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    Mobile Storm

    "I want you to carve a mark on me!" Zhao Tiantian's idea is quite crazy. Li Feng secretly breathed a sigh of relief, not bad, not bad. If she really wants to.. Khan, why did you think wrong first? That's all right Li Feng readily agreed. Okay, let's start now. Said Zhao Tiantian pocket out of the electric needle, may be on the spacecraft, I really do not know where Zhao Tiantian turned out. In fact, she also accidentally saw this to come up with the attention, so forced Li Feng, Zhao Tiantian also do not want to, but this is the only chance. Just carve a mark, I don't think there will be any problem, Li Feng thought. Carve what? "Two words, Feng." Female " Zhao Tiantian said word by word, Li Fengqiang is calm, in the face of such beauty, he can not speak more, otherwise he will show panic, that is even more finished. Well, where is it carved? Li Feng wants to carve it on his arm or back at most, and then carve it a little smaller and try to hide it a little. Here Li Feng was dumbfounded at that time. Cough, can you change a place, here. Not so good, is it? "Or here, choose one or the other!" Zhao Tiantian's eyes are full of "threats". This kind of thing that threatens others with his own life is really not much. For another person, he would rather reduce his life for ten years to replace Li Feng. Chest Forget it,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, and it's too easy to expose there, buttocks. I'm afraid this is a choice that can't be chosen. Anyway, Li Feng is ready to "die" and is fascinated. In the evening, Angel is still here. "It's all right. Angel is looking at the star map. I said I had something to discuss with you." Obviously, Zhao Tiantian is ready. Li Feng really didn't know what to do. He had seen others play with this kind of electric needle. It was popular for a while in junior high school, but it was hard to get rid of it. Li Feng was not interested. At that time, he was addicted to his general dream and exercised himself all day. Zhao Tiantian took Li Feng's hand and they came to the sports blanket. "Don't regret it!" Li Feng stood there foolishly, Zhao Tiantian was impulsive just now, and she didn't think so much, but if she really wanted to strip off her buttocks in front of a man,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, it was a bit. Even if the heart is again willing, the girl's reserve is still there. As soon as he gritted his teeth, Zhao Tiantian threw caution to the wind and died. What else could he not show him? Even if Li Feng wanted her immediately, she would not resist. Short skirts fell to the ground, clothes fell to the ground one by one, Zhao Tiantian's own hands were shaking, time seemed to pass very slowly, but the process was completed, Li Feng flashed a trace of impulse to rush out, but afraid that this would stimulate Zhao Tiantian even more, with her current state of mind, God knows what she would do, if she really died here, not only wronged, Li Feng jumped into the Milky Way can not be washed. Just this hesitation, Zhao Tiantian has been completed, the figure is already tall, when she slowly lie down, brushless gear motor ,gear reduction motor, slender legs with the waist to form a curve, enough to make any man explode, there is a faint fragrance on the body, obviously just took a bath. Zhao Tiantian looked back at Li Feng and did not speak again, but this look also told Li Feng that she had done this step, if Li Feng ignored it again, it would be tantamount to pushing her to a dead end. Li Feng slowly squatted down, a little unable to hold the electric needle, when the hand slowly touched the skin of the buttocks, Li Feng's hand suddenly trembled, Zhao Tiantian's body is the same, a sudden contraction, such a visual impact, enough to make people explode. Chapter 464 of the main text. Li Feng in the heart chagrin, oneself this is the peach blossom luck or the peach blossom evil spirit, just resisted Anji son, now changes Zhao Tiantian, God is really kind to him. Why don't you just be honest and go back to ancient times and have a good time with polygamy and torture people alive. Li Feng swallowed his saliva carefully, but the sound was still clear in the closed gravity chamber. He was really a little hot. I don't know whether it was the sweat of exercise or the sweat of nervousness just now, but Li Feng had not been so nervous for a long time.

    Zhao big beauty's buttocks are very beautiful, very warped, very delicate, the key is to match the peerless legs, the arc really makes people have the impulse to touch, and Li Feng can not help groping up, the more so, the devil in his heart is gradually growing, Zhao Tiantian was touched by Li Feng a little obsessed, intermittent moans, may be the shame of the heart, buttocks subconsciously swing a few times. This almost ignited Li Feng, but it also woke him up. Good people do to the end, at least first, the electric needle gently hit Zhao Tiantian's delicate buttocks, tingling, buttocks can not help a contraction, two people's breathing intense and rapid, but soon Tiantian held back, she must hold on, no matter how painful it is. This kind of tattoo is usually on the arm or back, and the skin of the buttocks is much more sensitive. The whole process took more than half an hour to complete. In fact, if the normal state of mind was engraved on the arm, it would be done in ten minutes, but in this environment, time has little meaning. When the last stroke is done. Li Feng was soaked to the skin. He couldn't look any more. He had no time to appreciate the perfect art. Li Feng rushed out in one breath. Crazy, crazy, what have you done! In the gravity cabin, Zhao Tiantian lay quietly, although her body was very painful, but her heart seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, and her eyes returned to calm. Li Feng. You can't get away this time! The perfect body lay quietly, she needed to recover for a while before she could move, but Zhao Tiantian admired Li Feng even more. Women are very strange creatures. If Li Feng possessed her at this time, maybe one day she would regret it, or even if Li Feng saved her life, the feeling of infatuation would be gone. But at this time, he could hold back. Not to say how firm Li Feng's will is,Vending Machine Motor, Tiantian can feel how impulsive Li Feng is, obviously Tang Ling's influence is still big enough. She is not the only one who envies Tang Ling. A slight movement is a sharp pain in the buttocks, but it's really better.

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