Other World Players _ 20200215155410.

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  • Other World Players _ 20200215155410.

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    Other World Players _ 20200215155410.

    In front of the real strong enemy, Tianhe mainland only Yang Haoxuan a person can have the ability to stand out, such a gap, making him occupy an important position in the hearts of many people. Nowadays, a fierce battle can happen at any time, and everyone is waiting to see. Roar! Yang Haoxuan long roar, now strong strength, making him often unable to control their emotions, want to vent, immediately open the celestial descent and so on the auxiliary magic. Because of the level increase, the cooldown of the skill recedes directly. The condition opens completely, Yang Haoxuan's strength, soars once more to one kind of inconceivable situation. As for the thunder wing lightning knife, Yang Haoxuan grasps in the hand, at the moment the lightning knife already is the unique article, has ten thousand thunder and lightning only essence, the power is infinite, just uses in Jinxian's struggle. Suddenly, a thousand hands around him hit Yang Haoxuan. It's a direct call, no tricks. But Yang Haoxuan knew it was awesome. That white-eyed palm, waiting for Yang Haoxuan to resist, red-eyed palm does not need any tricks, under a palm, can collapse, black-eyed palm, can see all flaws, waiting for a fatal blow. Yang Haoxuan knew that if he was hit by all the palms, he would die even if the appearance of Jiulong Buddha was so fierce. So he threw the lightning knife into the sky. After the thunder wing lightning knife flew into the air, it was like the hammer of Thor in the hands of Thor, sending out countless thunder and lightning to fall down, hitting thousands of Buddha's hands and exploding one after another. If the thunder wing lightning knife is still before the middle grade,Marble Projects, I'm afraid it can't hurt a thousand Buddha's hands at the moment. Now it is different, thousands of Buddha's hands, stop the offensive, all become clenched fists, obviously to protect the ghost eye. Yang Haoxuan will not sit here and wait for death, toward the Buddha to kill, but do not want to, immediately there is Buddha's hand in the open attack. The five fingers of the black-eyed Buddha's hand are even more flexible than human beings. One by one, it seems that the human masters are shaking their fists, and the fists contain the breath of fear. But the red-eyed bergamot is the appropriate play the formidable incomparable supernatural power immortal skill, even has the immortal skill which Yang Haoxuan has seen. Each Buddha hand,Agate Slabs For Sale, like a Jinxian, Yang Haoxuan at the same time hundreds of Jinxian attack, this degree of attack, people dare not think. However, Yang Haoxuan is still able to fight back in these Buddha's hands, Jiulong Buddha protects himself, Jiulong Shenlong is also a fierce attack on Buddha's hands, thunder wing lightning knife in the sky to block. And Yang Haoxuan himself, also in the display of his own proud magic, in an attempt to knock down the ghost eye in the middle of the Buddha's hand. Awesome, really awesome, such a fierce battle, even at the beginning of the war, the demon Zun with the strength of one person against the whole Zhengdao school is not as wonderful as this, this Yang Haoxuan's growth rate is really fast, it is too fast, from his fame to now, there is no hundred years of time, there are such achievements, this person, and the demon Zun can be compared! With the help of Juexin, Agate Slabs Countertops ,Agate Stone Price, Juetian watched Yang Haoxuan fight and was amazed again and again. Juetian and the witch smile and so on some of the younger generation, looking at the field, the face is extremely shocked, especially the witch smile, once she, but forced Yang Haoxuan almost died, but now, someone else a finger can destroy her! The nine masters of the Nine Veins of the Demon Way suddenly began to deliberate and gathered together. In addition to Juetian and Ruan Peiyan, there are also the King of Hell in the Ten Temples, the Yin and Yang Monster, the Lord of the Demon Temple, the White Bone Demon God, the Godless King, the Impossible and the Wutian. They used to be subordinates of Demon Zun, and when Demon Zun fell, they naturally refused to obey each other. Recently, the relationship between them has improved a lot through extreme means, but who will be the new demon has always been a topic of debate. But with the rise of Yang Haoxuan, the common people of the matter, they know that this matter must be grasped, especially now the battle, let them realize the crisis. The other side of the right path, but a face of yearning, did not think much about what, but lamented that the inheritance of the fairy world is different. Hand of great mercy! Suddenly, in the battlefield, burst out a thousand eyes Buddha roar, the original is Yang Haoxuan in a thousand hands, not to show the wind, but with all kinds of magic and cards almost to the ghost eye of Buddha hand down. So he performed a magic skill, which seemed to be very good.

    Yang Haoxuan is also glad, if he did not get the nine-turn dragon sarira, the strength of the thousand-eyed Buddha, I am afraid that Yunxia Xianzun plus Juetian can not be defeated. Immediately after that, Yang Haoxuan saw that thousands of Buddha's hands, all of them quickly merged into one, turned into a Buddha's hand, and above this Buddha's hand, all the ghost eyes were dense on it. It became what Yang Haoxuan had seen for the first time. Then, this disgusting Buddha's hand hit fiercely! Great mercy and great compassion, and did not see anything strange. But the power of the palm itself, has been taken into account, Yang Haoxuan thought for a while, and then a punch with all the strength and nine dragons also hit. Boom! The power of the two Jinxian, after the collision of fists and palms, after shaking the whole space, disappeared. However, Yang Haoxuan's face changed, and the whole person seemed powerless to kneel on the ground. Ha ha ha, the Great Mercy Palm is intended to lay down the butcher's knife and become a Buddha. Those who touch the palm will lose all their immortal power! Now, you let me refine it! Chapter 451 sixty-four. It turns out that the so-called great mercy palm of the thousand-eyed Buddha contains the universe. Those who fall into the trap will lose all their immortal power. What is the most important thing in the battle? Not a magic weapon, nor elixir, but a continuous immortal power support, once the immortal power is exhausted, it means that this person has been defeated. Yang Haoxuan as a body cultivator, immortal power is strong, but was hit by this palm, the whole body immortal power instantly passed away, without any attack is kneeling on the ground. The appearance of Jiulong Buddha, including all kinds of auxiliary States, also recedes automatically. The scenery in front of us is a flower, and the eyes of three flowers disappear. Yang Haoxuan entire person, the strength instantaneous disappears. This also shows the power of this great mercy palm. Onlookers Tianhe mainland monks, regardless of the devil, see this scene, the heart is mentioned to the throat,Calacatta Quartz Slab, now Yang Haoxuan is on behalf of their Tianhe mainland battle, and lost, is not a face problem. forustone.com

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