The speed of light leader

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  • The speed of light leader

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    The speed of light leader

    However, such glory, for Zhao Zhiyun, is not a good thing, at least his desire to be forgotten has failed. About two hours after the end of the game, he received invitations from many school clubs, the first of which was the head coach of the School of Economics and the school's two-level football team, then the leader of the school's basketball team who saw his amazing jumping ability, and the coaches of the track and field team who were fascinated by his speed. The most ridiculous thing was that even the judo team wanted to get a piece of the cake, saying that Zhao Zhiyun's strong body could not be better for practicing judo. Such a warm invitation is really hard to refuse, but Zhao Zhiyun played Taiji pushing hands and refused everyone's invitation on the pretext that the semester was coming to an end and he was preparing to take the final exam. Such liveliness, which can be less than the school journalism students. However, their interview was blocked by the students who had fallen out with each other. Today, Zhao Zhiyun's entire male apartment is boiling, where most of the students are from the School of Economics. For a long time, the football team of the Department of Economics has never defeated the football team of the Department of Biology. Today, it is only a newly formed team of miscellaneous brands that has defeated their opponents in an exaggerated way. It can be said that Zhao Zhiyun has greatly helped them to breathe a bad breath. When Zhao Zhiyun and his team members triumphantly returned to the dormitory, they were immediately surrounded by everyone. They laughed loudly,MBR reactor, made a lot of noise, and clamored for a celebration meeting. As a result, the celebration turned into a carnival, and the whole dormitory fell into hysterical madness. The reporters of the news agency came to the dormitory excitedly with their cameras, and in front of them was a bustling crowd, which could not go up to the top floor for interviews at all. This is not to mention that the reporters were forced to go to the conference hall on the 13th floor to revel together, and the scene was extremely hot. By the way,Belt Filter Press, I would like to explain the structure of the student dormitory building of Yanhuang University. In order to provide students with an environment for rest and relaxation, and to better shorten the distance between students living in the dormitory, there is a space for leisure and entertainment on the thirteenth floor of each dormitory building. In addition to a large conference hall, there is a fitness room and a small cultural and sports center, which has a number of billiards and table tennis tables, of course, there is inevitably a small magnetic card telephone room for students to contact their families. All these fully demonstrate the people-oriented philosophy of Yanhuang University. Zhao Zhiyun is pressing the keyboard in front of Ouyang Qingtian's computer at the moment. Back in the dormitory, he remembered that there was still an important job to be done, and if Chen Siru came to ask for the manuscript, he would be in trouble. It is not realistic to go to the library now, not to mention the enthusiasm of the students in the same dormitory building, even in order to cover up their abilities, they can not be so ostentatious. You know, rapid sand filters ,wall penstocks, just after a high-intensity competition, you go to the library to look up information vigorously, which will definitely attract everyone's attention. So he called Du Lin and they declared that he had lost all his physical strength because of the football match and was practicing "lying corpse" in bed at the moment. As soon as someone knocked on the door, he immediately closed the lid of the computer and lay down to pretend to be pitiful, so that everyone thought he had done his best for the game. You know, although it was only 45 minutes of competition, but in these 45 minutes, Zhao Zhiyun was sprinting with all his strength, completely like an invincible God of war, so no one doubted his weakness at the moment. The celebration without the protagonist seems to be a fly in the ointment, but the excitement still makes the students continue to carry out this crazy carnival. For a long time, in terms of sports, the School of Economics has been overwhelmed by other departments. It is very difficult to have a person on the stage. As a proud football team, it only ranks in the middle of the school, so it has won the title of "Sven College". Fortunately, the serfs turned over this year, and two top figures miraculously emerged from the School of Economics, and they also took turns to be the new king of this year. The School of Economics was in the limelight for a while. What they are most proud of is that in the just-concluded football friendly match, a football team led by Zhao Zhiyun, composed entirely of novices, played with the momentum of the School of Economics and gave a vivid lesson to the students of the Department of Biology who had always looked down on them.

    Who says football can't rely on one person's ability to turn the tide? Their pride, Zhao Zhiyun, has succeeded in doing so, and the victory is magnificent and worthy of special mention. The atmosphere in the whole apartment is HIGH to the extreme, not the students of the School of Economics, but also driven by their emotions, plus the students from other dormitories who came after hearing the news, it can be said that the whole building has become a carnival temple. Except for the closed door of Zhao Zhiyun's dormitory, the rest of the doors were wide open at the moment, and the students shuttled back and forth at will, drinking each other and laughing heartily. In the party center on the thirteenth floor, all the players who participated in the game at the moment were worshipped as heroes. Even Xue Nuo, who came off early, was also sought after. All the players felt very good. The noise was heard clearly far away, and all the passers-by smiled. Today, the School of Economics really had a long face. No wonder it was so excited. Without hearing anything outside the window, Zhao Zhiyun recorded the information downloaded from the Internet with his pen, and then summed it up until two o'clock in the afternoon. Having done all this, he did not want to take care of anything else. As soon as his body collapsed, he lay softly on the bed and sent a "love" message to Chen yuanying. Chapter 110 the changing situation. In some people's eyes, a happy scene is not a good thing. After the hustle and bustle, now outside the student apartment,Wall Penstocks, there are suddenly no passers-by. In the distance, several intersections leading to the dormitory building have been artificially blocked, and no one will come to the building again.

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