Six Heavenly Books

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  • Six Heavenly Books

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    Six Heavenly Books

    Taiyi Ximeng did not kill the two masters, but the Taiyi Ximeng, which was transformed by Yi Shenjun, almost killed the mandala. In this round, Yi Shenjun injured Datura, but also suffered a heavy blow to his brain, head laceration, seven holes bleeding, and his conceited killing skill "Eight Diagrams Penglai Method" was also destroyed. Hello! Dude, how many days haven't you brushed your teeth and rinsed your mouth? It stinks to disgust! I've never kissed such a smelly crow's mouth in my life. I wonder if I'll get sick! Master Nijiuduo admired the "Eight Diagrams Penglai Method" of Datura, which could break the confusing eyes, and stepped forward: "Shaoxia, you are really an extraordinary person. It seems that you must connect your heart with your breath. Through a kiss, you can find out the other party's intention to kill, and then you break the'Eight Diagrams Penglai Method '. It seems that it is really not easy to kill Mandala." Datura smiled and did not reply, but suddenly shouted to Taiyi Ximeng, "Wife, looking at your husband bleeding so much, don't take the hemostatic powder. Are you scared silly?"? Rest assured, this wound will not affect sexual ability, not afraid! Not afraid.. While still teasing, Taiyi Ximeng blushed, and the sound of the Buddha's wheel with the sword unsheathed came. Taking advantage of everyone's unpreparedness, the mandala had already drawn out the "killing Zen", and wielded the sword in the style of "Heaven's anger and people's resentment kill boundless", and killed the Venerable Master Nijiuduo and Fan Taisui. Sword moves to break open the tea house, Fan Tai Sui with his knee-length hair whip spin to protect the body,heavy duty cantilever racks, Ni Jiu many people block in front of Wei Jiushao, a pair of large shields also removed the oncoming force, when everyone found that the original mandala has been damaged, sword moves only 60% of the power, not to fear, people, has disappeared. When the window broke open, it turned out that the mandala had first wounded Yi Shenjun, and then used a powerful sword to stifle and frighten the enemy, so he turned around and retreated,metal racking systems, not daring to stay for a long time to fight. Wei Jiushao, the Lord of the city, gave an evil smile and said, "Oh.." Exposed to hide you, in my'Eagle Blood Pillar City ', where can I escape? Flee to and fro, also can't escape my five fingers mountain, oh. Wei Jiushao, of course, has full confidence in the pursuit of mandala, because he has already deployed a strong vision of the soldiers everywhere in the city, let him be Shenxing Taibao, also must not escape surveillance. After the hiding place is clear, good army encirclement, to catch a turtle in a jar, not so happy! All right, it's really great. Taiyi Ximeng, whose heart is still beating rapidly, shuttle rack system ,radio shuttle racking, only knows that the mandala has gone, and he must not stay by his side. An hour later, ten thousand soldiers surrounded the "Long Live Forest", which was respected as a sacred place by the people in the city. It turned out to be the hiding place where Mandala fled. It took Wei Jiushao half an hour to completely surround the whole "Long Live Forest". Is there any way to deal with Datura stramonium, which is 100% sure to be hiding in the dense forest? Yi Shenjun, who had broken his head and had blood stains and scars on his forehead through his cheeks, lit a torch, stepped forward, and was about to be burned to ashes. A soldier in the rear suddenly stepped forward to intercept Yi Shenjun and said angrily, "So it's an accomplice of the rebels!" The soldiers flew back with one hand, but suddenly there were ten more soldiers in front of them, and even the soldiers in the rear turned around and intercepted them. This What the hell is going on? Wei Jiushao laughed and said, "Is Lord Yi an enemy of all the people in the city?" Yi Shenjun said angrily, "Burning a jungle doesn't necessarily require the people of the city to pay anything. Is there anything more important than killing a rebel?" Wei Jiushao stroked his long moustache and said with a smile, "Of course, the ancestral graves must be more important than anything else.". Inside the'Long Live Forest 'is the home of ten generations of ancestors in the city. If you burn it down, the ashes will be messy and the corpses will be everywhere. It will ruin the geomantic omen and filial piety. I think all the men, women and children in the city will have to fight to the death with Lord Yi. When Yi Shenjun heard this, he suddenly realized that the sweet-tongued and clever mandala was not just looking for a place to hide. He had already calculated it clearly. If he missed, he would come to the "Long Live Forest" to teach you not to mess up and avoid throwing rats! "Ha.." Lord Yi doesn't have to worry too much, as long as we go all out, first attack the'Zuxian Mountain 'with the tombstone in the'Long Live Forest', then surround it heavily, and then set fire to the forest, then we won't be afraid that the boy won't come out and die. Wei Jiushao laughed.

    Then came Taiyi Ximeng, learned that Datura was trapped in the forest, can not help but worry about him, can only try to control the mood, not to be peeped through. Fan Taisui suddenly said coldly, "If Lord Wei had gone through the battle of chasing and killing Mandala and others in the'Ghost Land 'and killed them today, he would not have had such strong confidence." Wei Jiushao laughed and said, Ha.. I don't believe this boy really has three heads and six arms if he can't escape from the dense forest even if he can fly. Suddenly from the "Long Live Forest" came the shout of Datura, and a thing shot at Wei Jiushao. He, who was not pustular, stretched out his giant spirit palm, grasped it with five fingers, and grabbed it. How dare you throw smelly things to frighten the Lord of the city? Childish! Five fingers spits the strength, the mandala shoots a skull, then is caught explodes shatters. The mandala in the distance suddenly appeared on the top of the tree, holding another skull in his hand and carrying a big bag behind him. "Wow!" He said with a smile! You are an unfilial son. Even the dead head of Lao Tzu is blown up with one hand. It's so cruel. Hey, just blow up the dead heads of your mother, your grandfather and your mother-in-law in one breath. Take it, ha.. Wei Jiushao, who was scared out of his wits, hurriedly followed one skull after another. As soon as he missed, one of them fell to the ground. He immediately screamed and was very embarrassed. Datura laughed and said, "What's the matter, dead boy? Why is the calmness and prestige gone?"? Hello Rest assured, you are holding the ancestors of other city people, you are really a good man, to help others protect the heads of the dead, oh. It must be a good parent official, ha. Wei Jiushao was in such a hurry that he immediately dropped the skeleton on his hand to the ground. "Then my father's corpse," he said with a lisp, "you..?" "Ah," said Mandala with a smile, "isn't there a name written on your father's grave, Lord Wei?" Wei Jiushao nodded hurriedly. Datura said with a smile, "What's the matter? You unfilial son grabbed my father's dead head first. Wow!"! Bad boy,pallet rack shelving, disobedient boy, cheap boy, your father will curse you to give birth to a son without a penis! 。

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