The inverse of heaven

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  • The inverse of heaven

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    The inverse of heaven

    "How do you want me to say clearly ah, people are your Luo family, from before entering the land of heaven, your Luo family on the small action constantly, until so many things, is not all the responsibility of your Luo family, this tracking is good to say is eight cooperation, finally we are not led by the nose by the younger generation of your family, don't always like to start, with you that is not a climate of recklessness." What can you do to me? In the face of the violent Luo without fear, Qu Fengchi said with disdain. Before Luo could react without fear, a strong wind suddenly came to his side, and when he turned to hide, he felt a light hand, and Luo Yan, who had been caught under his ribs, was snatched away. Don't pay any attention to those two idiots. Let them fight if they want to. Luo Yan, you point out the direction. Let's go! It was the long-browed old man with the highest cultivation in the team who grabbed Luoyan. After Luoyan pointed out the direction, his figure immediately turned into a streamer and passed away in the distance, followed by five other masters. After looking at each other with Qu Fengchi, Luo Wuwei turned his head to make a disdainful expression at the same time, and ran after the long-browed old man in the direction of his departure. It was a matter of the interests of their respective families. As family elders, they naturally would not spoil the event because of disputes. To reach the peak, even if you can't fly,inflatable amusement park, you can only use your feet to travel at full speed. How fast is this speed? Just look at the old man with long eyebrows. It took him less than five minutes to pass a hundred miles under his feet. Luo Yan, is that ancient style entering this dense forest? Are you sure? The old man looked doubtfully at the dark mountain forest in front of him and asked. The jungle, which covered thousands of miles, gave him a very dangerous feeling. It was completely different from the other jungles he met along the way. It was dark here, and the light outside seemed to be swallowed up by the mysterious jungle. Yes, I'm sure! Luo Yan in reply at the same time, secretly complained in the heart, about the impact of the jungle on his detection, was just a casual remark,Inflatable bouncer, but did not expect to become a fact, in a hundred miles away, he used the wind to detect, can only go deep into the jungle less than a hundred meters, now has come to the edge of the jungle, his detection range is only expanded to five hundred meters, farther away, usually such as the arm of the wind By rights, this is a completely impossible thing for him to have the spirit of the wind. So can you feel the ancient position now? Long eyebrows hesitated for a moment and then asked. No, this jungle is so strange that my detection ability can only extend less than 50 meters, and I don't know if it will shrink further after entering. Luo Yan did not hesitate to answer, in the scope of detection he deliberately shrank to one tenth, but usually cautious habit, Luo Yan's motto of life is one more card, one less risk! Novel-txt Paradise Chapter 2: The Battle of the Rules "It seems that there is no way, Luo Yan's detection has been useless, Inflatable indoor park ,Inflatable water park factory, can only rely on us to enter here to search, I just tried, not only Luo Yan's detection is limited, even the general perception is greatly reduced, my perception can detect the range of only one third of the normal state." "Such a large dense forest, even if we increase our manpower ten times, we may not be able to search, so it is impossible to concentrate, we can only act separately, no matter which one finds the target first, we must use the whistle to warn, and we all work together to take down the crafty boy." The long-browed old man finished, without waiting for the rest of the people to react, threw Luo Yan into Luo's fearless arms, and the whole person swished into the jungle. His vigorous style made the remaining seven peak people stunned for half a second. Jia Zhangyi, the old fox, is so cunning. To put it nicely, when he meets Gu Feng, he immediately whistles to warn him. I dare to bet with Luo's fearless brain that if this old man meets Gu Feng first, he will definitely take all the benefits. We can't even get a hair. Jia Zhangyi, false loyalty, everyone, I'm one step ahead. I can't let that old man take all the benefits. The first aftertaste is Qu Fengchi, at the end of the voice at the same time the body also burst into the jungle.

    "Qu Fengchi, you dead shemale, tell me clearly. Why do you bet with my brain? Stop." With a loud roar, Luo followed Qu Fengchi into the jungle. Luo Yan in his arms was thrown aside by him. The other six masters, after looking at each other, also entered the jungle one after another. From beginning to end, no one looked at Luo Yan. It's really realistic. After seeing that I'm useless. Just kick it away. Luo Wudao, are you really brainless or pretending? If it is the latter, you can disguise yourself for thousands of years, and this scheming is deep enough. Luo Yan muttered in a low voice as he lifted his feet into the jungle. Although he was not as strong as the top eight, he had a significant advantage-detection. Those on the top of the eight peaks are all practitioners of the art of body cultivation. The pipe grade is very high. However, in terms of mental strength, it is equivalent to a spiritual master below level 10. Like Wang Lin, those who practice both can be said to be phoenix feathers and scales. Among them, Jia Zhangyi, who has the highest practice, has a range of perception and detection of only about 150 meters. After being suppressed by the mysterious forces of the jungle, the range of detection is only 50 or 60 meters. The weirdness of the jungle, however, affected the eight. The master of clan tracking also affected Wang Lin. After entering the jungle, he discovered the strangeness here. Not long after entering the jungle, the originally obedient and docile earthworm became very irritable, and even tried to break away from Wang Lin's control. Wang Lin took it into the badge at the first time. In fact, even if the earthworm does not behave so abnormally, Wang Lin will put it. Put it away First, because of its huge body, it is easy to leave traces for the eight masters when crawling. Second, in this dark jungle, there is not necessarily what kind of danger lurks. Too large targets are also easy to attract danger. Already several kilometers deep into the jungle, Wang Linyue felt abnormal,Inflatable dry slide, he always felt. There seemed to be countless pairs of eyes staring at him in the forest. If he had passed through several jungles before, he would have been attacked by strange beasts in the forest when he entered so far. You should know that the strange beasts in the land of heaven have a strong concept of the field. No matter how powerful the enemy invades, they will fight with it.

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