Supersystem _ 20200215155545.

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  • Supersystem _ 20200215155545.

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    Supersystem _ 20200215155545.

    Now, because Li Shanshan has moved into the female dormitory, it has caused great difficulties for him to shoot, because he can't go to the male dormitory opposite the female dormitory to shoot her in the dormitory. And now Li Shanshan's range of activities seems to be increasing, like Maktoum, there are many very professional bodyguards around him, but also to his shooting work caused great difficulties, he simply can not shoot the specific details. This is a matter of no way, there should be no dissatisfaction. He shook his head and decided to add the specific facts when he wrote the report. The long-haired man put the recording pen in his pocket and began to walk towards his house. Today's work was basically completed-if Li Shanshan did not make any temporary decision to go out halfway. Arriving at home, the long-haired man took out a bottle of beer from the refrigerator, and then began to sit in front of his computer, connecting the digital camera to the computer. It will take a long time to upload all the photos taken today to the computer because there are many photos. He drank two sips of beer and then went to the bathroom to take a shower. After soaking in hot water, he felt so comfortable that he seemed to have washed away all the fatigue of the day. He came out directly with a bath towel and wiped his hair, which was still dripping with water. He went to the computer, saw that the photo copy had been completed, so he pulled out the data cable of the digital camera, and then sat down directly on the chair and began to organize today's photos. As he had just taken a bath and felt a little thirsty, he reached out his hand and tried to take a drink from the can of beer that had just been placed on the shelf next to him. But do not want to touch an empty,Cantilever Storage rack, and then touch twice, are empty. When I turned around, I saw that the beer on the shelf was really gone. He clearly remembered that he had put it here before, and the water stains on the shelf proved it. Looking for this? At this moment, a voice suddenly came from his ear, which startled him. Looking back, I was shocked to find that Han Feng,Pallet rack beams, the president of Six Degrees Network Company, was sitting on the sofa in the back, and what he was holding was his own can of beer. By this time. Where he did not know what had happened, he must have been tracking today, do not know when to leak the whereabouts, and was eventually tracked to the home by Han Feng. After a brief panic, the long-haired man immediately calmed down and said, "Who are you? What do you want to do in my house suddenly?" Speak at the same time. His hand did not stop, slowly touched the mouse, want to destroy all the data in the computer, such a situation he had not considered before, so he specially set up a key restore in the computer, only two or three simple actions, warehouse rack manufacturer ,heavy duty warehouse rack, can clean all the data in the system. Although Han Feng found here, but if there is no evidence, he can not take their own do. It was based on this idea that he became so calm at the moment. But. Han Feng did not give him this opportunity, at the moment of his movement, a silver needle flew into a certain part of his body, the result was that he suddenly seemed to have been immobilized, a finger can not move. At this moment, his heart suddenly became extremely panicked. He did not know what had happened to him, but it was confirmed that he had become like this, which must be related to Han Feng, so he hurriedly said: "Han Zong, please don't misunderstand, I have no malice to you!" "Oh, it's not up to you to decide whether you are malicious or not." Han Feng is still sitting there, "I just want to know, who are you working for?" The long-haired man's face showed embarrassment: "The client is anonymous, and I don't know the situation of the other party. You know, in our line of work, the confidentiality measures are very strict, and the employer's information is basically untraceable." In fact, Han Feng also expected this situation, so he did not have any expectations on this issue. When did you begin to accept this commission? Han Feng asked again. Last October.

    "Long-haired man answered very simply, he knew that he had exposed his identity, the commission is basically can not go on, although professional ethics told him, for these feelings." Strictly confidential, but he also knows that this Korean style is not easy to deal with, which can be seen in this very frightening state. Moreover, because Han Feng can have a close contact with the target person, he also investigated Han Feng's information by the way. Although they are all well-known intelligence, he also knows from those intelligence that Han Feng's success is not as simple as luck and family background. He simply can't mention the courage to play tricks with him. Name "Li Liang." "Occupation." "A private detective." — "Has anyone else had the same commission before that?" "I don't know." "How long is the commission?" "Half a year." "Specific content." "Monitor all the information of Li Shanshan and record her daily life.." "Contact information with the client." "E-mail." 。 In a quick question and answer, Han Feng constantly obtained information from Li Liang's mouth, as if to convince Han Feng that he did not lie, Li Liang answered quickly, basically Han Feng just asked out, he immediately picked up. Han Feng's questions are also very skillful, which can not only make him return enough information most likely, but also detect whether the other party has concealed the facts to a certain extent. After all, in the process of this quick question and answer, if you lie, it is easy to make mistakes, and if this happens,Narrow aisle rack, Han Feng is bound to take some special measures. Pulling Li Liang and his chair to the back of the computer monitor, Han Feng moved a chair from elsewhere, then sat in front of his computer and began to operate.

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