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  • Super evolution

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    Super evolution

    Lin Qiyu shook his head and said, "You don't owe me anything. Oh, it's my honor to know you." Bu Ku nodded with a smile and said, "I'm honored to know you, too." The fallen king stood not far away, the expression on his face was very complicated, he did not expect that Lin Qiyu and Buku had become friends, and he hated Buku even more. Thinking of Lin Qiyu's fierce background, he could not help but shiver, suppress the anger in his heart, sullen face, eyes flashing a trace of sinister light. The base was a mess, with many unconscious soldiers lying on the ground, and only a few hundred soldiers and officers were still awake. After Lin Qiyu fused the ghost energy, he already understood what caused it. Each of these unconscious soldiers was occupied by ghost energy, and he did not know what the consequences would be. Looking at these unconscious soldiers, Major General Buku can not think, after the military examination, completely unable to cure, he can only wait here for the soldiers to wake up, the troops can not go up for the time being. Hua Yingxiang had to look for the children of the clan, so Lin Qiyu continued to stay at the base, but he changed to a spacious barracks and no longer lived in a tent. The Fallen King returned to the frigate with his men, and he and Lin Qiyu set a time to meet in the virtual space. Because Lin Qiyu was still below, he did not detonate the bomb that was going to blow up the base. Lin Qiyu examined a soldier carefully. He looked at it with energy fluctuations and found that the soldier was not in danger of life, but was evolving rapidly. He was so nervous that he didn't know how they would evolve. Jia Beng suggested that Lin Qiyu fuse the ghost energy in the soldier's body, but he refused. The unconscious soldiers were transported up one by one. Lin Qiyu lives in his big barracks, ready to absorb the ghost energy from the fusion, while waiting for Hua Yingxiang to come back. Since the ghost energy was destroyed, Lin Qiyu has been in doubt, he is not sure whether the ghost energy has been completely destroyed, because the ghost energy has changed another way of life,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, he and Hua Yingxiang destroyed only part of it, there is another part still scattered in the body of the soldiers, can not kill all those soldiers. Lin Qiyu is not too nervous about this. There are many ways of human evolution, and one more way of evolution is not necessarily a bad thing. He is concerned about the huge energy in his body, if it can not be absorbed and fused in time, that is the real fatal thing. According to Jing Fu Tian's method, he began to slowly transform the ghost energy. Half a day later, Lin Qiyu felt something was wrong, the ghost energy was so huge that he could not even know clearly where the energy was hidden in his body, but faintly felt that the huge energy was like being stored in another storage space. That kind of endless feeling makes him tremble with fear, open a little bit, the energy gushes out rapidly, with the spirit leaf of life and the collapse of Jia, there is no time to transform all. Lin Qiyu sighed and realized that he was carrying a huge energy bomb, which was enough to destroy his life and spirit leaves once he could not control it. Think of that meat mountain, in fact, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, is an energy peak, the three of them actually absorbed most of the energy, they are crazy, from the beginning without scruple to absorb, if not for the formation of a reserve energy space, I am afraid they would have been alive to death. Jia Beng said in his heart, "Boss, you have practiced too many skills. I don't think they are very useful. Only one skill seems interesting, but it's not complete.." "What?" Lin Qiyu wondered? Oh, you see my mind.. Ah, what method? Jia Beng said, "It's that book of stars.." Hee hee, boss! Who is Xianling? Why do you think so much about her and. Lin Qiyu was frightened and shouted in his heart, "Jia Beng!"! Don't you dare rummage through my mind. You, you.. Surprised and angry, he wanted to punish him, but he couldn't think of a good way. Gabun was parasitic in his body, and it couldn't be pulled out. "If you.." he shouted in exasperation. I Jia Beng found that Lin Qiyu was really angry and hurriedly begged for mercy: "Ah!"! Boss, I didn't mean to.. Not next time, not next time, Hee Hee! Xianling is very beautiful, and Jiabeng is very envious.

    ” Lin Qiyu suddenly lost his temper and said with a wry smile, "Forget it. Don't go through my memories in the future, or.." Never share my thoughts with you again, hum! "Yes," said Jia Beng pitifully! Yes! The eldest brother Star Mang this set of books in the garbled code has not been solved, Lin Qiyu temporarily can not use, with the growth of knowledge, he no longer dare to practice as before. After listening to Jia Beng's reminder, he considered that he should look for experts to help decode, his level is not enough to unlock the code of the star, the text description in the book is very important, only pictures are far from enough. Lin Qiyu said in his heart, "Jia Beng, there is no way to practice with Xingmang now. Can you control that energy?"? You can only absorb and merge slowly in front of you. You should be careful. If you don't control it well, both of us will be finished. "Boss, you, you are irresponsible.." cried the Gabeng monster. Lin Qiyu burst out laughing in his heart: "Ha ha!"! Jia Beng, of course you are responsible. Ha ha, it's your responsibility. From the outside, Lin Qiyu sat cross-legged and closed his eyes with an expressionless face. In his heart, he and Jia Beng quarreled endlessly, and outsiders could not see anything. He was used to talking to Gaben in his heart, and if one day Gaben did not speak, he would feel strange. Lin Qiyu was very distressed and did not know how to absorb that energy, even if it was reduced a little. Jia Beng suggested that he use the most stupid way, but also the most solid and safe way, is to use the spirit leaf slowly transformed, and then by Jia Beng to help promote. Gaban is happy to practice in this way, and with the process of merging energy, it will not be long before he can reach the stage of dormant evolution. Lin Qiyu sat for three days and three nights,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, and did not absorb much energy, but the life energy in his body was refined again, and the seven spirit leaves were green again.

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