Unspeakable Master _ txt Novel Paradise

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    Mercenary World _ Unspeakable Master _ txt Novel Paradise

    "Well, you know what?"? Seeing you reminds me of your father in 2010, when he was really in his prime. Yi Su III's words were interrupted by Amy rudely: "Your Highness, if you have anything, just say it. I'm really busy now, as you can see." Amy said as she showed the list in the hands of Yi Su III, looking at the names written in the red pen, the muscles on Yi Su III's face jumped up nervously. Amy is really busy now. On his left hand side, there is a thick pile of lists written in red pen. On his right hand side, there is a list written in black pen with the same thickness. Every few minutes, someone will run up from the stage and bring him new records. May I see which lists? Yi Su III tried to discuss it. Your Highness, this is a trade secret. It's not very good. Can you mention something that has nothing to do with business? I will satisfy you. Amy smiled. Alas, I have a very good impression of your father. He is kind, honest, and has a typical chivalrous style. And you look very much like him. You and Daqingshan come to Xueyuan City. Daqingshan is the younger brother of Mr. Chi Hanfeng. I have been worried that Daqing Mountain has the style of a teacher, so yesterday I sent someone to watch Daqing Mountain. Although it was the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, the weather in Xueyuan City was still very cold, but Yi Su III's face kept sweating out. Oh, you say, you go on. Amy said politely. I couldn't sleep well last night until 4 o'clock in the morning when I called the general on duty. When I knew that Daqingshan had been sleeping in the house and you had disappeared, I felt.. You I'm going to do something. Yi Su III's face showed fear and thought. Then I finally know something. Can you tell me in detail? Yi Su III went around for a long time and finally came to the theme. You misunderstand. Yesterday I just went to the snowfield city to have a look. Amy smiled with a saintly smile. Is it? From 4:00 yesterday to 6:00 today, you visited two of the largest underground gambling houses. "Your Highness is so wise." Actually, I didn't do anything. I went to talk to Old Locke last night. By the way,silk olive tree, divide the booty of our fight against Yinfeng. Daqingshan and I have a total of 20,000 gold coins. Amy said easily. Is that all? Yi Su III squinted his eyes and refused to give in. Oh, I've been short of money recently, so I borrowed 10000 gold coins from him. "And then?" Yi Su III is pressing forward. Then I remembered, what if you hold such a big military parade without anyone watching? I noticed that there were many beggars in the street. They were so pitiful. I gave them 10 gold coins and 200 gold coins to the soldiers guarding the city. I asked them to open the gate and let the beggars go to the nearby countryside to publicize your celebration. "Then how did these newspapers come from the scene?" "Your Highness, do you want the evil Chi Hanfeng's own disciples to defeat the heroic Dragon Warrior?"? Of course, we couldn't watch the tragedy happen, so I came up with a solution-we had to overwhelm each other spiritually first, so we worked hard all night and wrote tens of thousands of words of leaks. "You sold these revealing books at a good price today." Yi Su III stared at Amy and said. Everybody get rich, everybody get rich, actually also general, 2 gold coins I printed 25000 copies, faux ficus tree ,outdoor palm trees, now has sold 17000, 10 gold coins, in order to let everyone have the feeling of hot, I only printed 7000 copies, now this sales is good, about 6000 copies, but I also invested a lot, printing spent 1000 gold coins. Amy said sadly. Have you earned it back now? If they are all sold out, your net profit will be 100,000 gold coins, right? Then why are you looking for those two underground gambling houses? Yes, why should I go? This is a very difficult question to answer. Amy kept pressing her temples with two thumbs, and Yi Su III stared at him. Actually Actually I felt that my ability was too poor, and I really had no manpower to organize this grand event, so I decided to ask professionals to help.

    ” "Oh, what's this in front of you?" Yi Su III pointed curiously. Amy was so nervous that she quickly suppressed it. "Hey, it's the bet made by the bettor." "Then why are there two stacks?" Yi Su III broke the casserole and asked to the end. Oh, this pile is, is the unified purchase of Bo Cai, buy 10 to 1, the minimum bet is 10 gold coins. Later, considering that some guests may not have so much money with them, they are also human beings, and they also have the right to make money. Is it right? So I opened a scattered dish mouth, in this dish mouth, I under 5000 gold coins, how to Bo all right, but also can buy Daqingshan win. But the people of your country seem to have confidence in their dragon knights. So far, no one has bought Daqingshan to win. Congratulations. "If you win, how much will it be?" "Alas, your Highness, there are always winners and losers in gambling." Amy sighed: "If I lose, even the money to buy the newspaper today, I will lose 100,000 gold coins. I regret it a little." Amy's face showed the application of regret. Yi Su III thought he had repented and turned over a new leaf. But: "I shouldn't have gambled so much. I should have left the money to sell the newspaper. At least give yourself a chance to recover. Of course, if you win, you will probably get rid of the cost of hiring people and increase it by nine times. This depends more on the new policy you announced. There is no personal income tax, otherwise you will lose money again. "Is it 900,outdoor ficus tree,000?" Yi Su III was worried as soon as he heard it. Your Highness is really clever. Amy's mouth was like honey. Do you know what our annual revenue is? It's only 1.5 million. Yi Su III has gone crazy and easily leaked his core business secrets. Amy, how about you declare this bet null and void? Otherwise, the people will have no food for the winter. 。

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