Struggle for the secret of God

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  • Struggle for the secret of God

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    Struggle for the secret of God

    In the remaining half of the class, Lin Yu listened to the lecture dizzy, his mind has been echoing with the voice of Qin Shen's reading just now, but fortunately, the old man also commented on the last composition, if he was so distracted in the next calculus class, it would be fatal. Not to mention, Lin Yu felt that the original body was quite in line with his own situation, and it was no wonder that the system said that his skin was cultivated in this virtual world. When he was in modern times, he was not good at calculus. In fact, Lin Yu, as a non-engineering student, can not choose courses related to mathematics, but in order to be able to meet Qin Shen more opportunities, elective courses are always mathematics, so he suffered a lot. Calculus class conducted a small test, Lin Yu relying on the memory of the original owner and the knowledge he learned in modern times, barely answered most of the questions, but when the time came for the small test, there was still a big question that he could not think of. When he racked his brains and almost bit the head of the brush holder, he suddenly had a brainwave, had some ideas, and buried himself in writing. When handing in the paper, Qin Shen sat behind Lin Yu because of the temporary arrangement of seats in the small test. The teacher asked him to hand in the paper from back to front. Lin Yu saw that Qin Shen's paper was full and the steps were very detailed. He peeked at the question and found that his idea was right, but there was no time, and he finally answered only half of it. Lin Yu peeked at that moment, Qin Shen quietly looked at his flickering eyelashes and clear side face behind him. He had just seen Lin Yu stay on the big question for a long time, Qin Shen himself finished very quickly, looking at the way he bit the pen,Edible oil filling machine, and even had an impulse to hand his test paper to the other side. At noon, the driver of the Lin family picked up his young master and went back for lunch. After the lunch break, the first class is the watercolor painting class. There is a lake in the north of No.4 Middle School, where the sketching class is held. Lin Yu found a suitable angle and sat down on the side of the lake stone. The weather is warm and sunny, the breeze is blowing, the lake is rippling, and everything is like a picture. But because he had not been able to fully adapt to the original owner's small strength and body balance, Lin Yu was not careful. When he bent down to take the colored paint, he did not slip off the stone. Fortunately, he did not fall into the lake tragically, but his pants were colorful and his pen was broken. Lin Yu climbed up awkwardly, and in his heart he was very helpless to the body of the original owner. Just as he was hesitating, a pen was handed over. Qin Shen looked at him: "You use mine." Lin Yu took Qin Shen's brush and told himself to take the initiative and not always be submissive. He plucked up his courage and looked straight into Qin Shen's eyes. Then he looked at his painting and said, "Have you finished?" "Well," Qin Shen frankly took out his drawing board and handed it to Lin Yu, bottle blowing machine ,Beverage packing machine, "here." Lin Yu took one look and then smiled. Qin Shenxuan's angle is not good, the painting skill is clumsy, the lake stone is painted very pompous, the white paint is painted too much, very white, very abrupt. Seeing him smile, Qin Shen also smiled, his eyes following the occasional dimples on Lin Yu's face, feeling that it was a great pleasure to win a smile from his sweetheart with this poor painting skill. Two people seem to have found a way to get along with each other in this smile, chatting happily a lot, the class is almost over, Lin Yu hurried to finish the painting and handed it in. Returning to the house this day, Ah Fu found that the young master of his family looked much better than before, and his face was somewhat happy. As he helped Lin Yu out of the car, he asked arrogantly, "Why are you so happy today, young master?" Lin Yu gave a cry and subconsciously covered his face: "Is there?" Fu touched his head and laughed twice. "Yes, that's how the little one feels.". Look at the young master laughing all the time, little. I think you have a sweetheart. Chapter 43 [Republic of China] How Deep Is Love (4) Lin Yu listened to Ah Fu's words, released his hand with a guilty conscience, and walked forward on his own. Ah Fu behind him scratched his head, worried that he had said something wrong, and hurried to catch up. Young master, the little one said casually. …… Because of what happened that day, Lin Yu spent the whole night looking forward to the arrival of the next day.

    But this time he did not meet Qin Shen at the school gate, nor did he see him in the classroom. Until noon, Lin Yu could not help but run to ask the teacher in charge of student affairs. The answer was that Qin Shen asked for sick leave. Lin Yu was absent-minded in the afternoon class. After school, he went to the car of the Lin family. He thought about it and pulled Ah Fu aside. Being dragged by his own young master's sleeve, Ah Fu was a little confused and asked foolishly, "What's wrong, young master?" "That.." I want to go to my classmate's home. Today is Friday or so. There will be no classes tomorrow and tomorrow. My parents and brother won't mind, will they? Fu gave a wry smile and said, "Young master, I don't know.". But you are not in good health, and they still want you to go back early. Lin Yu broke down his little face and said in a low voice, "It should be all right. Can't I go out on this day?" But I can't help it, said Ah Fu in distress. Then he thought, the young master is often enclosed in that yard, it will inevitably be stuffy, go out to relax. After Lin Yu whispered to him, Ah Fu told the driver to send Lin Yu to the north side of South Street, and then he could go back first and pick him up after an hour. The driver and Ah Fu were both servants, but what Ah Fu conveyed was Lin Yu's meaning, so naturally he did not dare to disobey and did as he was told. Lin Yu got out of the car and stood there. Then he pointed to the flower shop on the street and said, "Let's go and buy a bunch of flowers." "What do you buy flowers for?" Monk Fuzhang couldn't figure it out. Lin Yu pursed his lips and said, "I'm going to see my classmate later. He's sick. It's not good to go empty-handed." With a sigh, Ah Fu walked with Lin Yu toward the flower shop, but in his heart he only murmured,water filling machine, pondering whether the classmate was a man or a woman. Lin Yu did not know what he was thinking, because he was afraid that it would be too late to rush back, so he simply picked up a bunch of lilies and paid for them.

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