Shadow Street

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  • Shadow Street

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    Shadow Street

    After passing the stone tablet and walking for a while, they saw a small town with hundreds of houses at the foot of the mountain. Judging from the low, slightly ancient buildings in the town, the mission world should be in ancient times. The process of going down the mountain was very smooth, just for a moment, the reincarnation people arrived at the entrance of the town, but at the moment, the town was somewhat deserted and eerie. Although the sky is a little dark, it is far from the time to close the door and rest, but from here, the windows and doors of every household in the town are closed, a gust of wind blows, and the narrow road is full of depression. Anyway, let's get into town first, and we can't break the mission rules, or.. Li Wei said half, but everyone knows what Li Wei means. And just then, a female voice sounded from behind the reincarnations. You don't look like the residents of Chishui Town. If you are passing by, don't enter the town! Boom! The hearts of all reincarnations are beating wildly. They are all strong people who have experienced more than a dozen or even dozens of missions. Basically, their fighting power is above B level, and no one has found anyone following them. Li Wei and the green snail also looked at each other in horror, and they, too, were not prepared for the sudden sound behind them. Suddenly turned around, but found in the crowd ten meters away, standing a woman in white like snow. The woman was extremely beautiful, and her watery eyes swept over the faces of the reincarnations, but stopped on Li Wei's face. Looking at each other, Li Wei's body vibrated, but he felt dizzy for a while. He intoned in his mouth: "My eyebrows are more than the body of willow leaves. My fingers are moving lightly like orchids. My sleeves are waving like fragrance, and my star eyes are smiling like blurred." As soon as he finished, Li Wei sobered up,Gear Reduction Motor, but he was sweating profusely, with a murderous look in his eyes, as if facing a formidable enemy. Xiao Wei, what's wrong with you? Green snail and Li Wei can be said to be the most powerful in this group of reincarnation, just Li Wei's performance is obviously some gaffes, how can he recite poems in public? I don't know, maybe it's the illusion of the other side! There was a trace of uncertainty in Li Wei's voice. Just now he was just in a trance, and then he said the poem. Although I don't know what's going on, Li Wei knows that it's definitely not what he wants to say. Notice A dark voice suddenly came: "My six golems are ready to move. I'm afraid something will happen!" As soon as the voice fell, the woman in white on the opposite side showed an incredible expression. Her eyes were fixed on Li Wei tightly. After a long time, she said faintly, "You.." It's finally here! What do you mean? Li Wei was stunned, but a reincarnation man couldn't help shouting to the woman in white, "Who are you?"? Why don't you let us into town? The woman in white glanced at the reincarnation, but did not answer, which aroused the evil fire of the reincarnation. Being ignored by a beautiful woman in front of so many people is a very embarrassing thing in itself. So in anger, 12 Volt Motor With Gearbox ,gear reduction motor, he came out and went to the woman in white. The reincarnation has a B3 level of combat power, and his stunt is very rare, called the "body bell", which can form an illusory bell-shaped protection all over the body. It is said that even the full force of the A3 level strong can not be broken. That's why he dared to come out alone. He wanted to teach this woman a good lesson. It's just that he doesn't know that this decision will make him regret for life. Attention, everyone. After the man is attacked, he will enter the town immediately. It will be completely dark soon. We must hurry up! Li Wei suddenly whispered. This sentence makes Zheng Yutong and others a little puzzled, but soon, they understand what Li Wei said. The reincarnation walked to three meters in front of the woman in white, but suddenly paused, then the body rose eerily, although he even displayed the body'body bell ', but still can not break free, get red in the face. It seemed that an invisible hand was holding him. This refers to punishment! The woman in white stretched out a finger like a jade onion, and then gently in the air, she saw a burst from the front of the reincarnation, and then the unlucky ghost, like a bomb, was shot hundreds of meters away, life and death unknown.

    "Run!" Li Wei shouted, the first to run back, Zheng Yutong and others also ran out together, the other reincarnation is also followed by the group. A large group of people whirred into the town of Chishui and did not stop until they stood in the town. The woman in white behind him had been thrown away and did not seem to follow. At this time, Zheng Yutong walked to Li Wei's side and took his hand. Obviously, Li Wei's behavior of reciting poems like a ghost just now made her very worried. The woman in white just now is a little strange, but don't underestimate her. I can't see her attributes at all. Green snail, what do you think? Li Wei also shook Zheng Yutong's hand, indicating that he was all right. That woman is unfathomable, I ask myself for her, but she has a demon spirit, should belong to the category of demon repair! After all, Green Snail is a disciple of Penglai Xiandao with profound knowledge. At this time, everyone heard a hint. Enter Chishui Town, complete, the total number of 30, 1 death, the remaining number of 29 people, open the main line of the task.. "Task World: Xuanyuan Sword.." Task: Guarding Chishui Town, task difficulty level S; a week later, Yuwen Tuo, the Grand Master of the Sui Dynasty, will lead the army here to kill the townspeople infected by evil spirits. Chishui Town has a population of 673, and more than half of them died. The task is judged to be a failure.. Failure penalty, obliteration, task completion reward 300000 scoring point. Finally a hint about the task. But there is one thing that makes Li Wei a little puzzled, the reincarnation, counting the one who died in the air at the beginning, and the one who was killed by the woman in white, should be two people, why only one? Soon, the question was answered. At the entrance of the town, a man staggered in. It was the reincarnation who had been shot away by the woman in white. Although his armor was broken and he was seriously injured, he did not die. Everyone praised him for his good luck,Brushless Gear Motor, but Li Wei, Green Snail, and Diablo frowned.

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