Silver Fox Hamster's Buddha-like Wearing Book Daily

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  • Silver Fox Hamster's Buddha-like Wearing Book Daily

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    Silver Fox Hamster's Buddha-like Wearing Book Daily

    The reason why she was defeated by Liang's mother was that she and Liang yuan were too young to resist. But now is not the same, she and Liang yuan have grown up, but Liang's mother is about to grow old. This world is the world of young people. She is Yang Qingwei's world. Liang's mother went directly to Liang yuan's house, grabbed Liang yuan and went to the study, where the mother and son had a big quarrel. Mom Liang yuan shouted, "can you ignore my business?"? I didn't know until some time ago that you drove Qingwei and Aunt Ruorou out of S City. Mother Liang sneered, "Did Yang Qingwei tell you that?" Liang yuan shook his head: "Not Qingwei said, she is still speaking for you.". Mom, I'm an adult. I leave my business to myself. I know what to do. "You know what to do?!" Mother Liang hates that iron does not become steel. "Do you know what you are doing?"? You're cheating! You're betraying! Where do you put Yuyu's mother and son? Where do you put Ye's family! You don't know how much the Ye family has helped Liang to develop into this situation in B city after suffering heavy losses? “……” Outside the door, holding a plate of fruit, Ye Yuyu, who wanted to stop the fight, listened through the gap for a while, and when she heard this, she suddenly pushed open the door of the study. The fruit in his hand fell to the ground with a loud noise. Liang yuan and Liang Mu turned to look at her in an instant. Liang yuan subconsciously walked toward Ye Yuyu: "Yuyu..." Ye Yuyu's face was pale. "Liang yuan, Mom, what did you mean just now?"? Cheating? Liang yuan, did you have an affair? Who did you cheat on? She paused, feeling a little ridiculous: "It's not Yang Qingwei, is it?" Liang yuan moved his lips and did not speak,mobile racking systems, as if by default. Ye Yuyu broke out in an instant, and his voice was sharp: "You actually cheated on Yang Qingwei, that kind of vicious woman?"? Do you know who she is? When Ruan Yingyin cheated, she made me do it! And anniversaries. "Rain! Rain!" Liang yuan stopped her. "Qingwei told me these things. Don't say it." What do you know! You know what! I know you're still cheating! Ye Yuyu rushed up and a slap fell on Liang yuan's face. "How can you do this to me?"! Liang yuan, I gave you a son! You did this to me! Ye Yuyu was angry and sad, and she punched and kicked Liang yuan. Liang yuan knew he was wrong, so he suffered. Ye Yuyu: If it weren't for my Ye family,heavy duty cantilever racks, could your Liang family develop like this now? If it wasn't for my dad, could you have gone to such a good school with me? You call Yang Qingwei that bitch to come over, you two kneel down together to make amends to me! Or I won't forgive you! Liang yuan, I won't forgive you! Liang yuan suddenly pushed Ye Yuyu away. Ye Yuyu did not notice for a moment and fell to the ground. She looked at Liang yuan in disbelief, Liang yuan had never laid hands on her, not even said a harsh word. That's enough, Ye Yuyu. Liang yuan clenched his fist, "the Liang family owes you the Ye family, which has already been paid off over the years.". And didn't I sell myself to your Ye family? Liang yuan laughed at himself. Ye Yuyu opened his mouth and twisted his face: "What do you mean?"? You want to divorce me? Without saying a word, Liang yuan turned and left. Liang's mother, who was standing next to her, did not know what to do. She could only go up and help her daughter-in-law up. "Yuyu, don't worry. Mom will think of a way." Ye Yuyu cried loudly. However, Liang Mu did not think of any way in the end. Yang Qingwei has a lot of human resources in his hands, mobile racking systems ,industrial racking systems, and has gradually gained a firm foothold in B city. Liang and the past can not be mentioned in the same breath, in B city can not cover up the sky. Most importantly, Liang yuan stood on Yang Qingwei's side. Seemingly tearing the last layer of face, Liang yuan, who had always been a gentleman and gentle, began his rebellious period of late arrival. This rebellious period, in the freshman year, Liang's mother let him contact with Ye Yuyu did not break out, and Ye Yuyu's engagement did not break out, but broke out at this time. Liang yuan no longer went home, nor did he go to work in Liang's family, but started a business with Yang Qingwei. In the Liang family, he is the vice president, but there are Liang's father and mother, as well as many directors, doing things with their hands tied.

    But now, he and Yang Qingwei are the company's boss, they have the right to decide all the development of the company, no one will say, and will strongly support. Yang Qingwei understands everything about him, even sometimes without speaking, as long as they look at each other, they can know each other's thoughts. Ye Yuyu never gave him this feeling. After six months of mutual torture and countless days and nights of pain, Ye Yuyu gave up under the persuasion of Ye Mu and signed a divorce agreement with Liang yuan, and her son belonged to her. The Yip family has moved abroad. After the divorce, Ye Yuyu took his son to his parents and went abroad to settle down. A month later, Liang yuan took Yang Qingwei to visit Liang's father and mother. Liang's mother was furious and asked the servant to drive them out of the gate on the spot. She looked at her son disappointedly: "Liang yuan, mom told you that I can't accept Yang Qingwei all my life." Yang Qingwei stood aside, pressed Liang yuan, and looked at Liang's mother with a respectful expression: "Auntie, Liang yuan and I really love each other." "Don't disgust me with the word'love '." Liang mother looks cold, "Liang yuan, Yang Qingwei this kind of woman, once you lose power, will not hesitate to abandon you." Yang Qingwei looked at Liang Mu and gently hooked her lips. It was a sarcastic smile, but it was fleeting. Liang's mother looked at Yang Qingwei's duplicitous appearance, and then looked at her son's obvious disbelief, feeling tired and disappointed. Son and daughter-in-law divorce that day, Yang Qingwei specially looked for her, leaving only one sentence: "Auntie, I advise you to accept me, treat me well, so that I may not pursue what you did to me before.". Otherwise, you will lose your son. Your son will be mine completely. Liang's mother has never bowed her head to anyone in her life, let alone Yang Qingwei? What's the use of a son who turns his elbow outward? For more than half a year,warehousing storage solutions, her heart as a mother has been full of holes. Liang Mu returned home. Liang's father was sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper. When he saw Liang's mother coming back, he sighed, "Why don't you let go?"? Or say yes. 。

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