Romance of a Rich and Powerful Family: My Husband of Hades Marriage

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  • Romance of a Rich and Powerful Family: My Husband of Hades Marriage

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    Romance of a Rich and Powerful Family: My Husband of Hades Marriage

    She was secretly glad that she had just stopped shouting at Chen Zhenguo and Mo Ziran with her emotions. All right, you go back! When I go back, let Mingyan not do those silly things again. If he does it again, I won't forgive him lightly. With that, Chen Zhenguo did not look at Shen Ru and Chen Guoqiang again, but turned around and walked back to the bamboo chair, sat down, picked up the newspaper he had just read half of, and continued to read it. Yeah, we won't let that bastard do these stupid things again. Chen Guoqiang and Shen Ru spoke with one voice. Then, mother, you have just been frightened, so we will leave first. Just after returning to Chen Zhenguo's words, Chen Guoqiang turned to Mo Ziran respectfully. Chapter 183 wife, I'm so scared. "Mother Mo, let's take our leave." After Chen Guoqiang's voice, Shen Ru was also extremely unnatural to Mo Ziran. On this matter today, Shen Ru also knows, for Mo Ziran, especially in front of Chen Zhenguo, must not show disrespect. She'll put up with it now for a while, and one day she'll give it back. Chairman, madam, you must not call me that, just call me Ziran as before. Mo Ziran waved his hand hurriedly, but she couldn't stand it. It should be. Chen Guoqiang is still respectful tunnel, did not wait for Mo Ziran to open his mouth again, Chen Guoqiang was afraid of Mo Ziran to say some evasive words, then immediately opened the way, "we do not bother you." Then he turned to Shen Ru and said,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, "Ah Ru, let's go!" Then he led Shen Ru out of the room. At the moment of the door, Shen Ru did not forget to take a proud look at Mo Ziran. After Chen Guoqiang and Shen Ru withdrew from the room, Mo Ziran was immediately moved by Chen Zhenguo in the air, but unlike in the past, Chen Zhenguo did not move Mo Ziran into his arms. Because he still remembered that it was already the beginning of winter, and now he could not move Mo Ziran into his arms. While Chen Zhenguo was moving Mo Ziran, he also moved the chair that Mo Ziran used to eat in the room, and put it in front of him, so that he could sit on it. However, did you get scared just now? When Mo Ziran just sat down, Chen Zhenguo looked at Mo Ziran and asked with concern. Mo Ziran shook his head, and then she immediately remembered what, "Zhenguo, you just explained that Yan was following me?" Chen Zhenguo nodded, large ficus tree ,faux ficus tree, and then his face filled with a smile, "but the boy did not succeed, white in the mountains for several hours, and finally directly hit the roadside trees." "What?"? I hit a tree. How is Mingyan now? Is he hurt? Hearing that Chen Mingyan had hit a tree, Mo Ziran asked in great surprise. Don't worry, I'm in his car. Can I hurt him? Chen Zhenguo said with a smile. Then he looked at Mo Ziran with a nervous expression on his face. He nodded and said with a smile, "Well, your grandmother is very competent. She is so worried about her grandson." "Yuck! Who's his grandmother? Make fun of me again." Mo Ziran laughed angrily and threw a pink fist at Chen Zhenguo. Wait Mo Ziran's fist fell down in the middle of the journey. "You said in the car yesterday that you had something to deal with. Is that what you said?" "Well, the boy was right behind us." Chen Zhenguo grabbed Mo Ziran's fist and put it to his mouth and kissed it gently. Even if that's the case, you shouldn't have let him hit the tree. It was wrong for Chen Mingyan to track himself, but it seemed too much to let him hit a tree. I didn't let him hit the tree. He went crazy and drove so fast. It was a mountain road, so he hit it. It had nothing to do with me. Chen Zhenguo didn't lie. He really didn't let Chen Mingyan hit the tree yesterday. At first he just wanted to teach him a lesson and let him make a good detour on Yunshan Mountain, but he didn't feel tired after several hours of detour. In the back, he desperately increased the speed, and finally lost control and hit the roadside railing. However, at the moment when the car hit the railing, he knocked Chen Mingyan and Xu Anxi unconscious, put the car between the two trees, and then immediately called the security department on the mountain.

    "Then why didn't you stop them and let them crash out?" "Why didn't I stop it? If I didn't stop it, how could those two kids still live now?" Mo Ziran listened to the heart is also relaxed down, although she has no feelings for Chen Mingyan and Xu Anxi, but also do not want them to get hurt because of her. Mo Ziran, who had relaxed, thought it was wrong, "then you stopped them all, how could they still be hospitalized?" "If I don't knock that boy out, I'm afraid he'll go crazy again and come after you again." Chen Zhenguo reached out and pinched Mo Ziran's nose. "Well, let's not talk about those two children any more. Let's talk about you!" "Say me?" Mo Ziran looked down at himself and then said, "What's the matter with me?" Chen Zhenguo did not immediately reply to Mo Ziran's words, but looked up outside the door, and then said: "Those cockroaches are now big, maybe in a few days they can be roasted for you." "Ow, ow!" As soon as Mo Ziran heard the word cockroach, her stomach turned up. She stared at Chen Zhenguo. "If you talk about those dead cockroaches again, I will." Chen Zhenguo burst out laughing and looked at Mo Ziran, who was facing him with a ferocious face, and said, "What about you?" "I'll let you sleep under the bed tonight and not go to bed!" Mo Ziran didn't know what she could do to him, so he could only talk nonsense. My wife won't let me go to bed. I'm so scared! Chen Zhenguo pretended to be afraid. Hum, ignore you! Looking at Chen Zhenguo, who was becoming more and more proud, Mo Ziran curled his lips, then stood up and ran to his chair. Chen Zhenguo instinctively raised his hand to call Mo Ziran back, but when he was just ready to exert his strength, he stopped again. Because when he raised his hand, he remembered that it was winter and he could no longer hold her at will. When will this damn winter be over? Chen Zhenguo looked out of the window with a painful face. Dear winter, please don't go there! After Chen Zhenguo's voice fell, Mo Ziran also turned his face out of the window, with a proud face. Oh,artificial coconut palm trees, what a pity! Mo Ziran, who had a proud face one second ago, looked out of the window and suddenly sighed.

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