Mie Shen Ji _ Heart Dream Without Trace _ txt Novel Paradise

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  • Mie Shen Ji _ Heart Dream Without Trace _ txt Novel Paradise

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    Mie Shen Ji _ Heart Dream Without Trace _ txt Novel Paradise

    With joy a smile appeared on Xiaohua's face Later Xiaohua was calm and began to think about the reason and soon he thought of the monster in the lake Suddenly understand the source of the power in the body Looking back Xiaohua took a look at the green shadow and found that it had been in hot pursuit and the speed was getting faster and faster and soon caught up with himself I feel powerless to get rid of it Xiaohua is a little angry analyzing the gap between himself and it and finds that his strength has increased greatly at the moment and he has a chance to fight But this green shadow is a monster in addition to strength Will there be any witchcraft unknown to you For the sake of caution Xiaohua did not act rashly and still ran with all his strength But soon after Xiaohua was surprised to find that the green shadow behind him had turned into an eagle whose speed was so fast that it pulled the distance between them to within five feet in just a moment In this regard Xiaohua quickly landed holding Zhao Yurong flying close to the ground using trees to hinder the enemy behind him Xiaohua's action in fact was very wise but to his surprise after the eagle landed it turned into a light leopard with its flexible and fast posture blocking his way in a twinkling of an eye Looking at the light leopard in front of him Xiaohua held Zhao Yurong in one hand and held the sword tightly in the other "What do you want to do" He said in a deep voice With a flash of green light the light leopard covered his body and said in a deep voice "Put down the man in your arms The Food & Beverage king will let you go" Xiao Hua narrowed his eyes and asked "What on earth are you Why do you call yourself Ben" "Don't ask too many questions" said the Green Shadow "This is your only chance If you don't let him go you'll die" As soon as the word "death" fell the green shadow circled the body and a strange breath attacked Xiaohua's body With a roar Xiaohua quickly dodged waving his sword in his hand dividing the sharp sword into nine parts forming a fan-shaped defensive sword curtain hindering the pursuit of the green shadow Due to the great increase in strength Xiaohua's offensive at the moment was astonishing and the green shadow was shaken back as soon as the sword came out In this regard the green shadow is somewhat angry roaring in the mouth flashing body interlaced forming a green ball of light outside Xiaohua while rapidly shrinking while looking for his defensive flaws launching a fierce attack Aware of the pressure outside the body Xiaohua hurriedly increased the intensity of defense while brandishing a sword to fight back while thinking about the countermeasures Before that when there was no fight Xiaohua still had some confidence but now after the fight Xiaohua found that although his strength was not weak but there was no corresponding sword formula to cooperate he was not the enemy of the monster at all Understanding this Xiaohua was thinking about how to retreat when the terrible pressure outside his body suddenly shattered his defense and bounced him out With a scream Xiaohua was seriously injured immediately Before he fell to the ground the green shadow came like a shadow and rolled up his body As the breath of death approached Xiaohua was so angry that he fought back in a frenzy Unfortunately it was of no help at all The green shadow was like a dress which was forced on him devouring his flesh and blood and pushing him into a desperate situation step by step Screams in the night leisurely far away this moment Xiaohua facing death the heart is despondent China Manufacturers  but faintly feel the arms of Zhao Yurong seems to be waking up With a sad smile Xiaohua felt sorry for her Silent death in fact is much less sad than when awake It's just a pity Suddenly the green shadow exclaimed as if struck by lightning instantly shook off the body of Xiaohua shocked back out of several Zhangs eyes angrily looking at Xiaohua Xiaohua who landed was a little puzzled but he had no time to think about it and immediately turned around and fled to the distance The green shadow hesitated for a moment and then ran after him Early in the morning the birds in the mountains sing sweetly Holding Zhao Yurong in his arms Xiaohua fled hundreds of miles in one night without shaking off the green shadow which made him full of worries Before in the process of escaping Xiaohua had already understood one thing that is the reason why the green shadow threw himself away was probably that he touched the strange sword in his arms and was frightened by its strange spirit In this way he could fight with the strange sword but Xiaohua was afraid that he would be controlled by the strange sword so he hesitated Withdrawing thoughts Xiaohua felt Zhao Yurong move hurriedly looked down at her Soon the beautiful girl opened her eyes a pair of clear and pure eyes showing a bit of confusion and shy color
    Looking away Xiaohua felt a little hot on his face He quickly calmed down and asked "Are you awake Are you all right" Zhao Yurong looked around and whispered "I'm all right Who are you" Why Xiaohua looked back at the green shadow and found that it Apparel suddenly quickened its speed He hurried to run with all his strength and explained "My name is Xiaohua Two days ago I was staying on your boat with Elder Martial Brother Tieshan Younger Martial Brother Xiaogui and Younger Martial Sister Lianxin I learned about you" Last night your father found a silver eel We helped him As a result the boat was overturned I fell into the water with you and was swept into the bottom of the lake by a huge silver eel Later I killed the monster and gave you its blood When I surfaced I found that many masters were coming for you and took you away Who would have thought that I would be entangled by the monster behind me and chase you all the way Zhao Yurong was at a loss and asked "Why are those people coming at me" Xiaohua shook his head and said "I don't know I just know that there is a powerful force in your body I don't know where it comes from" Think about it Did you eat something before you got sick Zhao Yurong frowned slightly and said in a low voice "Many days ago I found an emerald green fruit in the river It gave off a faint fragrance I wanted to pick it up in a moment of curiosity but I accidentally fell into the river When I opened my mouth and exhaled I didn't want to swallow the fruit" "You are really lucky" said Xiaohua "The fruit must be a treasure of heaven and earth It will change your life" Zhao Yurong did not understand what he meant and asked "Treasures of Heaven and Earth" What do you mean Where are my father and uncle Why aren't they with us "I don't know" said Xiaohua "When I brought you to the surface they were gone If we hadn't left we would have died there Now we are just as dangerous Then she turned slightly sideways so that she could see the green shadow behind her [ (M) No popup reading] [] ~ Novel Txt Tian Tang trade-global.com

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