The President's Nine Contracts

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  • The President's Nine Contracts

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    The President's Nine Contracts

    "Yes!"! I can stand it! Her hand subconsciously brushed the slightly bulging lower abdomen, the child has been more than three months, after the doctor confirmed that the first three months of critical period, after last night to see Tieshu blossom, she finally dared to start, come here! "But Miss Wen, are you sure the master will really come to the North Pole?" Qiyan frowned. When Wen Qing begged him to send a plane to the North Pole a few hours ago, he was really shocked! "He's not dead!" She suddenly said excitedly that it was the belief she had always insisted on in her heart, "Qiyan, I don't believe he's really dead!"! But Apart from the North Pole, I can't think of where he would go. For three months, she repeatedly recalled every minute and second they had spent, and she repeatedly thought about his last act of peeling apples for her! Does that mean that he actually wants to tell her that he will be safe? This belief, over the years, has become increasingly strong in her heart, she remembered every word he said, every word, he said, Tieshu blossom, take her to the North Pole! She believed the promise! Just then, Qiyan's communicator, through the pilot's transfer on the plane, answered. "Qiyan, Wen Qing is missing. Do you know where she is?" The other party is Ma Cangzhe's call. Qiyan sighed, "Well, she's with me.". We're flying to the North Pole! "What?"? The Arctic Ma Cangzhe's voice over there was in a high tone! Damn! Do you go crazy with her? She's still pregnant! I know, that's what I'm worried about. But in order to find the master, I am willing to try! In Qiyan's voice, there seemed to be a decision. Ma Cangzhe was silent for a moment, then said clearly, "Well!"! Then you must take good care of her! Let her come back safely! "I will, don't worry!" Qiyan paused, "help me take care of Aka." "Good boy!"! I will! By the way, if you really find Zhan Shao, remember to take a picture and send it to me. I'd like to see if that guy really went to hold a polar bear! Ma Cangzhe's teasing words made Qiyan's heavy heart suddenly relaxed,industrial racking systems, and his mouth could not help smiling, nodding and closing the line. Perhaps it was Miss Wen's firm belief that gave them strength! At this moment, they seem to begin to believe that the cold master is still alive in this world. Looking down from the transparent window of the plane, there is a snow-covered world. The North Pole, as if it had magic, the vast mountains, rolling, the vast ice and snow on the land and islands, looked distant and quiet, seemed to symbolize some eternal stillness! And this piece of pure white quiet, but cold incomparable world, and the sky into a line, is so spectacular, so wonderful! When Wen Qing saw the world covered with ice and snow, her whole heart seemed to wake up and beat, and she seemed to feel that there must be a place she was looking for in this strange land! "Qiyan, you pay attention to that side, I pay attention to this side!" She pointed to the ice and snow area under the window of the plane, heavy duty metal racking ,medium duty racking, indicating that one of them was responsible for observing the situation on one side.

    Qiyan nodded and handed the ultra-high definition telescope to Wen Qing. "Miss Wen, in short, you should pay attention to your body. If you have any inadaptability, you should tell me immediately. We will evacuate immediately!" Taking the telescope from Qiyan, she nodded, put the telescope on her eyes, looked down from the window, and began to search. In this territory of glacial snow, she saw beautiful scenery that she had never seen in her life. Under the mountains, the river was covered with ice and snow, and she saw the shadow of the polar bear shuttling through it! When the plane crossed the mountains, she saw a vast expanse of white jungle, and she could see the reindeer running and jumping in the jungle! She even saw a glacier-covered village in the jungle! There are houses made of pieces of ice! She saw that in the village, there were Eskimos in fur, leading several Alaskan Malamute dogs, pulling sleds around the village. Heart, as if all of a sudden by this calm and happy scenes shook! Even in the cold Arctic, it still does not affect them to find happiness here. [Odd `book `net `whole.. Reason 'mention.. Supply ] 08 Falcon Eagle Chapter In the blink of an eye, more than five months have passed. However, the search is not an easy task. Wenqing and Qiyan, in this snow-covered glacier world, have been searching back and forth alternately in Moscow and the Arctic for more than five months, watching Wenqing's belly grow bigger day by day, as big as gongs and drums, but still nothing! "Miss Wen, you'd better not go this time!" Qiyan stared at Wenqing's stomach, really can not bear, for more than five months, they almost flew all over the Arctic, but still no news of the owner! To be honest, if Miss Wen hadn't insisted, he would have been discouraged! After all, the master encountered an explosion, the possibility of crushing is not without ah! "No!"! Qiyan, I insist on going! No matter how long, I always believe that only here is the place where he really belongs! Wen Qing is as firm as ever! Holding her big belly carefully in both hands, because of the child, she firmly believed that there were people in the world who had the same blood as the child! That man is her cold beast, her Zhan! With mixed feelings, Qiyan sighed and compromised again. I don't know how many times the plane has flown to the Arctic region. Perhaps today, they will still be the same as usual, nothing. Does Wen Qing not know the concerns of Qiyan? Through the telescope, she looked at the scenery that had been repeated countless times every day, and her eyes, which had been looking forward to, were getting dimmer and dimmer. However, the child is growing up day by day, and she clearly feels the fresh life in her stomach, reminding her that her father is still alive! Under the plane, passing by the jungle, the snowy village, the house made of ice, her eyes suddenly shed tears. This vast expanse, Zhan, where on earth are you? Suddenly, from the snow-covered village,Automated warehouse systems, several sled dogs, pulling sleds, ran quickly on the ice and snow.

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