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    Power dragon

    For this woman, happiness is this time and that time, but also very simple, she is more concerned about the next moment of happiness to come. Not an unreachable dream. When Li Weilong arrived, Zhang Yunmei had already cooked three dishes and was short of a soup. In the kitchen, Li Weilong stood beside her, watching her busy work, that kind of feeling is particularly cordial. This kitchen is for public use. At this point, some tenants have come back from work and may come to the kitchen to cook or collect water at any time. Some of them walk very lightly, almost to the point of being elusive. So Zhang Yunmei is worried that Li Weilong is doing something, and suddenly someone comes in. Seeing Li Weilong approaching her, Zhang Yunmei tightened all over and whispered, "Weilong, this is the kitchen." Li Weilong gave a hearty laugh: "Sister Zhang, of course I know this is a kitchen, or a public kitchen with a small area." Zhang Yunmei's heart finally put down, indifferent smiling face hidden in the indescribable happiness. Food is ready, two people sit at a small table in a small room to eat, because the place is small, two small chairs are very simple, but also effectively save space. Although the environment is simple,ceramic igniter electrodes, but since there is a man and a woman, romance is essential. Zhang Yunmei poured red wine into two goblets, gave Li Weilong a glass, and gently said: "Weilong.". Touch it. Li Weilong picked up the goblet and looked at the woman's beautiful and charming face with a smile. He clinked the glass with her and took a sip of red wine: "Sister Zhang, I hope you are a happy woman all the time." Zhang Yunmei has changed her view of happiness because of her previous unfortunate experience. She said with a relieved smile, "Weilong, I can't guarantee whether I will be happy in the next moment, but I know I am happy at the moment." Through this sentence,alumina c799, Li Weilong has a deeper understanding of Zhang Yunmei. If life focuses on the process, then it is undeniable that Zhang Yunmei's outlook on life is positive and upward. This meal, with Li Weilong, Zhang Yunmei's appetite is surprisingly good, eat a lot of food, but also drink a lot of wine, is already on the verge of intoxication, look at Li Weilong's eyes have changed, eyes emitting rays of desire. In the middle of the fire, Li Weilong suddenly calmed down a lot, and the calmness at the moment did not mean that he was not going to do anything. But to be more graceful when doing something, he smiled at Zhang Yunmei: "Sister Zhang, you look very tired." "Yes, I didn't sleep well last night, and I was a little sleepy." Zhang Yunmei is still a little embarrassed. Let me help you to bed. Li Weilong said. I have to clear the table first, Ceramic Bobbin ,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, or the room will smell of food. Zhang Yunmei got up to clear the table. Li Weilong casually turned on the computer, very casually browsed the web page for a while and landed on QQ, there is a head flashing, and Shen Yudie's head is very similar, but not her, just a woman who has never met. I don't know what Shen Yudie is doing. Her blue diamond must be emitting a strange light in a corner, which is also Li Weilong's hope. Sigh twice, Li Weilong hurriedly took back his mind, life must be happy, can not spoil the happy mood with Zhang Yunmei. Zhang Yunmei, who had washed the dishes, walked to Li Weilong's side with graceful and graceful steps. As soon as her upper body was soft, she pressed Li Weilong's shoulder. She said softly, "Weilong, can you beat Sister Zhang's back?" "Of course." Li Weilong kissed Zhang Yunmei and hugged her soft body to bed. If you don't take off your clothes, it's not interesting to beat your back, so Li Weilong neatly stripped off all the clothes on Zhang Yunmei's body, and threw the interesting briefs into the corner, a small mass like a lonely sexy. Li Weilong also stripped off his clothes and sat on Zhang Yunmei's thighs. Two fists swam on her smooth back, beating gently, drawing a curve. Zhang Yunmei groaned comfortably, and her lower body was already wet. Suddenly, Li Weilong climbed flat on Zhang Yunmei's back and almost entered her body at that moment.

    From this moment on, the leak became more and more intense, as if there was no edge of the end, and two hot bodies were trapped in it. Under the strong stimulation, Zhang Yunmei struggled not to let herself cry out, but her moaning voice did get louder and louder, and finally she could only bite the sheets. The king size bed was average quality and creaky. After the leak, Li Weilong put on his clothes and sat on the chair beside the computer desk to look at things. Zhang Yunmei lay lazily on the bed panting. Just now, she almost died in the leak. It was Li Weilong's powerful hand that pulled her back. Out of curiosity, Li Weilong entered his name in the Baidu search bar, which he had done before, often finding many links, but almost none of them had anything to do with himself. This time. What kind of effect will it have? Soon, Li Weilong noticed such words-good landlord Li Weilong bar, click on a look, it is really a conscientious person to set up their own post bar. There are already twenty posts in it, posted by seven or eight tenants, describing his previous feats. With a moving mood, Li Weilong carefully browsed those posts, with a happy smile on his lips. Dragan, what are you looking at? So devoted? Zhang Yunmei took a little rest and came over, already sitting on the bed and dressing. The tenant set up a post bar for me, and I read the posts inside. Li Weilong immediately noticed a problem. In the thread behind each post, there was a message from a person named "Golden Young Master", all of which were offensive words. Suddenly,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, Li Weilong was angry, but his face was still so normal. Isn't he just a rich young master? Is it necessary to look down on people who rent houses so much? Li Weilong glanced back at Zhang Yunmei: "Sister Zhang, come and have a look." 。 global-ceramics.com

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