The second volume is complete

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  • The second volume is complete

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    The second volume is complete

    But all the teachers who are familiar with him know very well that he is famous for hiding a knife in his smile when he pays attention to the public account of Muyu Life. Not make a big mistake, will not come to the college as a teacher at all, but in. Ji Hongbin glanced at the vice dean beside him. "Don't you think they have your style?" The vice president narrowed his eyes and said angrily, "What do you mean?" The corners of Ji Hongbin's mouth twitched slightly, showing a strange smile: "Fat Fox, what are you pretending to be?" Fitting? I don't believe you didn't see it. "Shut up." The vice president stared at Ji Hongbin angrily with his small eyes. But Ji Hongbin put his arm around his shoulder and said, "Well, I still can't put it down, can I?"? The vice president sighed, "How can you put it down?"? But it's better now. 。 Just stepped down Thinking about how to go back every day, I don't know how many people I have found and how much effort I have made. Can Unfortunately, I've offended someone. I can't go back. Ji Hongbin said with a wry smile, "Do you call that offending people?"? You .……” "Well, well, the hero does not mention the courage of that year, does not say, does not say." The deputy dean quickly interrupted. His words. Ji Hongbin raised his finger and shook his head helplessly. The vice president snorted coldly, "If you don't let me go back,tape measure clip, I'll let them have a look. In the college, I can still Do great things. Hum! This little guy is good. What's his name? He pointed to Lan Xuan on the screen. Yu. Mu Chongtian hastened forward and said respectfully, "His name is Lan Xuanyu." "Well, when the examination is over, let him come to me." The vice president's eyes narrowed slightly, and there was a faint light in his eyes. Mang twinkles. Ji Hongbin beside him was startled: "Fatty, don't teach the child bad!" The vice president looked innocent: "How is that possible?"? I'm such an easy-going person. Ji Hongbin said angrily,Surveyors tape measure, "Are you easy-going?"? You're easy-going. At this time, in the examination field, the battle was going on like tea. The maze is not too big, just to avoid the students not meeting their opponents for half a day. At this time, The students who have met are fighting against each other, and they are having a lot of fun. There were even three groups of students colliding. Together, into a melee situation. And Lan Xuanyu three people at this time is still behind the stone pile, sitting there to conserve energy. Qian Lei lowered his voice and said, "Listen, it seems that there is a battle not far from us." Where's. I faintly heard some voices. Would you like to go out and have a look? They should all be fighting by now. Right? ' "Don't be impatient. We're not in a hurry." Lan Xuanyu said. They had heard footsteps twice before. Not far from them, there is another intersection. Previously, the stone statue was kept. At the crossroads, Wheel tape measure ,Fish measuring board, when they found Lan Xuanyu, they moved to their side. Past the crossroads Students will naturally look at this side subconsciously, and when they see a dead end, they will not come over. I know there are still three people hiding here. How calm you are! Liu Feng couldn't help saying. After he had the increase of Lan Xuanyu, his fighting capacity was greatly improved, and he was eager to go out. Go fight. Fight with the others. Children of their age are eager to express themselves, especially in the high-energy junior class. So it is. Lan Xuanyu shrugged his shoulders and said, "It's not that I'm calm, but that there's no need to be reckless.". You Did you forget? We have confirmed that we will not be eliminated in the first semester. 。 Of course we can be like them now. Take the initiative to go out to fight, and with our current situation, the result should not be too bad. But, I How can we judge how many opponents we will meet? But it's different to wait here. Wait a little longer and say Maybe we really have the possibility of winning the championship. When we are sure that we will not be eliminated, of course we will. Choose to work toward the highest goal. It's as simple as that! Yes! It's as simple as that. Hearing what he said, the anxiety in the hearts of Qian Lei and Liu Feng suddenly disappeared. Isn't it? They have There is no risk of being eliminated, so why rush to success? Waiting for the best opportunity to win the championship is undoubtedly the most correct choice to pay attention to Muyu Life Public Number.

    Hearing what he said, Qian Lei immediately understood, raised his eyebrows, smiled, and said: Then let them fight a little longer. When it's quiet, we won't go out to clean up the mess. Wrong Lan Xuanyu smiled: "Rest, rest for a while." At this time, Lv Qianxun, Ye Lingtong and another companion of their group, Chang Jianyi, were walking fast. In. They had just defeated a group of classmates and were looking for others. Lv Qianxun walked in the front, and Ye Lingtong and Chang Jianyi walked behind him on both sides. Of the three, Lv Qianxun and Ye Lingtong are both strong attack department soul masters, while Chang Chuangyi is the control department soul. Division, this is a very strong combination. Especially in the case of low cultivation, the soul of the control system and the auxiliary system The role of the division is not too obvious, but with two strong attack department soul division, they themselves have considerable advantages. Potential. Lv Qianxun is the oldest in the class. He is nine years old this year. His soul power has been reached. Nineteen, this semester, he is expected to break through to twenty, with the second soul ring. He always admitted it. Because I am the best in my class. But he never thought that in this morning's test, Lan Xuanyu was the only one to win. The man who got two plus signs did not even get two plus signs. Although he ranked first in the total score, It was Lan Xuanyu who was the first to have the qualification not to be eliminated. Lv Qianxun did not have any opinions about Lan Xuanyu three people, because he never treated them as three people. Become a competitor, but the heart is still very uncomfortable. After the start of the actual combat examination, he was holding back his general strength in his heart, and in any case,horse weight tape, he would be in this examination. Get good results and win the final championship. Chapter 106 The golden lion roars When they met a group of opponents earlier, they beat each other very easily. Monitor, would you like to slow down? Chang Jianyi suggested.

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