The law of averages being what it is

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  • The law of averages being what it is

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    The law of averages being what it is

    The law of averages being what it is, not every new addition to Path Of Exile can be a winner. This expansion brings one major regression. Previously, Grinding Gear had taken the new monster modifiers they created for the Archnemesis league and made them standard throughout the whole game. They (and their players) have determined that it didn't quite work, frequently creating unpredictable and deadly difficulty spikes, so they're axing that and replacing it with a whole new pool of simpler, more readable perks and modifiers for monsters to spawn with POE currency trade .

    (Image credit: Grinding Gear Games)
    They've also pruned the endgame-modifying Atlas skill grid a little to give players a little more freedom and ensure they don't have to invest in loot-boosting modifiers for major bosses. The endgame is also expanding a little with another two Atlas Memories—story-driven quest chains giving a bit more structure to the otherwise non-linear endgame, including one focused on the Bestiary, letting you capture rare monsters to sacrifice in several new crafting rituals to create powerful gear.

    As for those holding out hope for more news on the years-delayed Path Of Exile 2 (and the even lesser-seen PoE Mobile), Grinding Gear are keeping those under wraps until the next Exilecon in New Zealand next July, where release dates will be announced and both games will be playable. As for this year, The Forbidden Sanctum update drops on December 9, and as always, you'll have to roll a new character in order to play the new content or Ruthless mode.

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