Peak of reincarnation

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  • Peak of reincarnation

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    Peak of reincarnation

    Xu really joined, let Chu Xiang breathe a sigh of relief, the heart must be, the hands are naturally stable. The light of the sword whistled, the shadow of the stick was dense, and the whores at the door of the brothel were naturally screaming and running back, but the drinkers and dancers upstairs were all around the window, cheering again and again. "Wind and thunder," Chu Xiang gave a low drink, and the sword in his hand flew again and again, while the other hand secretly gathered strength and carried the power of the broken soul palm. The air grinds with bursts of thunder, bringing up more than a dozen sword shadows in an instant, like a storm rushing to Wujie. At the same time, Xu Zhen is also a "Wei Tuo Xian pestle" to hit Wujie on the shoulder. Wu Jie had no choice but to carry the four directions of Pudu in the arhat stick method, and swing the iron stick in his hand into a top to protect his whole body. There was another crisp sound of gold and iron, accompanied by sparks splashing. Just as Wujie blocked all the attacks and changed "Pudu Sifang" into "Sweeping Liuhe" with the intention of forcing the two men to open, Chu Xiang, who saw that the sword had been exhausted, kicked again and cut into the scope of Wujie's stick, with his left hand rising and splitting. There was a slight radian on Wujie's mouth, which seemed to be somewhat sarcastic, and his left hand also carried "Wei Tuo Palm" to block it. If the skill is deep, Chu Xiang naturally flatters also cannot catch up with the other side,S Adenosyl Methionine, so in the imagination of Wujie, this boy will certainly be hit by his own palm is to vomit blood and throw away, but a lot of things are not imaginary. Poof! A mouthful of blood soared into the sky, but it was not Chu Xiang who vomited blood, but Wujie, who was five big and three thick. He took three steps back in a row before he looked at the teenager in shock. Broken Soul Palm! Boy, who are you, Xuan Mingzi? With a stick, Wujie gasped and asked. What's it to you? Chu Xiang answered coldly,Glucono Delta Lactone, but he was secretly breathing with a churning breath. This fellow's skill was really deep, and he was several chips higher than himself. I'm afraid he's not under the thorns. Had it not been for the fact that the other side underestimated the enemy and was even more sinister and overbearing, I'm afraid it would have been my turn to vomit blood. Even so, at the moment, he was still stuffy in the chest and suffered some serious internal injuries. The more arrogant Chu Xiang was, the more Wujie felt like the horrible devil in his memory. Weakness comes in waves, but it is the insidious inner strength of the broken soul palm that begins to slowly erode the meridians in the body, and without precepts, he can't help thinking of retreating. Seeing this, Xu Zhen's figure flashed and blocked Wujie's retreat. Martial Uncle, come back to Shaolin with me. There was a jackal in the front and a tiger in the back. At the thought of the tragic ending after he was captured and returned to Shaolin, Wujie gradually became determined to die. You should know that although the Shaolin Temple claims to be merciful and generous to outsiders, the abolition of martial arts is the lightest punishment for those disciples who violate the precepts, especially those who commit all kinds of crimes without precepts. If a person who practices martial arts has no kung fu, he might as well die. Hum, boy, L Methylfolate Factory ,Theobromine Powder, you forced me to do this. Don't think that you can be lawless if you are protected by Xuanmingzi. And you little bald donkey, you want to catch me back to destroy my martial arts, so that my life is worse than death, even if I fight to die, I will destroy you first! Wu Jie's whole body shook, and several blood springs burst out all over his body, but he hurt his own meridians and forced the alien True Qi out of his body. Roar! Wujie looked up to the sky with a roar, and the meridians on his body burst again and again, spilling blood on the rainbow, as if he were possessed. The whistling sound turned into a circle of golden ripples visible to the naked eye and spread around, reaching twenty feet away. Lion Roaring Skill, one of the 72 unique skills of Shaolin! "Ah-" I saw the ripples passed, and there was a scream all around. The onlookers who were a little closer within fifteen feet were all bleeding from seven holes, foaming at the mouth and falling to the ground twitching. Seeing that they were not alive, even those who were a little farther away covered their ears and fell to the ground, humming and rolling in pain. Be the first to bear the brunt, Chu Xiangxuzhen is vomiting blood upside down, desperately back, this is still relying on internal strength to protect the body, otherwise those lying on the ground are examples. The whistling stops and the ripples end. The only thing left in the field was Wujie, who was bleeding profusely but still standing with his eyes open in anger. Ten feet away, Chu Xiang knelt on one knee, leaning on the sword, panting in horror, and at that moment he even felt the threat of death. Madman! Madman! Chu Xiang trembled and muttered to himself, really do not understand why someone would be so crazy, even for a fight can not even their own lives. Just a task, just back to the school to accept punishment, good death is better than live, Chu Xiang really do not understand.

    Looking at the monk who had to open his eyes and stand without bowing his head, I deeply reflected this scene in my mind. While I was frightened and angry, I quietly thought in my heart that maybe this is the real man! It was not until this moment that Chu Xiang clearly realized that this was a reincarnation space and a real world. Not a game, nor only the protagonist or the villain BOSS has blood, the little people also have their own persistence and dignity! "Ah!" Not far away, a shrill scream broke through the air, but it was Xu Zhen who saw the innocent dead and wounded around him and roared out sadly! I am merciful, but why do so many people die because of me! And spurted a mouthful of blood, half kneeling Xu Zhen fell to the ground, life and death do not know. "Ding, the reincarnator completes the task" Shaolin Rebel Monk "and gains 100 points." The main God's prompt came late, but at the moment Chu Xiang was not happy at all, and all he could think about was the crazy monk who roared up to the sky. Even life can be given up, then what is the desire!? The eleventh chapter is healing. Chu Xiang carried Xu Zhen on his back and came to the ruined temple outside the city. As for Wu Jie, he didn't pay any attention to it. Since he would rather die than stand, that is what he wants. For Wujie this person, put aside the last almost dragged himself into hell of resentment, Chu Xiang is some admiration. As for the dead and wounded passers-by a, B and C, there was no pity in their hearts. A bunch of chickens and dogs are dead when they die. People always have to do something different to prove themselves, or have great strength or unlimited potential, or have the courage to die like Wujie. If you are good for nothing and live like pigs and dogs, you might as well die. Unconsciously,Kava Root Extract, there was a subtle change in Chu Xiang's heart. After taking "Xingqi San", he began to exercise and regulate breath. As for Xu Zhen, he was still in a coma.

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