Perfect World (1)

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  • Perfect World (1)

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    Perfect World (1)

    At this time, a snow-white unicorn next to the Taiyin Jade Rabbit suddenly sent out a terrible blood gas, which shocked many people. This is also the offspring of the ten evils. Thirty years have passed and they have grown up! "It's a little interesting, but I'm sorry, everyone. We must take it away. But please rest assured that we won't hurt her for the time being. Just wait for the fat Taoist priest to come and apologize." At this moment, a cold voice came, a blurred figure emerged, gradually clear, a gray hair, eyes such as golden lamps, breath terror. Around him, the void cracked, and he stood there, making heaven and earth tremble. Wang Wu! Some people were surprised to recognize his identity, and did not expect the man to be there in person. You Wangs are acting too unscrupulously. This is a gathering of peers. How can you take people at will?! The fairy of the Butian Sect scolded lightly. Many people were surprised and angry, and people who had friendship with Shi Hao and Taiyin Yutu all raised their eyes. Wang Jia is too overbearing, even if Wang Changsheng really became the first person in the Supreme, but the clan acts like this is too publicized, barbaric and extremely powerful. Some people speculate that this is because the Wangs are going to enter the realm of immortals, backed by the ancient religion of immortals, so they are more and more arrogant. Ha ha, my elder brother was attacked,Steel racking system, now life and death do not know, now I take down a person related to the murderer, what can I do, who wants to block each other? Wang Wu said lightly. The identity of the nine dragons of the royal family is transcendent, far beyond the ordinary monks in the realm of escape. Several of them can be regarded as quasi-supreme, and their strength is boundless. He has the courage to say such a thing because he is Wang Changsheng's parent and child. Really? You are so arrogant. Suddenly, someone opened his mouth and poured out a glass of wine. With a brush, the crystal liquid fell on Wang Wu. Boom! Many people were dumbfounded,radio shuttle racking, Wang Wuru was struck by lightning, unexpectedly failed to avoid, the whole body is flying upside down, just a glass of wine! Chapter 1830 snap one's fingers and destroy the enemy. What is the situation, Wang Wu was hit by a glass of wine, this scene is a bit unreal, people are stunned, deeply surprised and shocked! Wang Wu's strength is overbearing, and he has been practicing Taoism for a long time. He can be said to be one of the best masters in the world, but he has suffered such a blow. Wrong, this should not be said to be a blow, too despised, the person who shot is very casual, so poured out a glass of wine, then the person was hit and flew out. Who is this man? Listen to the words very young! Everyone looked back together, looking for the person who opened his mouth, Narrow aisle rack ,pipe cantilever rack, looking at a direction, wanting to know who he was. There is a man, full of life, should be very young, this kind of blood is not the old monk can have, but he sat there, but some sense of nihility, it is difficult to capture his true body. Behind a jade table, he sat quietly, drinking by himself and tasting the wine silently in the misty white mist of a fairy mountain with a figure like a cloud. Wang Wu defused the momentum and finally steadied himself and landed on the ground, but even so, he staggered back a few steps. You can see what kind of impact he received just now. A glass of wine made him go away. It was amazing. Who the hell are you? Wang Wu looks ugly. The person who can force him back like this is absolutely terrible. Wang Changsheng can do it easily. Wang Jiu can also do it. He is better than him. The man ignored him, holding a glass of wine, as if in a trance, thinking about something on his mind, and ignored him. What do you want? Wang Wu opened his mouth again. There was a flame in his heart. It was so blazing that he was underestimated. He gritted his teeth in the dark. I don't like your insolence. The man seemed to come to his senses and responded calmly. You crossed the line! Wang Wu said in a deep voice, staring at Shi Hao and glancing at the Taiyin Jade Rabbit and others. If your father had come to say this to me, it wouldn't be too much. How dare you be arrogant? The young man raised his eyebrows and said so. Nearby, everyone is very surprised, who is this man, so powerful, actually in contempt of Wang Wu, what kind of amazing cultivation he has? Wang Wu's face is ugly, this person is more arrogant than him, too look down on him, unexpectedly such a lesson tone. That is naturally Shi Hao, he saw clearly beside him, the other side actually wanted to force, take away the Taiyin Jade Rabbit, he naturally could not sit idly by, to give a lesson.

    In fact, since he came here, he has no intention of letting some people go. My friend, the Taiyin Jade Rabbit was asked to be brought back by my father. Wang Wu took a deep breath and opened his mouth again with a solemn look. He felt that the man in front of him should not be very old, even if he knew that Xiu was deeper than him, so he did not call him a senior, but a friend. At the same time, he carried out Wang Changsheng, which was a warning to Shi Hao not to interfere in this matter. You don't seem to understand what I mean. You just don't like your behavior. It's no use even bringing out your father! Shi Hao said coldly. Everyone was in a daze. This one was too strong to give Wang Wu face. It was ironic to say it directly. My friend, you have gone too far! Wang Wu opened his mouth with a cold look. As the fifth son of Wang Changsheng, he was used to being strong and rarely encountered such a thing. You are not qualified to call me a friend, and do not quite understand their own situation, the little fifth worm, also dare to show off in front of me? Shi Hao said, drinking the wine in the jade cup. Everyone was frightened. Who on earth was this? This was a contempt for the fifth dragon of the royal family. He didn't care at all, as if he were scolding the younger generation. Wang Wuxin was angry. He didn't know it was Shi Hao. If he understood, he would vomit blood. The younger generation once scolded him in such a manner today, which was tantamount to being on an equal footing with his father. Daoyou, it's too much for you to stand out like this! Wang Wu was angry. It's just a junior who has repeatedly contradicted me and wants to bring out your father to deter me? Shi Hao glanced at him. For a moment,heavy duty warehouse rack, Wang Wu blushed and was despised and looked down upon. But why did he feel a rather young vitality from this man? It should be a young talent. However, this person "relies on the old to sell the old", it seems that he is really a senior. I don't know how many years you have been practicing Taoism and which year you have attained Taoism? Wang Wu opened his mouth.

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