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    Slaughter price

    Products Description
    Complete Machine To Slaughter Chickens
    1.Killing conveyor line
    Chicken will be processed on this rail, it is main part for the main slaughter plant Production line.
    The distance of hangers is 8 inch.
    Stainless steel chain, guide rails, stainless steel hooks, nylon hanger
    2.Electric tunning machine
    fiberglass reinforced plastic
    reliable and stable electrical devices
    3.Scalding machine
    This machine is used to scald the carcass of the chicken to remove the feather easily;
    Thickness of Board: 2mm,
    Upper Cover Thickness: 1.2mm,Supporting Leg Thickness:2mm.
    Water temperature between 58-61 鈩?/p>
    It should use blower system and impact pressure system make to produce highly scalder results.
    4.A Frame Primary Plucker
    This plucker is dedicated device for chickens.
    There are 4 main parts: Depilation, regulation section, guide part, spray part.
    Principal part is stainless steel
    Shape Size:3350*2350*2350
    De-feather Machine consists of four boxes. Each line has 12 plates Total 6 lines with 72 plates.
    5.Automatic cut head machine
    this equipment is used to auto cut the head on production line
    Principal part is stainless steel
    6.Automatic cut claw machine
    this equipment is used to auto cut the feet on production line
    Principal part is stainless steel
    this equipment use dedicated accurate chuck location had high quality feet
    7.Unloading claws device
    this equipment will automatically take off the feet from production line
    All body is stainless steel
    8.Drivng device are also included in our machine to slaughter chickens.
    This machine is to run the whole hang rail
    including: motor, reducer, brackets and other drive components
    Power:2.2KW By inverter power, run more smoothly.
    9.Frequency converter
    Frequency Controlling Box.
    Stainless steel Box
    10.Tension device
    To control the convey rail length and tight
    Stainless steel structure
    11.Spiral precooling machine
    This device can replace the precooling line to precooling the chicken carcass
    This machine used to low down the temperature of carcass to keep the carcass good-looking and keep fresh in the forward process.
    The Thickness of the tank made of 3 stainless steel
    Spiral Pushing Device is melted by 2mm thick stainless steel.
    Power 5.2kw/set
    ONE sets of Fan to make bubbles in the water in the tank efficiently so that improve cooling result and clean the carcass too
    Buyer Also Need To Prepare cold Water Or A Piece Of Ice Machine Buyer prepare workspace
    Product show
    Machine/Equipment : Corona Machine To Slaughter Chickens
    STRUCTURAL CHARACTERISTICS : The equipment is designed for poultry from dynamic to static, so it is easy to work normally after the sequence specialized equipment. The device has reliable performance, continuous work and is strong, safe and practical.
    Input supply voltage: 380V
    Output current intensity: 80A-125A
    Overall dimensions:(L*W*H)L*400*1700mm
    Poultry drain blood slot and transportation system Drain blood slot Product name : birds poultry blood delivery system
    scope of application : poultry slaughtering and processing in the process of live poultry slaughter of poultry body blood after receiving equipment,is also collected blood concentration, temporary storage of equipment,easy to link the poultry blood transmission system of the vehicle to the blood is drain blood in poultry slaughtering and processing process of the collection of blood and conveying device
    Machine/Equipment: Chicken Scalding Machine
    STRUCTURAL CHARACTERISTICS:Equipment used stainless steel materials,in line with food hygience standards,Adopts closed box type structure,steam loses amounts the fewest The use of steam heating,to avoid scalding scalding poultry body,Impeller over the use of steady flow of water and air mixing,Temperature uniformity,Scalding fully,Equipment assembly structure,Can be assembled according to the different needs of different models.Power:15-90kw
    Production capacity:1000-8000
    Overall dimensions(L*W*H):L*1700*2200mm
    Machine/Equipment : Chicken Rough Hair Removal Machine
    STRUCTURAL CHARACTERISTICS : All stainless steel rack,The box drive working is stable,adjustment,since the lock-bit reliable,Flexible opening and closing of the Box,Automatically reset to Medium,Easy to maintain clean,Body-oriented devices will enable the birds successfully entered the box,And relative positioning,Washing device at any time washed off the feathers.
    Power : 17.6kw
    Production capacity : 1000-8000
    Overall dimensions(L*W*H): 4400*2350*2500mm
    Our Advantage
    1.Full set slaughtering line
    2.Material:304 stainless steel
    3.Use:for poultry(chicken,duck,goose,etc)
    4.Abattoir equipment is Automatic system
    5.Save time,easy operation
    Service and support
    GuoMao company's after-sales service team will strive to provide customers with enthusiasm, timely and professional service.According to customer's specific requirement, The company's after-sales service staff will provide a complete solution and 365 days and 24 hour services for you.
    The basic contents of after sales service: Provide customers with the solution to the problem through expert consultation,Supply GuoMao origin of spare parts and send service engineers to customers.Slaughter price

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