The way of the six babies

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  • The way of the six babies

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    The way of the six babies

    "Yes, it is the predecessor of the ancient saint who is most likely to be a double-attribute constitution." Said the Water Sage King, causing a commotion in the crowd when his voice fell. But soon calmed down, after all, these people can have a very high state of mind. A group of people came out of the Holy King's Hall, and the barefoot man was floating in front of the door of the Holy King's Hall. A lot of people. The man looked at the crowd coming out and said softly, his voice clearly reaching the ears of anyone present. The spectrum is not small. Purple took over the words and immediately drew the man's attention. The man was obviously startled to see the beautiful face of the purple. Zizhao's words also attracted the attention of others, who saw Zizhao's half-joking words as a naked provocation. This little girl seems to have a problem with me. The man looked at the purple and said. Little girl "Purple asked in reply, with disdain on his face." If I were a little girl, you would be a little boy. All the people giggled, and the ancient saint still looked at the purple with a rigid expression. It did not rise because of the rudeness of the purple. Five holy kings, do you think I am a loner? If you think you can stop the invaders, then I will go now. If you don't think it's possible. With a kind smile on his face, he said, "I can contribute a little." "With the help of the older generation, the younger five are very happy. With the participation of the older generation, we are more confident." The Water Saint King came forward and said. Where? It's okay to make a few small shrimps. Said a strange look at the purple. Purple stare back, not afraid of the identity of the man. The man then said, "so that the five can concentrate on their leader." "That fellow I and he pack, you hit the shrimp on the line.". Ha-ha Violet laughed and looked at the man provocatively. Pointing at Jiang Ming with one hand, Jiang Ming looked embarrassed,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, and Zizhao really didn't know how to be modest at all. Oh, "the man looked at Jiang Ming strangely, and Jiang Ming nodded slightly.". Jiang Ming gave him the feeling that he seemed to be just an ordinary person. Just now I didn't even notice Jiang Ming's existence at all, but at this moment, after the woman's finger painting, together with his countless years of accumulated experience, I immediately realized Jiang Ming's extraordinary. I haven't consulted my senior's title yet! Jiang Ming stepped forward and said, unconsciously,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, he stood in front of the five holy kings. The five sage-kings nodded to each other, and now Jiang Ming had a kind of general demeanor. "I don't deserve to be a senior, but I'm called Wuyang." The man said to Jiang Mingdao, "Your Excellency." "Jiang Ming." Jiang Ming replied directly, "No one has given the number yet." "No number!" Wu Yang is a little incredulous, in his eyes, Jiang Ming is absolutely a master. Perhaps not as good as the five sage-kings, but it is definitely not simple, and the girl who challenged herself before seems not simple either. Just because the strength in the girl's body is really strange. It seems to have five attributes at the same time, but there is no holy power. Jiang Ming nods: "This is my friend, purple, natural disposition is such, just have wrong gambling house to still hope elder don't take to heart.". I am a disciple of the Water Sage King, and I have the opportunity to cultivate myself. This is my sister Linger, and this is my partner Ziling. "Oh!" Wu Yang exclaimed that he was a disciple of the Water Saint King. He thought that Jiang Ming, Stainless Steel Welded Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, like himself, was an ancient saint. Unexpectedly, he was a disciple of the Water Saint King. That Ling Er and Zi Ling is to let him very surprised, because these two women are the five elements attribute. A group of people welcomed Wu Yang into the main hall, and through conversation, they knew that Wu Yang was the saint of water and soil. It is precisely because of this, can not achieve the road of the sage-king. Because the holy king must be a single attribute constitution, and a wheel face can only produce five holy kings. The birth of another holy king marks the fall of the previous holy king. During the conversation, Wu Yang learned that Jiang Ming's strength had surpassed that of the Holy King, which he could not accept in any case. But the purple is also surmounted the general day saint later period master, approaches the saint king's strength. Therefore, Wu Yang proposed to compete with Zijin to find out who would be the seventh in the temple of the holy king. The competition was held outside the main hall, and everyone was looking forward to it. On the one hand, they wanted to see the means of ancient saints. On the other hand, I want to see how capable this purple is.

    Many people have never seen a purple eye. Jiang Ming arranged a boundary outside the main hall, and the fight between the two men was held in the boundary. Wu Yang, on the other hand, shook his head repeatedly at the boundary arranged by Jiang Ming. Standing close to him, Jiang Ming heard him murmur: "There is no justice, there is no justice!" Obviously lamenting the unfairness of heaven, "the same person, why is the gap so big?" In the boundary, Wu Yang and Zizhao did not move. But Jiang Ming knew that the two had begun to compete in secret. Only Jiang Ming could feel the momentum of the contest between Zizhao and Wuyang. After a while, two light groups suddenly appeared in the boundary, one of which was purple mixed with red, and the other was black and yellow. The two groups of light touched together, creating a spark of death, and the two figures floated in the air without any movement. But from the tight frown, it is not difficult to see that the two men are fighting. A trace of black and yellow smoke flew out from the foot of Wuyang, the smoke did not seem to be affected by the two people, directly through the two constantly squeezed balls of light, toward the purple. Purple stare know, it must be what means of attack, can not let the smoke close. Think of, purple luck in the body of the power, for the control of power, he is still a bit stiff relative to Wuyang, especially the new power. A purple light flew up from behind the purple and flew towards the black and yellow smoke. The two light mists were entangled in the air and disappeared at the same time after a moment. The two figures shook at the same time and took a few steps back, showing a look of amazement at the same time. Purple hesitated for a moment, his body melted in the air, and suddenly the boundary was filled with purple light, which also slightly entrained a little red light. Jiang Ming observed across the boundary, Wu Yang's body rose a seemingly meager boundary, but it was easy to defend the surrounding purple light. But the purple attack is not here, the purple light after a burst of palpitations, have congealed out hundreds of Fen Shen. Jiang Ming knows, with the ability of purple, can condense thousands of Fen Shen,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, the reason why there are only hundreds here, just because the boundary space has not been processed, it is really a little small.

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