The Daughter of Time Travel Matches Her Painting Style-yuan Man (Common Number: Xitulanya House of Everything)

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  • The Daughter of Time Travel Matches Her Painting Style-yuan Man (Common Number: Xitulanya House of Everything)

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    The Daughter of Time Travel Matches Her Painting Style-yuan Man (Common Number: Xitulanya House of Everything)

    Wu Tingting saw Jiang Xinyan fell so discomfited, there were men to court her, but also completely ignored her, although she did not like Lin Tianyang, but the woman's vanity made her jealous again. When she saw people coming to work one after another, she said, "Oh, the world is really getting worse. Even if you want to pull and pull, you have to go back to the house first. How much it affects the appearance of the village on this road." Onlookers of the villagers do not know what happened, only to hear Wu Tingting's words thought that they had met the scene of rape, all came up to watch the excitement, condemning Jiang Xinyan and Jiang Xinyan who was supported by Lin Tianyang. I've never heard that Yang Wazi and Jiang Zhiqing are dating. Why are they pulling and pulling here in broad daylight? This is hooliganism. "Now girls are really not reserved, and they jump on men when they see them." Jiang Xinyan was speechless. Some people in later generations loved to look at pictures and make up stories. Unexpectedly, some people now love to look at scenes and open their brains. They don't know the cause and effect of things. After listening to Wu Tingting's words, they quoted out of context to accuse them. Jiang Xinyan laughed angrily. As the saying goes, different people have different views. People who are not serious are not serious when they see anything. They don't know what kind of people they think they belong to? And I sprained my foot and couldn't stand up by myself. Comrade Renlin saw me like this and kindly helped me. What's wrong? Jiang Xinyan first put a big hat on the onlookers, and then told the reason why her legs and feet were inconvenient. She wanted to raise them first, which made the onlookers feel guilty, and they didn't want to sit in the right seat and bring themselves into the people behind them. But there are still some discordant voices, "Even if you fall, isn't there Wu Zhiqing beside you?"? Why did you let Lin Tianyang help you? Jiang Xinyan Mi Mi eyes, took a look at that person, she stood next to a beautiful Li, interesting. "I want to, too, but Wu Zhiqing didn't mean to help me. Otherwise,ceramic bobbin heater, if I sit on the ground, I won't have someone to help me until Comrade Lin comes." Jiang Xinyan stretched out her injured foot at the right time. In addition, she really twisted her foot. It really hurt. Her face was white with pain. She was good-looking. At this time, she really looked pitiful. The villagers who were watching felt guilty again. They all looked at the person who made a discordant voice and Wu Tingting who did nothing to save her. Wu Zhiqing, this is your fault. Jiang Zhiqing sprained his foot and fell to the ground. Since you saw it, why didn't you go up and help him? At least you are all educated youth. Shouldn't you support each other? "Maybe it's because I'm jealous of Jiang Zhiqing's handsome appearance that I don't want to help him?" Jiang Xinyan reversed the war situation in a few words, looking back at the villagers pointing at Wu Tingting, Jiang Xinyan just want to say, do not die. It is true that Wu Tingting's art of speaking has improved, but in terms of acting skills, Jiang Xinyan feels that she herself is not a cover. Later generations of TV dramas, psychology, and workplace experience have taught her how to put things on her side. For Wu Tingting, cordierite c520 ,ceramic bobbin heater core, a professional who finds fault, she has already walked around. As a result, she is still so unrelenting. If she doesn't go back, others will think that she is afraid of her. Although the body and mind were comfortable after the attack, Jiang Xinyan was not in the mood to continue to entangle with her. She was hit just now, and her foot was twisted. Now the pain is so severe that cold sweat comes out on her forehead. Does it hurt? Lin Tianyang asked worriedly. Yeah, it hurts. Probably dislocated, "said Jiang Xinyan." I'll take you to the doctor. Please give way. Jiang Zhiqing said her leg was very painful. I'll take her to see a doctor first. Hearing this, Lin Tianyang did not care what men and women were not close to each other. He picked up Jiang Xinyan and left. Health station "This female Comrade is dislocated, a little muscle sprain, no big problem, I have helped her bone, these two days as little activity as possible, less on the ground, and after going back, rub her with bone-setting wine every day to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis." "Yes, thank you, doctor." Jiang Xinyan's foot was injured and she couldn't walk, so Lin Tianyang rode a bicycle specially when he came.

    Sitting on the back of the bicycle, looking at her injured foot, Jiang Xinyan was extremely depressed, she was not the woman, especially Wu Tingting said, we are all cannon fodder, why is it too urgent to fry each other? Then Jiang Xinyan looked at Lin Tianyang, who was riding a bicycle in front of her. She was also cannon fodder, but this cannon fodder was much more lovely than Wu Tingting's finding fault. She sent her to see a doctor and took care of her legs and feet. She rode a bicycle. It was so sweet that she was an angel in the devil's skin. Lin Tianwang did not have eyes on the back of his head, but it did not prevent him from feeling Jiang Xinyan's burning eyes. Suddenly, his body was stiff and his feet moved faster. Back home, Lin's father and mother had not finished work yet. There was only one baby in the house, Lin Tianjiao. When she saw Jiang Xinyan and Lin Tianyang coming back, she was very sensible to help Lin Tianyang open the door, so that Lin Tianyang could take Jiang Xinyan back to her house. Then he brought a cup of boiled water and looked at her sincerely with his small eyes like a deer. Sister Xinyan, are you in pain? "It hurt at first, but it doesn't hurt now." Jiang Xinyan looked at Lin Tianjiao a face of good pain, funny in turn to comfort her. When Lin Tianjiao saw that her expression was the same as before, she believed her words and grinned. At dinner in the evening, Jiang Xinyan put a stewed pig's feet in her bowl and looked at Lin Mu in surprise. This She was a little embarrassed, although there was a meat dish on the table, but the pig's feet were in her own bowl, and she was embarrassed to eat them. Seeing her like this, Mother Lin said with a smile, "Eat quickly. It's been a hundred days since you hurt your muscles and bones. Although you've only sprained it,Kamado bbq grill, you still have to mend it.". The pig's feet are stewed so badly that you can get better quickly if you eat them. Thank you, aunt. Aunt, you are so kind to me. "You're welcome. You're far away from your parents and family. It's not easy for a girl to come all the way to the countryside to be an educated youth. Aunt also has a daughter. How can you not have the heart to be nice to you?" 。

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