The rise of Man Jiang

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  • The rise of Man Jiang

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    The rise of Man Jiang

    The Japanese and the Russians have withdrawn from the Northeast, and the Chinese have gained Taiwan. Although the Russians and the Japanese are still fighting fiercely in Korea, they are pulling the Japanese and the Russians to the negotiating table little by little, helping them redivide their "sphere of influence" in the Far East. Now international public opinion is unanimous in praising them. Roosevelt thought he would hear thanks from the Chinese-at least in his view, the Chinese should thank him. But in fact, despite the official thanks, the Chinese people are not buying it. Even China, the country is in the midst of anger toward the United States. They don't even know. Roosevelt, with a slight irritation in his voice, said in an accusatory tone. Without me. In an affirmative tone, John Hay smiled at the heart. Without me, they would not have been able to end the conflict with the Japanese so easily, or even get the whole of Taiwan, but they.. Affirmation again, more annoyance. Those Chinese don't even know how to be grateful to the United States. Standing up, with his hand on the top of the firm desk, Roosevelt looked at John Hay and said almost word for word. I thought we were supposed to receive gratitude, but instead we received anger and ridicule. The resistance from the Chinese people can not help but make Roosevelt feel angry,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, which is like being used, then thrown aside and stepped on two feet, which can only make people feel humiliated. We must lodge our protest with the Chinese government and demand that they.. "They also asked us to explain." John Hay interrupted the president. Mr. President, the growing boycott of the United States in China is, first of all, triggered by China's China policy. Although we have given a lot of help to the Chinese government in this conflict, Mr. President,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, we cannot deny that the "Restriction of Chinese Business in the United States Treaty" is indeed tantamount to humiliating the Chinese people and even their government. "John Hay, Chinese workers should not compete with our own workers. Cheap labor means cheap citizenship." In the face of John Hay's admission of his mistake, President Roosevelt said, not without arrogance, but with great seriousness at the same time. Maybe now China is like an inflated balloon, and the victory in the Northeast has made them get a little carried away, so they will launch a boycott movement. "Ambition" Roosevelt, who was sitting behind the firm desk again, uttered two words with a solemn expression. Ambition, Chinese, Japanese, they are expressing their ambitions in different ways, Glass Cosmestic Containers ,Oil Dropper Bottle, and these ambitions will undoubtedly seriously damage the interests of the United States. At this time, Roosevelt put aside the problem of "boycotting American goods" and analyzed the Far East from a small problem as if "looking through the surface to see the essence". Now the eyes of the whole world are staring at the upcoming decisive battle between the navies of Russia and Japan, but without exception, they all ignore the dispute between China and the Netherlands in Southeast Asia, but they simply do not know what kind of stimulus China's expansion will have on Japan once the Chinese get Borneo. Roosevelt's expression was so solemn that it gave people the illusion that he was talking about a matter of life and death for the United States. Damn the Japanese, if they see that the Chinese actually got Borneo by blackmail, their ambitions will be inflated to the extreme, and then maybe they will try their best to blackmail the Russians. Hay just kept smiling as he listened to the president's analysis. It seemed to him that the president, who had forgotten the purpose of their earlier conversation, was clearly not worried about the Russians. Of course, when Russia's defeat is inevitable, the extreme blackmail will only deepen the contradiction between Japan and Russia, so this is still acceptable. In front of the Secretary of State, Roosevelt did not conceal his views, in fact, it was under the guidance of this view that he used the threat of "stopping providing loans" to force Japan to agree to the "Korea-Taiwan exchange", which was undoubtedly aimed at deepening the contradiction between China and Japan.

    "But if the Chinese get Borneo, and the Japanese defeat the Russians and try to squeeze Russia, their ambitions will expand further, and then they may threaten the Philippines and even Hawaii." The voice of Roosevelt, who stood up, seemed a little excited, as if he had seen the Japanese attack on the Philippines and Hawaii. Balance and restraint, counterbalance and competition. John Hay uttered a few words slowly. Roosevelt was familiar with the first one, but he could not understand the last one for the time being. John Haye, speak more carefully. "Mr. President, is it possible for us to curb Japanese ambitions now?" John Hay cast his eyes on the president. Americans are not willing to fight. The subtext of Roosevelt's words is obvious, the United States can not confront Japan, Congress can not approve, military action against Spain, despite the "Maine" as a bait, but until now there are too many domestic opposition, for the right to build the Panama Canal, the United States has chosen to use "bribery". Give every Colombian soldier $100 to win the war by bribing the soldiers. Confronting Japan is not only difficult to pass relevant bills in Congress, but also unacceptable to the vast majority of Americans, at least until the Japanese ride on the top of the Americans, but Roosevelt will never tolerate the Japanese riding on his neck to fight back. In that case, let Japan be finished through competition. John Hay's words seemed a little rude, and he added one last sentence. At least use confrontation to keep their ambitions from being realized. Roosevelt, sitting back behind his desk, gazed at John Hay and motioned for him to go on. There is no doubt that after winning the naval battle,oil dropper bottle, Japan will win a great victory in the war against Russia, thus further expanding its influence in the Far East and the Pacific region, where Japan's aggressive expansion momentum will also seriously threaten the interests of the United States. 。

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