Nucleic Acid Extraction Grinder Easy Fine Grinding of Tissue Samples _ Samples

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  • Nucleic Acid Extraction Grinder Easy Fine Grinding of Tissue Samples _ Samples

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    Nucleic Acid Extraction Grinder Easy Fine Grinding of Tissue Samples _ Samples

    Original Title: Nucleic Acid Extraction Grinder Easily Realizes Fine Grinding of Tissue Samples Nucleic acid extraction grinder is a powerful laboratory instrument and equipment, which is a common tool for laboratory sample preparation. Not only can be used for nucleic acid extraction and biological tissue cracking, but also can be used for RNA grinding extraction, protein grinding extraction, tissue grinding and the like. It is controlled by stepless speed regulation system, which can easily adjust the grinding speed suitable for grinding various parts. A super flexible, super fast and super efficient multifunctional biological sample homogenizer integrating grinding, cracking and homogenization. Crushing, mixing, homogenizing, cell breaking and the like of a sample are realized through the reciprocating vibration of the tungsten carbide small balls or the stainless steel small balls in the sample tube, cbd centrifugal extractor ,jacketed glass reactor, so that rapid crushing and homogenization treatment can be carried out on hard, soft, elastic and other samples, and the requirements of a physical and chemical analysis laboratory are met; and grinding tanks with different volumes and different materials are configured, so that dry grinding, wet grinding and freezing grinding can be carried out, Cell disruption and DNA/RNA extraction may also be performed. The highlight of the grinding instrument is that it can be operated conveniently and safely to a greater extent. Due to the integrated motor switch, the instrument can only be started when the cover is closed. Exclusive system for easy and secure fastening of grinding pots up to 100ml in volume. Grinder A step of grinding by a grinder for nucleic acid extraction 1. Tissue samples are first dispensed into suitable centrifuge tubes. 。 2. An appropriate amount of lysis medium was adde to that centrifuge tube. 3. Then tighten the cover centrifugally. ? Insert this into the freezer adapter. 4. Use a special adapter clamp ? Place the entire frozen adapter in liquid nitrogen for 3-15 minutes. 5. Reuse special adapter clamp ? Take out the freezing adapter as a whole, place it on the grinder, and tighten the fixing handle. 6. Set Grinding Speed and Time ? Start the grinder 7. Finally, after the grinder stops, ? Remove the freezer adapter and remove the centrifuge tube. Precautions before using the nucleic acid extraction grinder: 1. The matching LW kit can be used to extract DNA/RNA protein from samples quickly, efficiently, stably and in batches. Expand the full text 2. 1Hz = 30 rpm/,jacketed glass reactor, 1Hz = 100RPM 3. . Conventional adapters can be placed in the refrigerator to give the sample a cool environment while working. 。 It can be equipped with a refrigeration adapter, which can be immersed in liquid nitrogen for more than 30 minutes. 4. The noise emission value for the working environment depends on the type of sample and the setting of the grinder. The parameters in the table are in no-load state. 5. . Usually used for Small samples of DNA and RNA isolation can be prepared in disposable centrifuge tubes. Adapters available in Teflon ? Hold 5 or 10 disposable sample tubes for cell disruption. Cell tissue is rapidly and efficiently disrupted in a very short time in a multiple sample tissue mill ? No additional cryogenic cooling is required. Grinder Nucleic Acid Extraction Grinder Content Source: Guangzhou Boqi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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