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  • One of the most powerful

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    One of the most powerful

    One of the most powerful class cannons found in Wrath of Lich King our Warlocks destruction Warlocks can do some of the craziest burst damage in the entire game, with instant cash out in the form of Flint Chaos bolt that goes through absorption effects, and then Con flags that transform into New World Gold shadow burn. Unfortunately for Warlocks they are extremely squishy particularly when it comes to melee DPS. If you've watched on the beta currently, a rogue can literally to shoot a warlock between 100 to zero using two ambushes.

    Warlocks are extremely powerful from the start of the expansion to the conclusion of the expansion however, they require gear to maintain some of that resilience and some extra health, or they require healing or a healer to help with afflictions. Warlocks are extremely strong as well, I'm not convinced they've their place in season 1 They need speed. They require a lot of the things that come from the later seasons.

    In fact, I believe they are able to be more than destruction during the final phase of the expansion. Dhemaji Warlocks can also be pretty good. They're not quite there yet, but they get very interesting spells, such as metamorphosis and if played correctly they're able to do exceptionally well with tools, one of the ones one of my top favorite things about wrath and Warlock, besides the fact that they get demonic port is they have a dream-soul that they can use.

    If you train saw the target when they're at or below 25% health, it'll do four times the normal amount of damage. It is insane because even if the target recovers fully health-wise, the target is still going to New World Coins cause more than four times the damage for the remainder of the casting. If you don't get knocked off the train, it's almost unhireable damage. I've seen traded ticks for 6k plus.

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