Oasis and Glacier (Half Campus Sweetheart Sweet Text)

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  • Oasis and Glacier (Half Campus Sweetheart Sweet Text)

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    Oasis and Glacier (Half Campus Sweetheart Sweet Text)

    "Oh." He listened to her pale explanation. "So you just let him hook up with you naturally?" "We are chatting normally." Xia Chuan pointed to the chat record to show him, please, not more than three sentences. Doubtful, Su Yuezhou looked at the particularly obtrusive sentence on the screen, frowned, raised his chin and pointed: "Why don't you go back?"? People are in a hurry. The word just says, the other side sent again: "Be in?" The air pressure in front of the computer was a little low, and both of them looked at the screen at the same time. Xia Chuan wants to say you stand here how I return, not to mention she does not know how to return at all. As soon as she put her fingers on the keyboard, she retreated, and when the person who had been standing aside saw her, she said with a smile, "affectation, I don't know how to make a good impression,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, right?" Xia Chuan glared at him, his heart blocked with anger. Su Yuezhou sees her suffocate, just had a bit carefree, interrogate her: "Like him?" Xia Chuan shook his head intently. Su Yuezhou nodded and asked, "Don't you want to refuse?" Xia Chuan was restless,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, with a trace of unnaturalness on his face. He said awkwardly, "You're getting the wrong idea. He didn't say anything." "Do you know how to go on talking?" He then asked. ……” Xia Chuan could not bear it any more. "You are so annoying." Su Yuezhou's expression brightened: "Yes, just send this sentence." Xia Chuan: "… …" Time passed quietly for half a minute. Standing beside such a big Buddha, Xia Chuan had no mind to chat any more, and planned to turn off the computer directly. Wait Su Yuezhou stopped her hand from moving the mouse and made a discussion, "I'll help you back, so you won't lose face." Xia Chuan was still referring to the truth of his words, but she was already half sitting on the armrest of her chair, typing a string of words on the computer with both hands and returning to the past. Sorry, it's not me. Xia Chuan read, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Quillaja Saponin, feel a little far-fetched, after all, just now she has returned a "um.". Sure enough, the other party quickly came back: "Weren't you before?" "No." The fast hand made another call. And you are? Xia Chuan glanced at Su Yuezhou and wanted to say that he didn't know how to lie, but he didn't even blink his eyes, and his hands still kept making a line. "I'm the representative of the chemistry class next to her. What can I do for you?" The author has something to say: Natsukawa: I want to kill the chemistry class representative in the next class. Su Yuezhou: You can't do it. Xia Chuan: My peach blossom … Su Yuezhou: When spring comes, I will accompany you to pick it. Natsukawa: Can the dwarf pick it? Su Yuezhou: Come to bed if you dare. Let's compare your height. —————— I would like to ask if there is any benefit of collecting comments during the Spring Festival. If there is, pick a zodiac auspicious day double more return. Chapter 23 Xia Chuan has not had time to read that sentence completely, the message has been sent successfully. The account on the opposite side of the network was silent for a while and sent a query: "Are you on her account?" The representative of the chemistry class went back and said, "Don't you give it to me?" Xia Chuan: "… …" It always sounds like something's wrong. Do you have any privacy after you *** her? Li Yang seems to be a master who will not give up, but this is the voice of Xia Chuan. There's no privacy anymore. The old man who occupied her computer typed very fast, and the words had already come out before his hand stopped. His hand paused and then typed again: "Listen to your tone, you met her today.." Xia Chuan looked very speechless in the back, she probably believed him by mistake, thought that the representative proof just released was enough, did not expect him to chat with interest, when she was dead next to it? "That.." You're almost done. I didn't want to talk much. She pushed the man in front of her and did not move. Su Yuezhou suddenly turned around and said to her, "Are you familiar with Li Yang?"? I won't let him back out now. Maybe in a few days he will appear outside the school, waiting to meet the chemistry representative of the class next to yours.

    ” Xia Chuan: "… …" No matter how much trouble it is, isn't it caused by you? It's none of my business to be blind. Well, for the time being, Xia Chuan stared at the computer screen and declared that any message would have to be verified by her eyes before it could be released. Two people silently and tacitly wait for each other's reply, as if to meet the arrival of trouble, and then together pondering how to resolve. During this period, she quietly looked at the back of Su Yuezhou, thought for a long time and asked: "How did the chemistry class representative of your class do in this exam?" “……” Su Yuezhou was playing with the mouse to see the screen, heard this action stopped, side head raised eyebrows to look back at her, that appearance seems to press on his body's tentacles. Then I heard him say, "I'll tell you anything you want to know." Xia Chuan was a little choked by her own saliva. She explained clearly: "Well, I just want to know which one is more powerful than the representative of this chemistry class." Her expression was very serious and her questions were very sincere, as if a student with a high thirst for knowledge had fallen in love with riddles and continued to communicate with her in an obscure way. This time it was a coercive rhetorical question: "Do you think if you ask this question, the chemistry class representative of our class will be kind to the chemistry class representative of your class?" Xia Chuan was so thirsty in an instant that she couldn't even choke her saliva. Her heart said,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, "I admit defeat. I'm convinced by your uncle.". But before she could get away with it, she heard someone grab her short board and taunt her: "I only know that the math class representative in our class is not worth mentioning compared with the one in the next class." “……” Xia Chuan's heart is simply ten thousand horses galloping. At that moment, a message came from the computer screen. The two people who were attracted by the eyes looked at the same time. Li Yang's reply was very honest: "We just met today. She is my classmate's sister. But your chemistry class representative is very broad. His brother is not as idle as you." "I can't help it. I have to do something when I'm here." "What if I tell her brother about your behavior?" 。 pioneer-biotech.com

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