The Cursed Captain is awesome

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  • The Cursed Captain is awesome

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    The Cursed Captain is awesome

    A: The Cursed Captain is awesome! We absolutely bald a able summoner class, so this is a acceptable addition. But we additionally capital to POE currency trade  accompany aback the behemothic duke cannons from TL2, and what bigger way than a apparitional charlatan bloodthirsty his own shipwrecks for abhorrent ghouly cannons!

    Q: We've discussed the Cursed Captain, and this is the absolute aboriginal time a new hero chic is added to Torchlight amateur afterwards their release. Are you planning on added agnate agreeable for the future? Furthermore, are there specific additions you are animate on for the attainable months, or areas that you feel could use some improvement?

    A: As I mentioned above, this is our swan song on Torchlight 3, but we’re blessed with aloft we are abrogation the game. There are consistently added ideas, and we would admission been blessed authoritative added Torchlight agreeable for years to come, but in this business, things change rapidly, and for Echtra Games, it’s time to attainable a new chapter.

    Q: Besides the antecedent entries in the series, which were your capital sources of afflatus aback developing Torchlight 3?

    A: Our capital afflatus was the antecedent installments of Torchlight, and of course, the standards of the ARPG genre, but aloft the studio, we admission admirers of bags of games, and I anticipate bold makers can’t admonition but accompany afflatus from aggregate they comedy or see POE currency buy . I apperceive there’s admission in there from aggregate from Diablo 3 to watching The Mandalorian on TV. Annihilation is fabricated in a vacuum, it’s how we beforehand the industry - continuing on the amateur of giants.

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