The mulberry has not fallen.

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  • The mulberry has not fallen.

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    The mulberry has not fallen.

    All right, all right, very soon. My God, is it so horrible? You already look scarier than the scariest ghost in there. He sighed, covered my eyes with one hand, pushed me stumbling forward with the other, and whispered in my ear, "Just go, don't worry about anything." With my eyes closed, my hands still grasped his clothes instinctively. At that time, the black paint inside was smeared and the atmosphere was tense and horrible, but the ambiguous posture was not noticed at all. As he walked, he suddenly stopped. "Have you arrived, brother?" I asked timidly. Ignore me. I carefully removed his hand from my eyes, and he froze and rolled his eyes upward. I looked up subconsciously. The tongue of a hangman fell on my face. Ah An earth-shattering scream rang through the haunted house. Ten minutes later, I was slumped in a stone chair outside the haunted house, my eyes glazed, my hair disheveled, my face sobbing. Ren Shuyu, don't say I know you. This is the lowest haunted house, the lowest. He stared at me with a chilling look, as if I should commit suicide to thank the world. So I cried even more. All right, don't cry. He took out a wet towel to wipe my tears. "With your quality, I guess you can only play the merry-go-round." I trailed him,304 Stainless Steel Wire, not daring to dissent. There were a lot of people at the merry-go-round, and it took a long time to get our turn. I ate what he bought and Lu Xue, and my hands gradually stopped trembling. The music sounded, not a happy children's song, but a very slow song. I don't think it's Chinese or English. I don't understand what it's singing at all, but it's really nice. We rode on two wooden horses, and when the prelude was over, the wooden horse began to spin slowly. He appeared in my sight one moment and disappeared the next. I laughed stupidly when I saw him. It was only one o'clock after lunch at the restaurant in the amusement park. Going back so early is not only too hot, but also a waste of free play opportunities. Flipping through the propaganda materials and seeing that I wanted to express my opinion but dared not open my mouth, he despised me angrily. All right, look at your pitiful virtue, just forget the roller coaster. I immediately obsequiously gave him the kiwi pulp in the shaved ice to eat. Labyrinth, everyone who has played PC games will not be unfamiliar, Stainless Steel Square Pipe ,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, is the kind of big house with treasures and forks in the road. It is the only way for the protagonist to earn money and pick up treasures. I was nurtured by Lin Feng tirelessly, and it was hard not to know. The maze of the amusement park is located in the bamboo forest. Starting from the entrance and arriving at the exit within half an hour is a success. Those who spend the least time in a month can also get a mysterious gift package. Of course, you can also take the treasures in the bamboo forest, as long as you are not afraid of wasting time. At first, Xiao ran led the way. When it comes to walking in a maze, I think it's safest to follow him quietly without making a noise. He had a plan for me to walk on the winding road, ignoring the box where the treasure was stored. Several times I tried to mention him to open the box, but I kept my mouth shut. Today's performance is extremely bad, and I really feel guilty. Almost twenty minutes had passed, and we were still circling around inside. His face gradually darkened, and he looked at his watch from time to time. I didn't dare to breathe for fear of being angry. Twenty-three minutes later, I finally couldn't help saying, "Can I try?" He glanced at me, hesitated, and answered, "All right." I'm not delusional. He's based on a belief in my abilities. He agreed to let me try mostly because I he had decided to give up the game. In that case, I will play it unscrupulously. I immediately ran to the nearest box. Open, what a beautiful scarf, I did not hesitate to keep it for myself. As a boy, he can't put on a scarf to show off. By analogy, my goal is not a way out, but a box containing treasures, from a small mirror to an eyebrow pencil, and even a copy of Shen Congwen's Border Town. At the same time, Xiao ran's face is also more and more ugly. I am happy and enjoy it. Each box is a treasure waiting for me to dig, take them out, and I even have a kind of pride that Bian He dug out He Shi Bi. When I pounced on the seventh box, I couldn't bear it any more. "Do you have to have these things?"? Come out with me.

    ” Ignoring him, the amethyst hairpin in the box is as beautiful as a dream. He was so quick that he grabbed the hairpin and threw it on the ground. At that moment, a miracle happened. A row of bamboos in front of us suddenly broke off, and we looked at each other and tried to walk forward. The exit is on our left. Congratulations. You are the tenth guest to successfully navigate the maze this month. The staff were all smiles. What's the number? I seem to see the mysterious prize smiling at me. Number ten. His smile was still impeccable, and the prize had stumbled away from me with its little wings fluttering. I cried. Xiao ran, if I had gone first at the beginning, maybe it would have been No.1. "Forget it. A blind cat catches a dead mouse. He really thinks of himself as a treasure." He rolled his eyes disapprovingly at the sky. This gentleman, there is necessity in chance. Most of the people who get out of this maze are women, and the ones who take the least time are girls. The staff really went the extra mile. I smirk, smirk. The haze of playing haunted houses has long been swept away. You seldom come to these places before? The sun was setting when we got out of the amusement park. Uh I nodded and didn't feel embarrassed. "My parents used to teach me to study hard, go to a famous school in the future, and find a good job after graduation.". At that time, when you have everything,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, you can rest assured that you can play boldly without worrying about overnight food. I often warn myself not to always think about playing, put all my time on learning, and there will be plenty of opportunities to play in the future. "Do you believe in such nonsense?" He sneered.

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